The distance was closer and closer.

The stench of the wolf’s bloody mouth came to their faces, and the orc riders roared and rushed to the crowd in front of them. There were cries all around; George turned to look at his sister, who was holding the baby not far away. He did not hesitate to hold up his weapon and rushed up. Behind him were the old, the weak, the women and the children. Once the orc riders rushed in, it would be a massacre. As a militia trained by soldiers, he could not sit back and watch the tragedy.

“Follow me! Men come and block them!”

George waved his weapon and went to face the orc riders. There were several small men around him who also grabbed weapons and rushed over. There was fear in these people’s eyes because they were facing the terrifying orc riders. The orc riders were fierce, but the wolves they rode on were even more terrifying; these wolves that were larger than cows could easily deal with professional soldiers.

The orcs let out a sinister smile. The wolf swooped in and then knocked over the man beside him. Then the sound of bone breaking was heard, and the wolf broke his throat.

Fear was propagating.

The difference in power and the fear of death propagated in the men. However, no matter how fearful they were, no one backed off.

The fact was they had nowhere to go!

Behind them were a group of women and children. Some were even their relatives. As a man, they had to stand up, even if they knew they would die.


They had to battle until the end.


The howling of wolves reverberated. The orc riders, like a torrent, broke down the defense formation in front of them. These ordinary militias could not stop them at all. At the moment of collision, more than ten militia fell to the ground. An orc rider crossed their line of defense, and the killing awakened the bloodlust of these orcs. It rushed directly to a fleeing woman. Because she ran too slowly with her baby in her arms, she was easily caught up by the orc rider.

A blade slashed by!

In the face of the terrible enemy, the woman squatted down at the moment when the enemy was near. Her mother’s instinct made her tightly protect the child and exposed her unprepared back to the enemy’s vision.

A head flew off.

Blood gushed out with the cry of a baby. The orc rider laughed and waved his sword again.

The orcs were merciless toward other races.

Their bloodthirsty nature made them all brave soldiers and ruthless on the battlefield. The poor living environment made them believe in natural selection. The weak could only be eliminated; this applied to their own race as well.

The blade came in once more!

It was not the first time for them to swing a blade at a crying child. As a relatively stupid orc, they also had a smart side; that was, the children of the enemy would grow up to become new enemies.

The smell of blood propagated.

The blade came down, and another life was about to perish.


An arrow flew out.

The orc rider’s body stiffened and fell from the wolf it rode on.

An arrow had shot through the head of the orc, piercing its skull, killing it instantly. A second arrow hit the head of the wolf and nailed it to the ground.

A scary power!

A figure seemed to be coming close at a very high speed. Following him were even more figures.

The orc riders close to the crowd were killed in a flash by the shadowy figures, and the heads with ferocious faces fell to the ground. Even the fierce wolf could not last for a second.


With a roar, a huge figure rushed out from the shadows.

He wore heavy armor and rushed up with blood-red eyes. His muscles had veins that were like worms on them.

This fighter was up to three meters high!

His seemingly heavy body rushed forward at a very fast speed. In a blink of an eye, he rushed in front of an orc rider. Then he roared and swung the heavy anchor in his hand. The wolf was directly smashed with the orc rider giving a shrill of pain.

“That’s it!?”

Giant glanced at the frightened half-elves, and then rushed up again to another orc rider. His huge body waved the heavy anchor. Not one orc rider could resist his attack. Often, even the wolves were smashed into meat cakes.


One of Soran’s pirate leaders, even though he was not smart, his fighting capabilities were superior.

He should be a pirate leader who was closest to the realm of legend under Soran. The intellectual defect did not affect Soran’s use of him. He had the blood of the Swamp Giants and multi-professioned in Barbarian; in any battle, this man with great power often broke the enemy’ s defense line.

“Don’t waste time!”

Scarface stabbed a wolf’s throat with a knife, turned around, and looked at the giant beside him. He said in a deep voice, “there are also enemies approaching! They can’t hold the line in the front. You go and help them with the orc army. ”

A dark figure quickly rushed over.

Soran’s elite pirates finally arrived. One by one, the orc riders fell. After they saw something wrong, they would immediately have enemies planning to escape, but one by one, they were killed by sharp arrows.

Giant rushed forward.


After he came close to the orc army, he didn’t stop at all and directly stormed into the army from the side of the temple guard with his boat anchor.

In an instant, the front of the orc army was knocked down.

“Giant! You idiot!”

Seeing what he did, Scarface quickly rushed forward.

This idiot!

I asked you to help the temple guards not to rush into the orc army.


With screams, rows of orc warriors were directly smashed and then fell to the ground. The giant’s strength was higher than that of Soran’s after transformation. In addition to the lineage he had, the anchor used by him was a total killing weapon on the battlefield. The orcs were now like children in front of the Giant.

The heavy anchor smashed everything in its path.

As if the killing was not satisfying to him, Giant even threw out the giant anchor in his hand.

In an instant, countless orcs were smashed into bits!

The heavy ship anchor cleared up a path and killed a row of orcs in its path. The more Giant killed, the more fun he would have. The battle on land was much larger than that on the sea deck. He picked up the ship anchor, then swung it around, and in an instant, cleared an area around him.

Giant was a killing machine on the battlefield!

He alone had severely damaged the morale of the orcs, and the huge weapon had a complete crushing advantage, which immediately disrupted the orc army.

In the dark.

Arrows flew out like the rain, Soran shot out arrows calmly; every shot killed one enemy.

His figure moved swiftly in the dark.

As long as there was any figure that looked like an orc officer, he would shoot out an arrow at it. The elf battle bow could penetrate armor within 300 meters. He was like a ghost wandering on the battlefield, sniping any dangerous target silently.

No one could hide from him and his arrows.

After all, he had the blood of elves!