Abyss Domination

Chapter 478 - The Darkness Before Dawn!

Temple of Auntumnfall city.

Milan, the divine priest, kneeled in the middle of the temple praying, she suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were glowing with power, stood up swiftly, and said excitedly, “Prepare to move the believers! My Lord is near! ”

“Prepare the temple guards. We’ll move the most earnest believers to safety first. Our lord has arrived with a great army.”

Everyone in the temple was shocked!

However, soon the priests began to mobilize, and the temple guards acted swiftly.

“Move the most devout believers!”

Milan stood up and said seriously, “these people are the easiest to move. They are willing to obey our orders. As for the others, we will wait until the first group is sent away. ”

In a few days, t

As the only divine priest, she had learned many things during this period!

“Yes, your excellency!” the temple guards replied.

Soon, there was a noise outside. Many people were hesitant to leave now. However, many devout believers were ready to leave at once, because the siege of Autumnfall had frightened them, and the majesty of the dragons had impressed them greatly. From what the priests had told them, their new god was a powerful god who could summon dragons. As long as they left here, this new god could provide them with protection.

Among the people, there was a pale-faced mother holding a child.

Although Autumnfall was out of danger temporarily, there was still not enough food; her beautiful face was in a little panic, her hands held her baby as she moved with the crowd.

Right then, a man dressed as a militia came over quickly to her side and said, “sister? Are you really going to leave with them? The general said that there will be Elven reinforcements soon. We can beat the orcs! ”

The woman looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked, “How long would that be?”

“So what if we beat the orcs here?”

“How much blood must be shed? We already don’t have food! My child would not last for that long!”

“I’m not afraid to die.”

“But I want my child to live on!”

The young mother looked at the baby in her arms. There was a scar on her finger; it was when food was in short supply, and she had to feed the baby with blood. The baby was very brave; he didn’t cry even when he saw so many people in such a panic. He just stared at everything as if he could feel something. The young mother’s eyes fell on the baby, and she suddenly became gentle. She shook her head firmly and told her brother, “I’m sorry!”

“I want to bring him to somewhere safe.”

“Staying here is hopeless.”

“Even if we beat the orcs, we won’t last spring.”

The militia did not say anything.

There was a little hesitation on his face, and finally, he clenched his teeth then said, “OK. I’ll leave with you. I can’t let you go that far along with your children. ”

After saying that, the young half-elf looked upon the wall with saddened eyes.

He was a brave soldier.

If he could, he would never want to leave home, but now he had to face a dilemma. One was to stay here to protect the homeland and find a way to defeat the invading orcs. The other was to protect her elder sister and go away together. On the one hand, it was his hometown, and on the other was the only surviving family member he had. In the end, he chose his family.

Rushing footsteps were heard.

A young person rushed into the temple and yelled at the priests, “Warships!”

“There are many warships!”

“They are at Agate river! Filled with warships! We are saved!”


Only scouts would still roam outside the city. The young scout said with excitement, “An army! Our Lord’s army has arrived! ”

The god of half-elf and rogues.

The temple not only had priests, they still had many half-elf rogues. Not long after the message from their god, the temple had sent out rogues to the surrounding area.

Milan showed a smile, prayed devoutly for a while, and said, “We move now!”

“Everyone pack your things and move!”

Right then, the voice of a middle-aged priest was heard. He looked more like a nobleman than a priest. He said in a deep voice, “Leave? There are orcs all around! What if we encounter them on the road? We won’t last long! ”

Milan glanced at him and said, “My lord will come for us.”

“We move now!”

As the afternoon approached, thousands of believers gathered quickly. These were the most devout believers in the temple. After the oracle was delivered, they chose to leave without hesitation.

The south gate of the city was opened.

The first to go out was the temple guards. Then some militia and civilians. At the end of the group were the priests.

On top of the city wall, a

“Your excellency.”

A middle-aged man, who looked like an officer, came to him and said in a deep voice, “Are we just going to let them go? If they leave, everyone else in the city would lose their morale. ”

“I’m afraid our situation would become worse!”

The nobleman in gorgeous clothes turned to look at him and said coldly, “I know. Withdraw the men from the frontline. They can’t reach the Agate river before dark. As long as they leave here, they will be exposed to the eyes of the orc army. ”

After saying that, his expression became sinister.


Most of the believers were old, weak, women and children, or ordinary civilians. These people were very slow. They could not make it twenty or thirty kilometers before dark. And if they were spotted by the orc army, the final result would be obvious.

The middle-aged officer was shocked. He now knew why the noble had let them go.

Only if someone helped them, or else, the end result would be death!

If they were caught up, then it would be a slaughter.

If these people were slaughtered by the orc army, then the other civilians in the Autumnfall city would not dare to leave. Furthermore, this was also a major blow to the prestige of the temple. In this case, the aristocrats would have absolute control.

The sky began to darken.

The priests urged the crowd to speed up, but the old, weak, women and children could not go any faster. The women who held their children haven’t had a full meal for a long time; they were now even more tired. It was dark now, and they were only about halfway there. If the orc scouts find them, the enemy would surely catch up.

“We’re too slow!”

The middle-aged priest muttered, “I’m afraid we’ve already been spotted.”

“Tell the temple guards to get ready!”

“Tell the militias to protect the believers, the rest of you prepare for battle!”

Half a day has passed now.

This large group of people was not hard to notice. If they were noticed, the enemy troop would appear.

The old priest prayed a little and said, “I pray that my lord would come with reinforcement!”

“Or else.”

“We won’t make it to the river.”


The sound of a horn sounded.

The crowd suddenly uttered a cry of panic, and countless people looked at the distance in horror. In the distance, the figure of orcs appeared. Although the night affected their vision, they could still see the enemy approaching at full speed.

“Prepare for battle!”

“Temple guards come with me! The rest of you bring the civilians out of here!”

The middle-aged priest pulled out a long sword from his waist and clenched the steel shield on his other hand. His seemingly old body rushed to the rear of the civilian at full speed and shouted, “don’t panic! Go in the direction of the Agate river! There are our Lord ‘s reinforcements ahead! ”

“Priests, stay behind!”

“Servants of the temple! Warriors! We must protect the believers!…”

“All that can fight, follow me to hold the enemy back!”

“This is the last darkness before dawn!… Our lord’s army would be here soon!… For our lord’s glory!”


The call of wolves was heard.

With the dull echo of war drums, dozens of Orc cavalry riding huge wolves came out from the side of the Orc infantry. It was difficult to raise these fierce beasts, even with the strength of the whole orc army, only a small team was trained. Now the wolf cavalry team had turned around from the side, speeding up to the retreating civilians.

The orcs were now very close to them.

With the incoming group of orc raiders, the remaining temple guards would not be able to stop them.

As the distance became shorter!

The aura of death covered the group! As soon as the orc riders charged into the civilians, it would be a great slaughter!