Rain fell from the sky.

As the terrain in front of him gradually widened, Soran’s expression gradually became stern. They were now close to Autumnfall and could reach there by this afternoon at the latest. The city of Autumnfall was not built beside the river like Amber city. It was nearly 20 or 30 miles from the Agate river. The orc army did not return to the wild northwest. Instead, they occupied a large area of land and were now stationed near a large town north of Autumnfall city.

“Send men out!”

Soran looked at the high ground in front and ordered, “Tell your men to take out the scouts, One-Eyed Jack.”

As Soran ordered, the fierce One-Eyed pirate stood up and replied, “Yes!”

“Your excellency! I’ll leave none alive!”

Soon enough.

There were many figures on the warship jumping into the Agate river. These people who lived on the sea had excellent mobility in water. In a blink of an eye, they had moved on to land. One-Eyed Jack sent a signal to the warship and quickly led hundreds of pirates ahead. These pirate leaders had been ready to fight for a long time. Now, they were all veterans, including some of the elite, with a profession level of more than 10. From the battle of the Swamp King to the defeat of the pirate king Ashrod, then to the naval battle of Arendelle, and finally, to the defeat of the navy of the southern island countries, the pirate army under Soran had become elites.

Only in battles could elites be trained up!

Around April and May, the weather was already hot.

Ugly monkey crouched in the grass and crept forward, careful not to make any sound. There were several people beside him; all of them were the elite of their team.

Ugly monkey was a pirate.

The reason for this nickname was that his left cheek had an ugly birthmark, a dark blue ferocious birthmark, which completely destroyed his somewhat normal-looking face.

He was born in Shipwreck Bay, and her mother was a prostitute.

It was said that when he was born, his mother even caught some infection. Anyway, he was born ugly and a little deformed. Accordingly, it would be hard for him to survive, but the ugly monkey was lucky. When he was very young, he met an old, retired thief. The old man pitied him and accepted him as his own disciple. Since he was three years old, he had taught him some skills of thieves.

The ugly monkey’s skeleton was deformed, his arms were different in length, and his back was hunched. But the heavens also took care of him, that was, his hands were very sensitive, and his mental reflex was far superior to his peers. That was why he got the nickname “ugly monkey.” Others said that he was as flexible as a monkey. When he was only 14 or 15 years old, he excelled as a rogue and gained much more than other people.

However, those days did not last long.

After the ‘Throat-cutter’ appeared, and the power of the underground world of Shipwreck Bay had been taken over, ugly monkey joined the ‘Throat-cutter.”

He used to be good at stealing but bad at fighting.

Ever since the ‘Throat-cutter’ had taken over them, a group of thieves like them had been gathered. At that time, he really began to learn fighting, including some assassination techniques.

There were many low-lives in the many port cities, many were like ugly monkey, but none were was as good as he was!

The instructor in charge of training him told him that at the age of less than 20, if he was diligent enough, he could enter the realm of legends.


This was a realm that all professions thrived to be in.

The drillmaster said that the most brilliant rogue on the whole coast was ‘Throat-cutter. If he could make great contributions in the future, he may get his advice.

That was why; ugly monkey joined this expedition without hesitation and became the forward group!

Sneak, track, and assassinate.

Ugly monkey had received strict anti-detection training, and there was also a ranger in his team. Soon after they moved, they found the traces of the orcs.

Their tracks were obvious!

Because they were big and heavy, around 200 pounds, the footprint they left was obvious.

A rhythmic frog sound was heard.

Ugly monkey pulled out the short sword at his waist. His eyes became fierce. His strength was not high, which was a natural defect, so he liked to use poison weapons in battles, which could help him deal with enemies more easily. He believed that he was more suitable to be an assassin than a thief. It was said that there was a group of elite assassins in the army, which were all made up of high-level rogues; he hoped to join them one day.


Something fell on the ground. As though that was a signal, 10 shadowy figures leaped out.

Ugly monkey’s figure rushed out like a nimble monkey, easily spanning a distance of more than ten meters, at the same time, his hands and feet crossed the obstacles in front of him with flying speed; with the dagger in hand, he stabbed the enemy’s heart in a flash.

The enemy was still moving. It swung its weapon clumsily and was no match for the speed of ugly monkey.


Ugly monkey held another dagger in his left hand and stabbed it into the orcs waist.


As a thief trained since childhood, ugly monkey could use his fingers to quickly pick out soap from hot oil. In order to improve his skills, he even learned tricks with a magician when he was twelve years old. It was a magic trick to deceive the eyes purely by the speed of fingers. During this period of exercise, his left and right hands became quite flexible. From then on, he began to exercise his ability to steal with both hands too.


The muffled roar of the orc was heard. Ugly monkey saw the orcs face and said, “How ugly!”

According to his familiarity with anatomy, ugly monkey judged that his attack had hurt the kidney of the opponent, so he was not in a rush to kill the enemy. As expected, the speed of the orc gradually slowed down, and its strength began to decline. To find an opportunity, the ugly monkey kicked directly at the enemy’s crotch, cracked something, then he swiftly slit the orc’s throat.

The battle was already over.

Ugly monkey looked at his peers then cut off the ear of the orc and went back into the shadow.

His peers giggled.

Laughing at the orc that had just died. When the ugly monkey heard that, he didn’t say anything. These were only small enemies. It was almost impossible for them to lose fighting in a one on one situation. But if they encountered a large number of enemies, they may find it hard to win.

The orcs still had a huge advantage when it came to strength!

These creatures were much more powerful than the coolies at the docks. If orcs had the numbers, then they may lose.

After thinking about this, ugly monkey took out a device.

A delicate hidden bow in his sleeve.

Ugly monkey fixed it on his wrist, then filled it with three poison arrows. He was born weaker than others, so he needed other items to help him.

As the others saw his action, t

The sun gradually went down.

The scouts Soran sent out were like a net, covering the battleground around Autumnfall.