Outer island.

A warship was ready to set sail, and a fog appeared on the sea. Soran stood on the dock quietly. There were many coolies in charge of carrying goods on the dock. There were now nearly 5000 slaves in Mordor City, and the labor force was relatively abundant. Soran’s eyes were fixed on the distance; sometimes he closed his eyes and felt something. Sometimes he fell into meditation, and his whole person would be covered in special energy.

Advancing into the arcanist did not make him more powerful, but the potential of the arcanist was great.

The most powerful abilities were these two:

“Arcane Rune [ability]: Arcanist mastered the mysterious rune, which can be used to make and strengthen weapons and equipment. The Arcane Runes are quite stable, which allows the arcanist in making extraordinary equipment more successfully. Arcane Runes can have special effects in many ways. They can be used in spell refinement and Mana Devices. Many advanced Arcane Runes allowed easy creation of legendary equipment. ”

Arcane Rune.

It was like the Spell Circuit, and it’s greatest use was in item creation.

Soran’s Alchemy ability was not enough. Although he had mastered more than 20 Arcane Runes, it was difficult to make a rare equipment. But Gloria was a master in this field. After contacting these arcane runes, she immediately found a way to improve the “The Silver material of Gith”. According to her own estimation, if there was no accident, she could upgrade the material to a legendary level.

A wizard that could create legendary items was very precious!

Soran of course very supportive of this, immediately giving her tens of thousands of gold Derahls to Gloria and promised to get her any item she needed from the witch council.

If possible, he would hope to see the finished legendary item.

The second ability was [Arcane Counterspell]; different from [Counterspell] it was a very powerful combat ability.

“Arcane Counterspell [ability]: Arcanists have a better understanding of the structure of the magic network than other spellcasters. They can counteract the spells cast by enemies in essence. Although this requires a high level of intelligence and understanding, if the counteraction was successful, it could directly reflect back the enemy’s spells, with the effect equivalent to [Minor Spell Deflection]. The spell can bounce back level 1-3 spells back. ”

[Note: Prerequisite for the spell Greater Arcane Counterspell]

Spell deflection.

That’s right! If successful, it could deflect level 1 to 3 spells!

Soran’s intelligence was not very high, but with the improvement of his divinity, his basic attributes could be further increased. As of now, he could very likely deflect spells from weak to middle-grade wizards!

With Soran’s 2 points of Shard of Divinity, he got a general +1 in all attributes.

With this in mind, Soran could raise his intelligence up to 30.

“Set sail!”

The ghost ship broke through the waves. The dark mast rose from behind him. The undead stood on the deck and were surrounded by dark energy.

The ghost ship had evolved after battles; the undead on the ship also became more powerful.

As a Construct, the Deadman’s Voice was getting close to the legendary realm.

It was hard to imagine what ability the ghost ship would get after it entered the realm of legends.

A warship set sail and left portMordor. Soran’s action inadvertently attracted many people’s attention, but now all parties were guessing what he intends to do.

Raging Sand Island.

In the past few days, since the order of Soran was issued, the island had many warships. Now the port here was full of warships. When Soran’s ghost ship appeared, all the warships followed the ghost ship to the eastern sea route. Hundreds of warships, stretching for more than ten miles, sailing along the eastern sea route. Because of the massive action of the pirates, the whole kingdom of the south was tense. Many principalities sent heavy troops to the port cities to guard against any invasion.

Soran took a look at the other people in front of him, spread out the map in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “here, here and here. The Agate river is the only river that we can go to the inland. Most of the ships should stop near the mouth of the river. Other people lead the elite to enter the inland with me. ”

Agate river.

Like the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, this river was one of the largest rivers in the south and the only one that allows large warships to navigate.

Soran wouldn’t give up his advantage on water, thus he had to go to Autumnfall with ships.

“Your Excellency.”

The half-elf first mate asked with confusion, “Did we do all this so that we can march into the inland?”

Soran had not explained the main objective.

If other pirate kings did this, their subordinates would not have done it. But Soran was different; his reputation among pirates was too high.

Even if his pirates did not know what he intended to do, they still followed him.

“Of course not!”

Soran glanced at the pirate leaders, One-Eyed Jack, Scarred Face, Giant, and other pirate leaders, and saw that they all looked puzzled. Soran’s mouth could not help but draw a smile, and slowly said, “we are here to fetch people!”

Fetch people?

After hearing what he said, the pirates there became more confused.

Who were they fetching?

Who needed such a big fleet to get? This time they had sent out more than 500 warships, and mobilized more than 10000 pirates.

Such a huge move!

Was it really for fetching people? They thought Soran was going to attack some kingdom!

Although they still don’t understand it, it did not stop the pirate leaders from carrying out their tasks. Soon, the half-elf first mate led the dragonhead warship and the third fleet to stand by at the Agate River mouth, while the other pirate leaders led their elite troops to follow Soran into the inland area.

This action had even shocked many powerful organizations and temples.

But in the current special period, no one dared to act rashly. These pirates seemed to be going up the Agate river. As long as they didn’t attack the nearby cities, no one dared to provoke Soran.


A group of pirates sailed along the Agate River freely headed to Autumnfall.


As the orc army retreated, this city had a glimmer of hope.

However, although the orc army had retreated for nearly a week, the tension in the city was still not relieved. Because at the end of the battle, the forces of the city of Autumnfall were divided into three groups.

The first group was the druids, and they had high positions.

The idea of the druids was to ask for help from the elves and the druid council and use their strength to defeat the attack of the orcs. However, in the first siege, the elves did not send troops; although the druids gave some help, they were busy tracking demons and did not give much support at all.

That’s why this group had not much right to speak.

The second group was the traditional aristocrats of the Autumnfall city. They were the backbone of the city and the main force defending the city. As the Dragon ransacked the storage of the city after the battle, the power held by the nobles was severely damaged. Most of them were unwilling to take out their private property to help the city through the difficulties. Because of the lack of military pay and materials, the morale of the army in the Autumnfall was low.

The last group was the temples.

Or in other words, the priests that had gathered around Milan after that battle.

The number of these priests were not many!

Many of them had died in the battle to protect the citizens.

However, they had a very high reputation among the common people, especially when the orcs besieged the city, Milan asked the avatar of the god to come and finally called the dragon to help them. At that time, countless people saw the giant dragons circling in the sky, even shivering under their presence, so the influence of the temple recovered in a short time.

A thousand-year temple naturally could not be squashed so easily.

Since a new god had taken up the title of the ‘half-elf god’, then the temples naturally worshipped his name.

There was a disruption in the temple system.

The biggest change was that Milan had become the top leader of the temple. Before the gods clearly designated a new priest, the Chosen was more powerful than the other priest.

The third group was also the cause of panic in the city of Autumnfall!

That was because after the priest Milan awoke, the first prophecy given was.

“A greater disaster is coming! These disasters can only be avoided by leaving the Autumnfall city and moving along the river. The god will arrange people to meet them, and eventually, they will sail on big ships to live safely in the outer islands!… “