Abyss Domination

Chapter 474 - [Arcanist] – Soran!

Inside the room, Soran slowly opened the black metal spellbook in front of him. With a weak lock spell on it, Soran lifted his hand and wiped away the spell. The owner of this magic book was not powerful. It was estimated that he doesn’t even have the power of a quasi legend. Soran instantly broke the locking spell with his divine powers. Although the arcanists were very powerful, not all of them could compete with the gods. This kind of lock spell, which could only affect ordinary people, was useless to Soran.


The cover of the black metal cover was opened, and the whole spell book suddenly vibrated. Then it trembled when Soran’s fingertips touched it; after some time it stopped moving.

“It’s alive?”

Soran was a little surprised. He closed his eyes, felt it, and murmured, “it’s really alive! But there is no consciousness. There hasn’t been any injection of new souls into the book. ”

Arcanists had many strange abilities.

Their powers were not only reflected in destruction; people respected wizards not for their ability to destroy but their creativity.

The flying castles were their greatest creation!

Animate was a kind of higher-level magic that could turn an object into a living Construct. Soran was not interested in wasting Slaughter EXP on a book, so he did not plan to revive it. This kind of magic consumed a lot of soul energy unless there were soul crystals from bottomless Abyss or Nine Hells of Baator, which Soran found in the white dragon’s nest.

The soul crystal was taken by Gloria to inject into the tower spirit experimental model “ET-1”. As of now, the soul energy of the tower spirit of the experimental body was still insufficient. If not for the shadow plane, Gloria would probably go to Baator. From both Soran’s and Gloria’s point of view, the experimental tower spirit was much more important than other things. It was like building biological computers with great computing power.

To uncover the secrets of the wizard tower in the shadow plane, they needed the scanning ability of ‘ET-1’.

The pages of the spellbook felt like they were human skin; it seemed that this spellbook had been empowered to a certain level.

During the period of the Arcane Empire, there were abundant resources, which meant that the archeologists had enough soul crystals to use. Soran took a look at the content page of the spellbook and then turned to the back at full speed. Soran had never seen arcane words before and did not understand any of it at first glance. But immediately, he realized that he could not only recognize but also fully understand the words in it.

Soran could not understand any language with his demigod abilities.

[Eidetic Memory]

[Able Learner]


In less than half an hour, Soran read and memorized all the contents of the spellbook in front of him. At least hundreds of thousands of words were written in them, and there were many complicated characters, but Soran memorized them all. Since acquiring divinity, Soran’s ability in memory seemed to be further strengthened. Sometimes he only needed a glance to write down things.

“So, this is how the arcanists cast spells during that period?”

Soran frowned and closed the spellbook in front of him, murmuring, “It seems that they had not disconnected from the Magic Network! Does it mean that only the great arcanists could do it? ”

Some people were gifted.

There was an advanced class in the wizard class, the [Archmage]. The highest grade it had was 5 but was a very powerful class.

There was also a similar class in the arcanist class. In the whole Arcane Empire, there were not many people who could become such a powerful figure.

“I have 10 wizard levels and some spellcasting ability. Could I advance successfully?”

Soran stood up and thought, saying to himself, “I’ve seen some powerful templates of Arcane Empire characters. It seems that they all start with [Arcanists] as their starting career. I started with [wizard], doesn’t that mean I’ll be a grade lower than the great arcanists? ”

Previously there was a path to becoming a powerful spellcaster.

“[Wizard], [Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep], [Archmage]!”

Soran was a little worried now that the arcanist’s and the wizard’s spellcasting methods were different. The arcanists were like casters who integrated the abilities of the wizard and the sorcerer or was more advanced than the two professions. He was not sure whether the two professions could be compatible because many abilities of the wizard could not meet the standards of the arcanist.

This was because the Goddess of Magic had ‘castrated’ the wizard’s abilities!

Hesitating was pointless.

In the end, he still had to try it for himself. Soran still had two hundred thousand Slaughter EXP on him, thus it was good enough to advance into the Arcanist class.

He could only try and see if the two classes could mix well!

“Advance into [Arcanist] successful!”

“Arcanist profession level 1.”

“Received 28 [INT 22+ (INT 22-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 10 [Profession HP 4+ (CON 22-10)*0.5].”

“You’ve gained the ability [Arcane Memory]!”

“You’ve gained the ability [Arcane Rune]!”

“You’ve gained the ability [Arcane Counterspell]!… Replacing [Counterspell]!…”

“Unknown interference!…”

“Parts of the class had failed to advance!… Automatically transforming part of the effects of the spell [Arcane Memory]!…”

“Magic Network interruption!…”

“Mana lock breaking failed!… Forceful breaking of the mana lock may affect spellcasting!… contacting the deeper Magic Network!… contacting the arcane magic network!… [Arcane Memory] and [Spell Reconstruction] integrated!…”

“Advancement complete!…”

“Arcanist’s ability fully integrated with wizard ability!… Spellcasting ability recovered!…”


Soran felt a great pain in his brain as though he had touched a high voltage electric current.

That was the power of the magic network!

Compared to the enormous magic network, Soran was immediately suppressed.

Immediately he lost his ability to cast spells. The magic network refused his access. However, with the data transformation in his brain, the magic network reopened its doors to him. Soran seemed to feel that his consciousness had entered a deeper position in the magic network, which was not left by the Goddess of Magic; it was likely that some “powerful beings” used the magic network and created a backdoor for themselves.

Internal Magic Network!

Soran opened his eyes in amazement and suddenly found that he had entered the inner part of the magic network. In the “grid” outside of the magic network, there was a more special “inner magic network” space.

“Arcane Memory [ability]: a special arcanist ability, allowing them to access the inner part of the magic network and deeply understand the composition of the magic network itself. In the case of contact with the magic network, the arcanist could automatically recall the spells they had already cast without having to do a spell reconstruction again. There will be a primitive spell model retained by the arcanist, and the model will automatically recall and reshape over time.

After a certain period of time, the arcanist will recall the spells he used, even if he did not rest or meditate in the process. Level 0 spells would be recalled by the arcanist 10 minutes later. Level 1spells would take 1 hour, level 2 spells would take 2 hours, level 3 spells would take 4 hours, level 4 would take 6 hours, level 5 would take 8 hours, level 6 would take 12 hours, level 7 would take 16 hours, level 8 would take 20 hours, level 9 would take 24 hours, and legendary spells would take 7 days. ”

[Note: Arcane Memory ability failed to be compatible with the wizard level! At that time, a level 1 arcanist level 1, could only automatically recall level 0 spells and level 1 spells. Arcane Memory would increase with the arcanist’s spellcasting level. ]

There was still no mana.

As long as the magic network was still up, then the chaotic energy would not affect spell casting. The arcanists still needed spell slots to complete their spellcasting.

However, he seemed to have understood some secrets of the Arcane Empire!

Although he didn’t liberate his own mana, Soran had the ability of Arcane Memory. His spells could be recalled automatically even without meditation. It was a pity that the arcanist was really incompatible with the wizard profession. Soran’s advanced level 1 arcanist could only automatically recall a level 0 spell every 10 minutes, and a level 1 spell he used every hour.

Even so!

Soran still felt how powerful the arcanist was.

Spells could still be automatically reconstructed!

The internal part of the magic network could store the original magic model and automatically complete the memory reconstruction over time. All magic, including legendary magic, could be recalled automatically, but the time consumed was only a little longer.

This kind of ability.

Compared to the wizard which became useless if they don’t reconstruct their spells after use, this was a great difference!


Soran’s fingertips had a light, shining brightly in the room. It lasted a long time with his current spellcasting level.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes…

As the ten-minute mark passed, Soran noticed that the spell ‘Light’ had been reconstructed.