The air vibrated with Soran’s voice, and in an instant it seemed as if an invisible spiritual force had spread out, covering the whole battlefield. The orc’s attack stopped abruptly. A terrible intimidating moment made all the people on the battlefield freeze in place. Not only were the orcs froze, but also the half-elves on the city wall were also shaken.

Dragon aura!

A very powerful dragon aura.

It was stronger than any giant dragon that Soran had ever seen. Even before they reached the battlefield, the terrible dragon aura had frightened everyone. The giant dragon beast that Eugene rode on, even kneeled on the ground directly. Its huge body was even a little shaken, almost trampling the nearby Orc soldiers to death.

Soon, there was a crack in the sky, and a portal to another realm appeared!

Inter-dimension summoning.

When Soran activated the “Dragon Covenant” in his holy name, he did not summon the brass dragons on the material plane but directly communicated the contract to all the brass dragons in the multi-universe. The existence of the gods was superior to mortals, thus when Soran activated the contract in his holy name, it may have even attracted some very ancient existence.


A terrifying roar came down from the sky. Immediately, all the soldiers on the battlefield stood still and looked at the sky with fear.

“Greater Frightful Presence!”

Soran and Eugene were both shocked!

A great wing blew down.

A huge figure swooped down from the crack in the sky, but it was just the beginning. When the first huge copper colored figure appeared, it was followed by two adult giant dragons. Although they were much smaller than the first one, they were all adult brass dragons.

The wind had blown up the sand, and their terrifying aura suppressed every creature there.

The leader of the dragons looked like a huge shadow. He looked at Soran’s Avatar with its dragon’s eye that looked like a metal ball and then turned its eyes to the orc army in front of him. The dragon’s mouth was filled with fire, not only the first brass dragon, but the two other dragons also had a fire. The dragon breath of three dragons came down from the sky. With the surging heat wave, the fire directly devoured the orc army in front of them.

The three dragons flew across the Orc army while breathing out fire from their mouths.

Ancient brass dragons!

Soran, with his holy name, had summoned a monster level 30 or above ancient brass dragons.

The power of the giant dragons would become more and more powerful over time; the material plane only had adult dragons. When the strength of a giant dragon reached a certain level, many of them would leave the material plane and go to other worlds. It was rare to see ancient dragons in the material plane; the only exception was the ancient red dragon around the city of Whiterun.

This ancient red dragon was only moving its nest, and the whole southern region had become chaotic.

With the effect of the dragon aura, e

The life of these ancient brass dragons had caused their scales to become slightly discolored, but its protective ability was far superior to that of other giant dragons. Such existence hardly paid attention to the things in the world because they were the terrible existence close to gods. The dragon breath of the ancient dragons almost burned everything. Even the weapons made of steel were easily melted into molten iron. The two other adult brass dragons also used their dragon breath to crush the orc army.

The Orcs could not fight back at all!

The Orcs did not even have any method to attack the dragons in the air.


They were already above mortal creatures, thus their arrival was like a catastrophe.


Eugene’s red pupils watched the giant dragon in the sky, watching countless Orc soldiers being burned into charcoal. He let out a roar angrily. Then he leaped up and threw the white bone spear in his hand.

The battle spear shot through the sky!

The elemental energy on it made it seem like thunder!


In the face of the white bone spear, the ancient brass dragon swung its tail, and with amazing skill, hit the spear and deflected it.


Soran had never seen a dragon with such skills. Perhaps only after a long time could dragons reach such a level.


A horn was blown.

A huge black Gnoll appeared beside Eugene, holding on to the Orc chief and shouting, “retreat!”

“The enemy had used [Greater Dragon Covenant]! We would only die if we stayed here!”

“Retreat now!”

“These dragons will not stay for long! If we still have our dragon, then we can come back again! My lord Yeenoghu would send more reinforcements!…”

“The Gnolls cannot die here for no reason!”

The dragons hovered above the sky.

The Orc army was now covered by a sea of fire; even without Eugene’s orders, most of the Orcs had retreated.

The Orcs were no match for the dragons!

Even in his peak, Soran may not be able to defeat these dragons. Unless a saint incarnated by a deity suddenly appeared, even a team of legendary figures may end up in destruction.

That was because ancient brass dragons had a challenge rating of above 24!

Among all the orcs and elves, they probably couldn’t form a team that was above 24 challenge rating.

They had retreated!

The orc army had retreated.

All the orcs ran panicky; their high morale had been crushed by the dragons.

Eugene’s old figure stood in place. He looked at the charred bodies of countless warriors with sad eyes and finally looked at the white figure on the city wall with angry and hateful eyes.

The ancient brass dragons hovered in the sky but did not continue to attack.

They didn’t obey anyone’s orders at all. After finishing the responsibility of the contract to defeat the orc army in front of it, the dragons remained in the sky looking at the orc shaman.

They felt threatened!

There was a certain power in the old orc shaman. Some sort of ancient power, which discouraged the dragons from attacking him.

This kind of power may kill them!

In the end, Eugene also retreated.

Even though the chance to defeat the half-elves was in front of him, he still failed in the end; caused by some little girl that had a diety’s aura and the three ancient dragons.

A previously fallen deity!


This name which seemed familiar to him appeared at a crucial moment and crushed his plans.

However, he would not give up!

Even if it meant going against a god, he would not give up.

Because for the orcs, this was a crucial war that would determine the future of the orcs. Eugene would never give up just because they had lost one battle. He was determined that when he came back, the city Autumnfall would be his.

Or else everything they sacrificed for would go to vain!

The three dragons looked as the enemy retreated.

Finally, their eyes were upon the white figure on the wall. The ancient brass dragon frowned as it felt that the divine aura on the girl was dissipating.

She was not the god’s real body, just a chosen.

However, it did not become angry.

Because no one would dare to owe them their wage, not even the gods!

Three huge figures flew over the wall of the city, and many half-elf soldiers were shaking involuntarily. The ancient brass dragon flew directly to the most magnificent building in the city and then relied on its perception of gold. Soon the dragons smashed the door of the city’s storehouse. Three huge figures entered the storehouse; they ignored all the people present there and plundered the gold and jewelry.

Dragons were not silly.

Since the contract was for them to protect the city, then naturally, the city could bear the fees for their protection.

They didn’t even need other’s agreement to take their wage!

The brass dragons took all the things they wanted but were still not satisfied. They turned their attention to the decorative Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon in the city.

They seemed to like the silvery-white cannon!

The dragon felt that the cannon was infused with plenty of mithril.

So, it opened its mouth and snapped off that part, then flew to the crack in the sky.


The three brass dragons disappeared and left the now broke city of Autumnfall.

These chaotic good brass dragons didn’t care that much; as long as they felt they had saved the city, they naturally believed that they could take as much as they wanted.