The flame of battle was reignited.

With roaring drum beats, the Orc army rushed in once more.

700 years.

It had been 700 years.

From the moment the city of Autumnfall was founded, the Orcs had lost this land. Among their oldest ballads, they also recorded how fertile the land they once had, the beautiful land flowing through the agate river, but now they could only struggle in the wilderness of the northwest. Eugene’s rise brought the orc clan back to power, they defeated the Ogres, the Lizardmen, and even the dwarven army, and occupied a good land in the northwest.

However, Eugene was already old.

He didn’t have much time, unlike the other spellcasters.

Eugene and the Orc tribe all knew about this.

It was clear to them that after losing this great leader, the clan would go back to disintegration and decline, and be trapped in the terrible wilderness again. Without the protection of gods, they could only survive in the wilderness. So when the half-elves showed signs of decline, Eugene did not hesitate to lead the Orc army to launch an attack and even reached some agreement with Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls.

This was a great opportunity for them!

The opportunity for the Orcs in fact. They were using Eugene’s capability to gather the Orcs to launch an attack and get back their land.

All the Orcs were in the war!

In order to prepare for the consumption of war, the clan had tightened their belts for many years. They could go into another period of glory when they reclaim the land, or if they lost, they would face another hundred of years of hardship.

This was a war that would determine the faith of the races.

Since the war had started, the Orcs would not give up until the end.

They needed to create their own future.

The Orcs were not smart.

Most of them were not smart at all, but Eugene used his whole life to tell them one thing: they were the pioneers.

They would have the opportunity to use their blood and sweat to forge a future for the Orcs!

Eugene would be with them until the end; until Eugene fell, the Orcs would not give up.

On top of the wall, the white figure stopped.

Milan looked at the regrouped Orc army in front of her eyes and frowned. Her eyes fell on the huge dragon-like beast in the distance, and then she saw a familiar figure.


[The Ascend]- Eugene!

A profession level 27 battle shaman and the leader of the Orcs.

In the chaotic period of the Avatar Crisis, not only was there disaster, but with it, there was also opportunity.

However, the opportunities were not only given to the adventurers, the NPCs in the world too had the same opportunity!

[The Ascend]- Eugene.

[White Bone Spear]- Eugene.

[Dragonslayer]- Eugene.

[Gladiator]- Eugene.

[Pioneer]- Eugene.

[The Sage]- Eugene.

[The Finisher of Giants]- Eugene.

In Soran’s memory, the NPCs which could become gods were not easy to deal with!

Eugene the White Bone Spear!

He was definitely one of the most difficult enemies Soran had ever encountered!

If not for his lowly birth.

Eugene was born into a family of gladiators; just after he was born, he was branded as a slave. He had no divine blood at all. If not for this disadvantage, he would have become a god already.


Even without any divine blood, Eugene still grasped the opportunity to become a god!

Soran could not even see any hope for the half-elves because as long as Eugene had not fallen, they would have to face countless Orcs who were willing to die for their cause.

The ancient drum beats were heard once more.

One by one, the orc’s eyes were red, going into a frenzy. Eugene woke up the spirit of ancestors. Although the orcs had no god of their own, their countless sacrifices had produced another sort of power. The souls of the warriors who died in the war did not return to the underworld. They remained in someplace in the gray wilderness in the form of spirits, waiting for the birth of the orc god!

The power of shamans was not weaker than the powers of temples.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

In the frenzy of war drums, the orcs rushed up like a tide, and in an instant, they shook the defensive formation of the half-elves. These orcs who fell into a frenzy did not know pain or fatigue.

Until they died, they would attack with all their might!

Soran had not seen such a large-scale battle for a long time. The last time he saw such a scene was on the battlefield of the Abyssal bloody war; countless demons and devils fought.

This was a battle that would determine the fate of a race!

Autumnfall was the last defensive line of the half-elves. If they were defeated here, then the half-elves would have to wander in the wilderness once more.

Milan looked at the battle in front.

Thousands upon thousands of Ocrs flowed like a tide of iron, able to break the defense line at any moment.

In these circumstances,

“In my name [Soran]!”

The pure white figure floated into the sky, her voice became somewhat holy at the moment, reverberating over the battlefield. In Milan’s eyes, the radiance of divinity emerges, gazing at everything in front of her, and slowly saying, “follow the ancient covenant!… I am the god of the half-elves [Soran]!… summon my ancient ally!”

“With my holy name!… I shall compensate you with satisfaction!…”

Milan’s petite figure looked down on all the people in front of her like a god. Her gaze passed through space and pointed her white finger at the sky.

“[Dragon Covenant]!”