Abyss Domination

Chapter 470 - A Leader


A dull explosion was heard coming from the battlefield.

With the bleak sound of the bugle, the Orcs swarmed like a tide, and the whole city wall had become a bloody killing ground. The primitive and wild Orcs broke into the ancient city wall again and again, and the figure of the Gnolls from Abyss shuttled among the army of the Orcs. They jumped at a very fast speed and looked for the opportunity to kill any unsuspecting enemy. These nimble enemies brought great casualties to the half-elves.

“Milan!” said a hoarse voice. In an instant, a middle-aged man with blood all over rushed over with a heavy hammer in his hand; he swung the hammer and smashed an Orc who climbed the wall down. Then he rushed towards this side at full speed, shouting, “Are you mad? What are you doing here? Go down now! ”

“Go take care of the women and children!… This is no place for you!…”


Another strong Orc climbed up. The middle-aged man picked up an iron shield and hit it. In an instant, he pushed the enemy four or five meters away. The Orc fell from the wall and died.

“Go on now!”

The middle-aged man looked at the little girl in front of him. His eyes were bloodshot because of the crazy fighting. His highly strained spirit and mind did not notice the abnormal situation of the little girl at the moment. He reached out his hand to grab the girl in front of him and planned to take her away. The situation on the battlefield had become more and more difficult. At this time, there was no spare time to take care of a little girl. She would only create more trouble if she stayed here.


Facing the middle-aged man walking toward her, the little girl frowned slightly. She moved her steps and turned around lightly. Then she passed by him without him even touching her sleeve.

“Huh?” the middle-aged man was shocked.

His hands caught nothing, not even close to the little girl. Just now, all her actions were so flowing, revealing an amazing Dexterity.

Milan did not look back.

The middle-aged man was only a priest that had lost divine powers. He was not someone she would pay attention to, or waste her time.

That was because her time was bought by divine power!


An Orc fighter in armor rushed to the wall, and a beautiful white figure appeared in its sight. It was a beautiful little girl, dressed in pure white, like a holy lotus blooming in the bloody battlefield. This pure white was so striking on the battlefield that it was full of blood. In an instant, she irritated the Orc with bloodshot eyes; it roared without hesitation and waved his sword toward her.

It’s madness wanted to destroy the pure white lotus, staining her white dress with blood.


Milan flew like a butterfly. In an instant, she passed by a half-elf guard and got a long and narrow elven curved sword in the palm of her hand. Her figure doesn’t stop at all. Swiftly, she passed by the Orc in front of her. A cold light slashed through the air, and the Orc stood stiff on the ground.


A clear sound of something falling on the ground.

A head fell to the ground as the headless body of the Orc fell down slowly; blood gushed out, but there was not even a drop of blood on Milan’s white dress.

She jumped onto the wall just like an elegant butterfly!

At that moment, everyone that was fighting in the battlefield saw the white figure.

Her presence seemed to have awakened the courage of the soldiers. Even though they were tired, they still let out a burst of energy to push back the enemy.

From the corner of the wall, the Gnolls of the abyss jumped up. These powerful monsters with blood-red pupils noticed the existence of the little girl. They rushed over from all directions, just like dark shadows sweeping by, and rushed to the little girl in front of them. They wanted to behead the only white light on the battlefield!


Facing the surrounding enemy, the little girl let out a sarcastic smile. She gently stepped on the floor again, and another elven curved sword was in her other hand.

Milan’s figure rose to air in an instant; her whole person rotated at high speed; the dual swords turned into a cold light of the sky, in a flash, she rushed out from the black shadow. There were blood drops falling from the blade in the air, behind her were sounds of falling flesh, as heads of Gnolls fell from the sky.


The little girl landed on the ground. She frowned as she looked at the worn elven swords and threw them away.

The battleground was filled with weapons.

She gave a cold look at the others and instantly found two curved swords again. Then her figure turned into a white shadow and swept through the air. As the white light moved, countless Orcs and Gnolls were left dead on the ground.

All of them were killed with one strike!

None of the enemies could last more than one move, even the Gnolls from Abyss could not last for one second!

The battlefield became silent.

Milan’s figure moved like that on the wall and had killed more than hundreds of Orcs and Gnolls.

The attack of the Orcs was now suppressed.

With a blow of the bugle, the crazed Orcs retreated like the tide.

Cheers were heard.

The enemies were now retreating from the wall, and the half-elves alive cheered on.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The dull drum sounds came from the rear of the Orcs, which seemed to have choked the cheering half-elves. It made them stop cheering and looked at the Orcs nervously. The Orcs separated like the tide. With the sound of the war drums, a huge monster appeared, obviously of the lineage of the Drake. It had a strong dragon horn, a huge body, strong limbs, and a hard dragon skin.

The Orc shaman had appeared!

Eugene stood on the huge dragon-like beast, holding a white bone spear in his hand. He smeared the powder ground from the ashes of his people on his face and showed his scared upper body.

It was as though he had returned to that winter.

At that winter, the shaman too faced an enemy that was threatening its tribe; an army of Giants.

The old body couldn’t hide its power. Eugene looked at the battlefield and roared “for the tribe! For our children and grandchildren! ”

When Eugene pointed to the bloody wall in front of him with his spear, countless orcs roared wildly. They clinched the simple weapons in their hands, hammered their chests hard, and the tiredness accumulated in the past days had turned into a frenzy of courage.

“For the tribe! For the tribe!”

Countless Orcs roared and rushed toward the battlefield with bloodshot eyes!

This was a battle that would determine the fate of the Orcs for the next hundred years!

Since the land was taken away by the half-elves, and the Orcs were pushed to the barren lands, hunger had always hung over their heads.

However, the Orcs did not die because of this, nor were they defeated.

That was because they had Eugene, the greatest Orc leader in their history!

He led the Orcs to explore the wild northwest. He traveled around the mainland alone to find a way to make the clan stronger! He united all the Orcs with fraternity and tolerance! He treated the enemy cruelly and mercilessly but treated his race as if they were his own children. He killed the winter wolf in the Frost Kingdom and went into the death swamp alone to kill the black dragon.

Eugene supported the clan with his old body!

Eugene never married or had children in its life, nor had any spouse. The first thing it did after defeating the army of half-elves was not to celebrate the victory but to kneel down on the ground and kiss the black fertile land under his feet.

This Orc was called Eugene. He was the backbone and hope of the Orcs!