Abyss Domination

Chapter 469 - Soran’s Arrival!

Finally, a god had responded to her prayers!

Milan was filled with joy!

She was trembling with excitement, and her whole body was crawling on the ground, greeting the strong will that came to her with the most humble heart!

“My lord Soran!”

“Your most humble servant prays for your help!… Please save my people!… I am willing to offer you everything!… As long as the great Lord is willing to save us!… Your name will be holy in my heart!… My faith, my life, my soul will always fight for your glory! ”

“I shall pick up your sword!…and bear your shield!…”

“Your enemy shall be my enemy!… You will be my faith!…”

“I am willing to devote my whole life to you!… Fight to spread your great glory!… I will spread your faith in the world!… No difficulty will change my loyalty to you!… I will fight for you till I die!… When death comes, my soul will return to your realm and follow your steps forever! ”

Her voice echoed in the prayer room.

Milan’s expression slowly became calm and finally had a persistent look!

She swore on her soul.

Her pure mind was accompanied by a terrifying burst of energy, which directly interfered with the surrounding space and made the surrounding air seem to stop.

Gradually a divine aura appeared!

Milan’s delicate body was shrouded in a huge force. At this moment, she directly completed the process of advancement and became a real priest.


This was only a start; powerful energy was making a mark on her.

Divine energy!

The existence which replied to her prayers went across space and gave her divine power!

That was because she had formed the legendary – [Divine Covenant]!

This little girl not only gave her faith to the God who answered her prayers, but also touched the realm of the god with pure spiritual power, and directly completed the “Divine Covenant”; forever following the god with mortal flesh. From now on, no matter what kind of predicament she encountered, even if she died for some reason, the god of death would not be able to get her soul.

Her soul was now Soran’s.

Her soul had been marked by Soran.

This was the rule of the gods! Because no god would simply let go of their divinity!

Even evil gods would think like this.

Only the most devout could receive divinity in such a manner. That was because they were the root of a divine realm!

The divine aura slowly dissipated.

Milan slowly got up, and her eyes seemed to be filled with some kind of divine glow.

She was now the vessel of a god.

She was an apostle of the god who dedicated all her things, including life and soul, to the god. Her eyes were the eyes of the gods; she was now a vessel for the god she believed in.

Milan looked at everything.

She walked out of the temple slowly. In front of her were many refugees, all of whom were old, weak, women, and children. At the moment, they were all surprised to see the little girl walking out of the temple barefoot. There was a loud rumble in the distance, and the sound of fighting came from them. The women and children were all frightened.

Milan observed everything.

Her eyes were filled with glory making people who looked at her want to bow down.

Her white dress moved with the wind.

The little girl walked slowly towards the wall barefoot. Her steps were so light that it seemed that she wasn’t walking on the ground. Even a little bit of filth would not touch her white feet.

At this moment, the little girl was like an angel that came to the battlefield.

Outer islands.

Soran’s figure was directly suspended in the air, surrounded by a twisted space, as if it was some kind of connection, connecting his mind with a little girl.

Her devout prayers were heard in his mind!

This clear and tender voice was like rolling thunder in Soran’s mind. For a moment, countless electric currents and numbers jumped in her mind. Finally, the power of the Shard of Divinity was fully activated. Soran’s brain was like a powerful biological computer. In an instant, he crossed space and time and came to the little girl.

Her will, her mind, and spirit-

He was an emotionless person. He was ruthless and decisive. There were countless people who died under him. He got what he had today by killing and slaughtering.

That was who Soran was!

The master of Mordor! The king of three seas! The greatest pirate in the realm!

The god of the half-elves!

At that moment, he was moved by a little girl.

When the Divine Covenant was fulfilled, he did not hesitate to give her divinity, turning her into his first true believer, making her into his Chosen.

Soran’s Slaughter EXP drained quickly.

In the absence of his own divine power, he did not hesitate to choose to consume his Slaughter EXP to give power, and at the same time, giving two divinity points.

She would become Soran’s apostle!

His Chosen.

His spokesperson in the mortal realm!

However, this was only the beginning. Because Soran had accepted her faith, then he would have to complete his promise.

That was because they had formed a covenant.

Soran was a person who will never violate the oath. Thus at the cost of burning Slaughter EXP, he fell on the little girl forcibly as a demigod!

Right then.

Soran’s consciousness fell onto his first apostle, using her eyes to see everything there.

The fire of fire was still going on.

There was a lot of shouting and killing everywhere. Soran saw a large number of wounded and corpses. The Orcs attacked the once beautiful city frantically. From time to time, there were black fur Gnolls climbing up in front. This was not an ordinary Gnoll. They had a very obvious demonic smell; they were the believers of Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls.

They were evil creatures blessed with Abysmal power!

There were countless half-elves fighters fighting in the front line. From time to time, there were spellcasters at the back. However, the number of them was too small to stop the crazy enemies.

There were few spellcasters everywhere.

Soran looked at everything!

Right at that moment, he went across space and time to observe the battlefield.