Abyss Domination

Chapter 468 - Chapter 3 Faith

Father had died.

In order to cover their retreat, father decided to lead the militia to stay. After more than 100 people stayed to fight, less than 10 people finally came back from that battle.

Father had died gloriously in battle.

The militiamen who broke through told Milan that her father had not stepped back even though he was seriously injured. There were countless Gnolls killed by him.

Indeed, even though he had lost his divine powers, her father was still so powerful.

However, he still died in the end.

Milan’s heart was full of sadness, but she did not cry even if she was just a child. She knew very well that the moment her father decided to stay, that there was a great chance he would die. Otherwise, he would not entrust herself to Uncle Bam to take her to Autumnfall.

The village had become a desolate area.

Milan knew how much his father devoted to that place. He built the town by himself. It had taken him 20 years to become a wealthy town from a small village, but now everything had been destroyed in the war, and her father had chosen to fight to the last moment to protect it.

Her hometown had been destroyed.

They had become homeless refugees, and even though they were taken in by Autumnfall, they could only temporarily settle in the abandoned shrine. The temple, which had served his father for a lifetime, was abandoned in a short time. There was no priest was praying, and no believer was serving. It seemed that the people soon forgot the existence of the god and had to face a more difficult fate. Autumnfall was in a bad situation. Although Milan did not understand many things, she knew that there was not much food in the city.

In order to satisfy the fighting men, the old, women, and children only had clear porridge for three days.

Milan still had some food.

It was given by the former high priest. He came here at noon yesterday and watched Milan kneeling in the prayer room of the temple. The high priest, who had served this god, sighed. He told Milan that the god had fallen and that no matter how she prayed, it was useless. The old man looked at the fallen statue, left a little food, and then turned to walk away. Although he couldn’t use magic, his fighting skills were still far superior to many soldiers.

Hunger made Milan feel weak.

This morning, she secretly gave the little food she had left to a young mother who was nursing her baby. She saw the mother cut her finger with a dagger, then fed her child with blood.

This was a shocking scene!

This reminded her of her passed away mother, thus she gave her the remaining food she had.

It was quite in the prayer room.

Milan felt that her legs were numb.

She doesn’t know why she was kneeling there. Maybe this was how she could feel close to her father.

The city was surrounded by the Gnolls.

In the same way, her father too knelt in the prayer room all day and night, praying for the response of the gods, hoping to regain his divine powers to save his home.

The high priest told her that their god had fallen.

Milan knew about this because all the statues had lost their brilliance. She was a very talented girl and had inherited her father’s innate perception. If none of this had happened, it might not be long before she would have become an apprentice priest and, little by little, become a priest in charge of a temple.

However, that would take many years.

Because she was playful and her father spoiled her, he seldom forced her to pray with him.

Milan was sad.

As a young girl, she was now surrounded by loneliness and fear.

Uncle Bam was called upon to fight. When she saw him the day before yesterday, his arm was injured. Today he may not even come back. No one comforted her, and no one had the energy to deal with a little girl at such a time. Everyone in the temple had fear in their eyes. They don’t know what tomorrow would be like or what the future would be like.

Milan felt helpless.

She was only a normal young girl and could not do anything in the face of war.

That was why she could only pray for help!

The high priest had told her that their god had fallen. As a god, he had died and won’t respond to any prayer.

However, the little girl did not give up.

She was not a priest. She was just a little girl who had a clerical talent but hasn’t officially decided to believe. So she decided to pray to all the gods. No matter who could save them, she would like to give her faith, life, and soul to this god. She would fight for his glory all her life!

Her faith was strong.

Even though there was no reply after three days, she still prayed.

She prayed for the help of the gods and the help of the great gods to help these poor people. She was willing to give all she had for this god, become his most loyal servant and follower, and strive to spread his glory all her life.

Unfortunately, there was still no reply.

In the coming period of the Avatar Crisis, no god would pay attention to such a humble little girl. All their energy was devoted to dealing with the unknown future. Moreover, in the absence of any holy emblem, image, or altar, the gods had to pay their own power to listen to her call. In this nearly abandoned temple, all her prayers and calls could only be delivered to one place!

That’s the person who was holding the divine title of ‘Half-elf and Rogues.’

She was tired, hungry, and saddened.

Milan did not know why she was persistent or what she was persistent for!

She just knelt numbly on the ground. Her petite body humbly knelt down, and constantly prayed to all the gods who might respond to her prayers, praying for even a glimmer of hope!


A drop of tear fell down from her delicate face. The little girl who had been strong and did not cry since hearing the news of her father’s death, could not help crying.

The prayer room was oddly quiet.

She could even hear the drop of her tear hit the floor.

However, just as she was becoming hopeless, a strong will power appeared in her mind!


Some great power directly crossed space and allowed a sacred name to reverberate in her mind; her heart and spirit could not help shiver.