The pirate domain.

Soran stood on the lighthouse, watched the busy port, and went into thought.

Navigating on the sea required guidance, thus the lighthouse was an important facility of a port. The 210-meter high lighthouse was completed with the help of the witch council. Ordinary construction technology was very troublesome. Only witches could easily build such a high building. Because of the lighthouse, the nearby routes had become much safer. Even if they were far away, they could see the light in the dark.

The sea breeze blew over.

Standing here, Soran could easily overlook the whole port. He looked at the Sea Temple and the Riches temple, which were built on the left and right sides, respectively. He muttered, “The pirate domain.”

“The work of a pirate belonged to the [Plunder] domain.”

“But the real domain of ‘Plunder’ should be full of aggression, full of all kinds of other categories, such as Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls, who was a god of the ‘Plunder’ domain. The Gnolls do not produce, so they rely on plundering others to live.”

“The pirates also do not produce anything.”

“If not for the rules I set up, they could only rely on plundering merchants.”

“The limit is too big.”

“Pirates are like mountain robbers, horse thieves, and others; their numbers are greater because the sea was big.”

“There isn’t enough potential.”

“It is almost impossible to use the [Pirate] domain to affect the [Punder] domain; it seems like this can only be an extension domain.”

Soran’s hair blew in the wind.

After he thought about it, he had a better plan for his future.

“Pirate [Domain]: you have an unprecedented reputation among pirates. This domain ability can give you an extra bonus on anything related to pirates. It will be easier for you to gain the respect, worship, and follow of other pirates. When you defeat a group of pirates, it will be easier for you to make them give in. In combat, you can activate the pirate domain. Any pirate in the realm will gain a courage bonus. The effect is equivalent to the level 6 spell ‘Greater Heroism.’

[Note: The divinity of Fear and Legend Rating enhances the pirate domain.]

This was the ability of the pirate domain.

All domains had a special ability, the shadow domain, for example, allowed the person to shutter through the shadow plane.

“Greater Heroism [Level 6 spell]: This is an enhanced version of Heroism, which can greatly inspire the courage of others. After gaining the buff, you can temporarily gain + 4 morale bonus, and be immune to any fear effect. In addition, you can temporarily gain additional HP equivalent to your Spellcasting Level in the battle, and gain a maximum of 20 HP. ”

Courage-it allowed a person to become stronger. Some should have died, but they would be able to fight on.

This was like having a shot of adrenaline.

There were many such examples; many who had severe injuries were able to fight back the god of death for some time!

Soran’s pirate domain had been strengthened by his Fear divinity and Legend Rating. The specific effect could not be determined, but immunity to fear was likely to be the bonus effect of the Fear divinity. The bonus of Legend Rating should be reflected in a morale bonus. Soran had 10 wizard levels. Within the scope of the pirate domain, all pirates under his command could gain 10 extra temporary HP, which was close to the vitality of one profession level.

Obviously, the ability of this domain could not raise the combat effectiveness of individuals.

Soran came down from the lighthouse and watched several pirate minions who had just been dragged out of the pub in the port and taken away by the security patrol because of drunken fighting. He could not help murmuring, “Why do I think the path of the pirate would not be good in the future?”

Soran thought that pirates were playing too big of a role in his plan.

He thought that he should explore other forces or train the pirates into a proper navy.

After clearing his thoughts, his plans were clear.

Soran without hesitation, chose to upgrade ‘Comprehend Languages,’ ‘Comprehend Words,’ ‘Multi-plane Communication.’

Teleportation could come from the Wizard profession. Cross plane travel was also achievable from a high-grade wizard.

As for the ability [Change Form], there was no need to think about it for now.

Soran now had no divinity, and wasting the Slaughter EXP would be too enormous, thus he could only choose the most important abilities.

Comprehend Language and Comprehend Words were important in any plane.

Soran couldn’t constantly rely on his psionic ability as it consumed a lot of energy.

Then there was the ‘Multi-plane Communication’ which was important. This ability would determine if he could take control of the half-elves.

In theory, Soran was now in a state between ‘Demigod’ and ‘False god’ and could already develop his believers.

Right now, Soran needed a pious believer to communicate with him. Then he would be able to use Multi-plane Communication to tell him his [Real Name]!

Soran-Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to provide divine powers, but communication was a start!


The war had made this beautiful city full of holes. The city was full of refugees who had fled from all over the country. The crazy attack of Orcs and Gnolls had affected many places. Many residents of towns and villages were forced to flee to the deciduous city because only the city could provide them with shelter at this time; the simple fences could not stop the Gnolls at all. Even the high walls of Autumnfall were seriously damaged in the successive sieges.

Among the enemy were Gnolls from the Abyss, while the siege machines of the orcs were devastating!

They had support from an Abyss lord.

Some of the siege engines were obviously beyond the mind of the Orcs.

The temple of the ‘half-elf and rogue’ god.

Even though this god had completely fallen, and his statues had lost its glory, his priests did not completely leave.

Even though they had lost their faith, they still needed to live.

The attack of Orcs and Gnolls had increased the pressure on the city’s defense. Although priests were unable to use magic, the combat skills they had were still there. They were not unarmed spellcasters, but were in full armor and could cast magic. The priests also began to fight, fighting like the fighters in the frontline.

They were still priests and were not so easily defeated!

Even though they had lost their faith, there was still the need to protect the city, the old and young.

Roaring screams of killings were heard.

There were a large number of refugees in the shrine, but most of them were old, weak, women, and children. All the adult men had been recruited as militia. The holy and glorious temple in the past had now become a refugee shelter, full of cries of children. Mothers were comforting their children.

They lacked food.

The orcs launched an attack before the crops were ripe. A young and beautiful mother did not have milk to feed her children because she was hungry. She could not help crying when listening to the sound of her child crying. Even though she had squeezed her breast, she still couldn’t squeeze out even a drop of milk to satisfy the hungry crying child in her arms.

She had not eaten for a few days.

There was a trace of compassion in other people’s eyes, but they couldn’t help either, because all they could share was clear rice porridge.

The cry of the child hurt the mother’s heart like a knife.

Shaking her hands, she took a dagger from her waist. The young mother stared at the child in her arms and cut her finger with the dagger.

Blood came out.

She put her finger into the baby’s mouth. Hunger made the young child suck desperately. The mother gently wiped the blood on the corner of the baby’s mouth with her other hand and smile finally appeared on her pale and beautiful face.