Abyss Domination

Chapter 466 - Chapter 1 [Pirate] Domain

It was a quiet day.

Soran sat in the hall and looked at the information sent in front of him. The situation in the mainland had become more and more chaotic, and the war in the southern countries showed signs of further spread. The aristocracy’s long history of oppression and exploitation had already accumulated enough hatred, which would explode like fireworks as long as the people were stirred up. As for the people who were instigating in secret, even with Soran’s intelligence collection ability, they could not be sure. Currently, the guess was that they were demons and some evil cult.

The irony was that many gods stood with the nobles to maintain law and order. Even the good gods had to help these evil nobles to maintain social order.

That was because if the order was broken, then more chaos would come out.

“Autumnfall should be able to hold on a little longer.”

Soran put down the scroll in his hand, and his index finger gently knocked on the table, murmuring, “The half-elf’s secret is still there. Even if the priest loses their divine power, there are druids and wizards who can still use magic! The elves had refused to help them, and it seems that the humans are also suffering a lot from the ancient red dragon in Whiterun. It is said that there appears to be some Gnoll from the Abyss. I don’t know if they can make it to the time I need. ”

“Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls! Have the claws of this dog extended to the material plane? Or is it trying to assemble the [Flail of Ages]?”

“He sure wants to die!”

Soran showed a wry smile and soon drew a huge and ferocious Gnoll image with a pen. The Gnoll had a huge three-headed flail and wore a fine gold armor. Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls, was one of the most familiar lords of the abyss to Soran. The reason why he was familiar with Yeenoghu was that he had the Gnolls and Ghouls under his command. To a certain extent, he was the boss of the Abyss for adventurers. Other Abyss lords were difficult to deal with, but only Yeenoghu had a bunch of Gnolls and Ghouls minion.

After all, Gnolls and Ghouls had no high challenge rating; even if they were from the Abyss, they were still easily beatable.

Soran had stayed in the 422nd Abyss layer for some time.

“Maybe I should send some men over.”

Soran looked at the picture as if he remembered something. Then he threw the paper aside and murmured, “Yeenoghu’s minions are not strong, but he would still be a terrifying existence in the material plane. It seems that I have to make some preparatory plans.”


Soran stood up and walked out.

Half a month went past. Within this time, Soran had set up many things, also gathering much intel.

There were not many things worth mentioning.

The first was that someone saw the traces of “Lady of Cats and Dancing.” This goddess of “Minor Divine Power” seemed to have fallen to the material plane. Soran once encountered her followers, who were almost spoiled by the “Mistress of the Night”; she once degenerated to the evilest forbidden area, and she shifted to chaos and evil. The second news was that it seemed that the “God of Travelling and Exploration” had also come down. This was a [Lesser Divine Power] God, but his location was still unknown. Third was about, the Highlady of Silvermoon, whom Soran was concerned about; her believers had become more active.

Soran was not worried about the other matters, but he was somewhat worried about the ‘Highlady of Silvermoon’; that was because this god previously killed the ‘Witch of Terror, Lilian.’

Mordor had always been orderly, and everyone was busy with their thing.

Soran got up and walked toward the port of Mordor. He had some new abilities that he needed to test.

Some people thought that a demigod was the advancement of the legendary figure. However, a demigod was another life form, a mix of mortal flesh and law.

The legendary realm was a mortal’s limit!

If the gods had no portfolios and fields, then they were only powerful legends. Profession level 20 was a legend; profession level 40 was also legend, but the power gap was relatively large, regardless they were still the same lifeform. But demigods were different; they were another life form and the starting point of another path.

Soran had awakened another ability!

In fact, he had already been accumulating this ability, just that after he became a demigod, the ability unlocked itself.

“Domain [Pirate]!”

When he got the first notification for this field, Soran was surprised.

However, this notification came up more, which led to him mastering this ability.

Soran always thought that the first domain he would gain was the [Shadow Realm]!

Domains- this was the most basic of all deities. Even though the divine title of the Vampire God was [Vampires], his domain included [Hunting], [Fear], and [Night], etc.

These were all domains.

They were all supportive structures of the divine title, and the first step toward divine power.

The legend was the starting point of all gods, so it was possible for the legendary Rogue to master the ability [Shadow Realm], which was actually the foundation of becoming a god. However, this foundation had basically been blocked to the others, because there was the Shadow Lord. As long as this god did not fall, there was no way to extend more into the [Shadow Realm] domain.

The pirate domain.

This was something Soran was unfamiliar with and not even sure how big the domain was.

It doesn’t seem to be a domain of battle or a profession, because piracy was just an industry, and there were all kinds of professions in it.

There were many extensions of domains with many gods.

A powerful and ancient deity could even have dozens of domains so that he could directly seize other deities’ titles at the right time.

For example, the Queen of Spiders – Lolth.

Without the power of the domain, it was hard to fit in with a new divine title. It’s like how Soran could not integrate the power of the vampire completely, because he was not a vampire himself.

The same was true; if he was not a half-elf, he would not have been able to gain the information regarding the [half-elf] divine title.

There was actually a great limitation on race-based divine titles!

However, other than the race-based divine titles, it was much easier for other divine titles to be integrated. Many gods relied on the strength of a domain as a springboard to affect the powers of other gods.

Soran wasn’t sure if this was a useful or useless domain because he doesn’t intend to use pirates as his domain. This domain was completely controlled by the Sea goddess. The sea was her domain, so pirates without a sea would just be a joke. Furthermore, the potential of the pirate domain was smaller than that of the race domain.

Who was to produce? To create? To work?

The pirate domain seemed to be very limited. Even though Soran had borrowed the powers of the pirates, he had no intention of using it as his divine title.

However, Soran’s understanding of the domain of piracy had greatly improved because when he mastered the power of the first domain, he finally advanced to become a real demigod.

This was the start of becoming a Saint.

It was his first step to extend into the realm of god and his opportunity to gain more ability.

For example the opportunity now!

Some unexpected changes had taken place in Soran’s brain data, and there was no doubt that his existence was closer to the divine template; it had begun to integrate with the power of the divine.

Right now, there was a new direction for Soran.

“Comprehend Languages [Demigod realm]: Mastering the ability and able to understand all languages; you would also gain the ability to communicate with other intelligent creatures.”

[Use 30000 Slaughter EXP, 3 divine power to master.]

“Comprehend Words [Demigod realm]: Mastering the ability and able to understand all words; you would also gain the ability to communicate with other intelligent creatures with writing.”

“Multi-plane communication [Demigod realm]: you would be able to communicate with specific creatures across space and planes, including calling, praying, and sacrificing some creatures to you. Gods use this ability to connect with their own followers, and demigods can also rely on this ability to develop their own followers. This ability can span most of the planes.”

[Use 100000 Slaughter EXP, 10 divine power to master.]

“Astral Teleportation [Demigod realm]: A demigod would have the ability to travel across planes, this is an ability after you’ve integrated with the law. Even if you do not possess any arcane ability, you would still be able to teleport to the astral realm.”

(Note: The abilities [Plane Teleportation], [Plane Travel], [Random Plane Teleportation], [Random Plane Travel], all require this ability.)

These abilities were awakened because Soran had stepped into the realm of demigod. However, mastering these abilities required Slaughter EXP and Divine Power. Slaughter EXP was easier to get, but divine power was something Soran did not have much of.

He still hasn’t become a god yet.

So how was he going to get divine power?

Finally, there was also another more crazy ability. It was not bought about by the domain but the Shard of Divinity.

“Change Form [Shard of Divinity ability]: A deity can change its own form at will, or change the form of other people. The effect is equivalent to [Greater Polymorph]. In theory, a deity can transform into any creature he has seen and understood, and gain some of these creatures’ abilities at the same time. Or, he can turn a creature into the form he wants it to be, such as a frog, a rabbit, or a chicken. The Spellcasting Level of this ability is determined by the power of the god.”

[Use 1000000 Slaughter EXP, 100 divine power to master.]

What the hell is this?

When Soran saw this ability, the first thing that popped into his mind was [72 Transformation]!