Sea temple, port Tylon.

The Naga Siren priest was sitting in the back of the temple. For some reason, she had put on a gorgeous sacrificial robe today; she seemed to be preparing for something important as her expression was quite serious. However, when she heard the report of the marine life in front of her, her face began to turn disturbed. She frowned at the blue water in front of her and murmured, “What is Soran doing?”

“Moving his troops at a time like this!”

“Is he planning something big? Is he going to take revenge on the Principality of Rossad? Or something even bigger?”

“Damn it!”

The Naga Siren priest hit the ground with her staff and muttered, “How many navy units had he mobilized?”

The navy.

For some time now, she had been referring to Soran’s pirates as the navy.

The distorted shadow was hidden in the seawater under the temple. It had no specific shape, but it was a kind of sea creature with a strong aura. It looked like a mixture of a sea creature and a sea monster. It had the strength beyond high-grade professions but less than a legendary figure. This kind of creature had appeared in the Sea temple more than once.

Its whole body was hidden in the sea, and speaking in the Naga Siren language, it said, “Hundreds of warships were mobilized near port Tylon. The dragonhead warship also docked near port Tylon. ”

“There have been 50 medium-sized ships mobilized to Snake Island; there was also some stuff that was shipped out.”

“There is a large number of ships in Shipwreck Bay.”

“There are around 300 warships being mobilized; if we count the small pirate ships, then there would be around 600 ships.”

“There’s more warships coming back!”

“From the Frost Kingdom, the patrols in the southern island kingdoms, and the surrendered pirates of the west.”

“These are only a fraction of the troops.”

“Soran has controlled and annexed many chambers of commerce in this period of time. There are also many merchant ships and frigates that can be mobilized in secret. He could conservatively have thousands of ships to mobilize.”

The Naga Siren priest was shocked.

She went into thought, and muttered, “Has he become so powerful?”

“This guy!”

“How could he expand so quickly!?”

The distorted figure in the sea was also silent. After a while, he said, “Your Excellency! Since Soran’s rise, he has never seemed to have failed. This gave him an unimaginable appeal among the pirates, let alone his own excellent skills. Now from the south coast to Arendelle, any chamber of commerce that wanted safe passage on the sea had to kowtow to him. ”

“The pirates earned by robbing people, but now he had taken up the responsibility to guard the ships.”

“Even though this is built on bullying the other merchants, d

Without a strong force, Soran would seem like he was blackmailing the merchants. However, with his power now, he could rightfully ‘tax’ them.

He taxed them but provided protection services.

This was how a kingdom was like!

The Naga Siren priest’s face became more and more serious and somewhat unwilling. She murmured, “I’m afraid that his influence will increase even more!”

The sea creature in the sea said, “Your Excellency!”

“I’m afraid we can’t control Soran now. He has been growing rapidly since the annexation of other pirates on the south coast. Arendelle’s naval battle made him defeat the regular army of a kingdom, and his fleet expanded even more rapidly. Many pirate groups who were waiting, ultimately joined him. ”

“Furthermore, He even succeeded in attacking the southern island kingdoms!”

“After that battle, Soran had basically rounded up all the south coast pirates, even the merchants of Shipwreck Bay and Port Tylon are all with him.”

“If not for him mobilizing his troops, we would not have known how much power he had!”

The Naga Siren priest let out a sigh.

That’s right.

If it wasn’t for Soran mobilizing the fleet that stirred up many people, the priest would not have known how powerful he had become.

Pirates, merchants, guards-

The pirates controlled by Soran were only the power on the surface. He used violence, annexation, or forced other chambers of commerce to submit. The guards, under the control of the chamber of commerce, fell into his hands. Marine trade was not like land trade. More than half of the people on a merchant ship could be counted as combat effective. Sailors had received combat training, and the guards of the chamber of commerce had many talents. Although Soran divided part of his interests, the slave trade, the ocean trade, and the eastern trade route were almost all controlled by him.

Snake Island, Port Tylon, Shipwreck Bay, Raging Sand Island, the West Coast, Arendelle, the Southern Island Kingdoms.


Since the defeat of Ashrod, Soran’s armed forces had been expanding rapidly. Otherwise, they would not have been able to support the expedition of Arendelle and the war against the Southern Island Kingdoms.

“Bring me a map!”

The Naga Siren priest stood up suddenly and asked a temple guard to bring her a map.

Heavy footsteps were heard.

The guard quickly brought a map, and the Naga Siren priest spread it out quickly before her eyes, then frowned and watched carefully. She held out her finger and pointed at the outer islands city of Mordor, then drew a line directly connecting to Port Tylon. Then three lines connecting Snake Island, Raging Sand Island, and Shipwreck Bay. Soon the Naga Siren priest’s face turned pale, her fingers connected from Raging Sand island to the eastern trade route, and then from Shipwreck Bay to the West Coast – Arendelle – the Southern Islands Kingdoms.

“The first fleet.”

“Third fleet.”

“Fifth fleet.”

“The Dragonhead Warship in port Tylon; Giant, Scarface, Knight are all in Shipwreck Bay.”


“He has powers in the City of Riches.”

“Raging Sand Island.”

“This is the fleet of Ashrod!… This is the territory of the Principality of Rossad!… He had placed his six fleets here!…”


“He had mobilized so many navy fleets here!… Now he even brought the fleet from Arendelle and Southern Island Kingdoms back!…”

“What is this guy doing?”

The Naga Siren priest slammed the wall and turned to stare at the map. She had a feeling that Soran was plotting something, something big, but she couldn’t understand what Soran wanted!

With this amount of power, he could already invade a kingdom on land.

Tens of thousands of fierce pirate army, huge fleets could directly block all the coastlines of any kingdom; his relationship with the northern witch council was unclear, and now he had a closer relationship with Arendelle in the Frost Kingdom. When the Naga priest unfolded the map to examine the power of Soran again, there was a trace of fear, a tremor, and an inexpressible shock in her heart!

As an opponent and ally with Soran.

The Naga Siren priest knew how weak Soran was and how she could completely control him. But now this man had become a terrible existence that she needed to look up to!

He had witnessed all this but as a competitor.


A tentacle-like thing came out from the seawater and pointed at two places on the map.

“Your excellency, Soran, had placed his mutant pet here, and Deadman’s Voice hidden here.”

Hearing this, the Naga Siren priest trembled all over.