A soft sea breeze came in.

Soran stood on a reef and looked at the sea in the distance. His entire body seemed to be like a sculpture where he fell into deep thoughts.

His face showed a rare color of fatigue, which seemed to have consumed too much energy, and his expression showed a color of laziness.

Light footsteps came.

The figure of the Psionic Warlock appeared behind Soran, tilting her head and sizing him up, and playfully went: “Master. Ever since I saw you, I have never seen you so lazy and tired before.”


“Is it because you used up too much energy last night?”

The Psionic Warlock’s words became frivolous as if making fun of Soran was very amusing to her.

Soran turned and glanced at her, and did not answer her question, but said slowly: “Try to recover your strength. If you have the energy to care about these issues, wouldn’t it be better to think about how you could recover? ”

The corner of the Psionic Warlock’s mouth raised into a grin, and she easily sat next to Soran like a butterfly and had a good big stretch and said: “Okay….! Okay….! ”

“In fact, it’s actually quite good now like this.”

“At least you don’t have to hear the mess in other people’s heads every day. What a rare leisure time! ”

Was it Mind Reading?!

Soran was a little stunned when he heard her words, and then looked at her seriously, and said slowly: “Is that right? Then have a good rest. We still have a lot of time to prepare. ”

He did not know the domain of the Psionic Warlocks, but if the psionic energy was too strong, they could really know what the others were thinking.

Then control the thinking of the other creature!

Soran’s telepathy could only do a part of this, and the perceived ability of a Demigod was also useful, but it could only be effective on the ordinary people, the stronger the target, the weaker the effect.


The Psionic Warlock looked towards the sea in the distance. After a moment of silence, she said slowly: “the Jin Priest of the Temple of Riches is very interesting. I’m going to learn some priest skills from her, and if I can, my sub-profession is going to be a priest. ”

Soran listened to her words and thought for a moment, then nodded: “Are you sure?”

The Psionic Warlock smiled and said slowly: “It’s actually a very simple thing, but if you want to advance into a higher domain, I’m afraid I might need your help.”

A blessing of divine power.

Soran nodded thoughtfully. With the current ability of the Psionic Warlock, there were limitations in any domain of sub-profession. If the psychic power was too strong, it would occupy more space in the soul. She might be able to be a priest as a sub-profession easily. But if she wanted to advance her Priest to the domain above legendary, I’m afraid it would take a long time. Or, Soran to bestow divine power to her.

Divinity was only a passive power.

Even the biggest change was the blessing of divine power. Vivian’s powerful strength was the accumulation of the divine power of Fear. It was difficult to transform divinity into real power, but the divine power could replace the effect of spells. Almost all the electorates of a godly temple had the divine power bestowed by a god. Even if necessary, they could directly mobilize part of the divine power of the god and become an incarnation of the god. If the Psionic Warlock really wanted to raise the level of her priest, she could only rely on Soran to bestow her divine power.

“Someone’s coming.”

Die landed lightly, turned to look at Soran, her eyes seemed to narrow, and slowly said: “It seems like someone was not satisfied last night, and was ready to come to the Master to continue again?”

As a Psionic Warlock who once had a professional level of more than 30. Maybe she did not have enough respect for the gods in her heart.

The shadow of the Fallen Witch appeared.

Soran was sitting crossed-legs and stood up and walked while wiping his Curved Sword on the reef. When the other party approached, only did he say slowly: “It should have finished, didn’t it?”

The Fallen Witch looked at his back and nodded softly, and went: “Yes.”

“Thank you.”

Soran paused as his fingers that were wiping the Curved Sword stopped momentarily, then said: “There’s nothing to thank me for. You’re Gloria’s mother anyway. I can’t be sitting and waiting for you to sink deeper into the domain. But you’d better also think about your future. The Queen of Succubus is not like a nobody in the abyss. After you’ve signed a contract with her, she has already branded your soul. Unless you enter into a field comparable to the gods, you will be her plaything and slave all your life. ”

“This time may have passed like this, but have you ever thought about what to do next?”

“I’ve never seen a fallen ceremony to please the demon queen before last time, but I’ve seen a desecration ceremony that was trying to please the Queen of Spiders. A group of naive guys think that blood, killing, sacrifice, prostitution, chaos, and fallen can satisfy the Queen of Spiders, but they never thought about the existence of the Queen of Spiders. She has seen too much in the long years, and how difficult it would be to please her! ”

“Do you know the final fate of those people?”

Speaking of this, Soran turned to look at the Fallen Witch behind and obviously saw her body trembling.

“I don’t know,” said the Fallen Witch, while shaking her head gently.

Soran smiled as if trapped in some kind of memory, whispered: “The priest in charge of the ceremony was turned into a Yochlol, and the Queen of Spiders sent the Driders to eat the sacrifice completely. Those who survived by chance have also been transformed into monsters that were half-human and half spider. ”

“You may have more knowledge than me.”

“But you must know the abyss better than I do! Those abyss demons are not as easy to deal with as you think, and their chaotic nature can do anything. They won’t be so easily satisfied. ”

“You think if I didn’t do it yesterday, you could just find some ordinary people.”


“I’m afraid if you do that, it would have been Glorious Nun who came yesterday. They would kill all the people in the ceremony with the Golden Whip with the hook, and then satisfy the Queen of Succubus by tormenting you because this kind of pleasing ceremony is just a pastime of the Queen of Succubus! ”

Who was the Queen of Succubus?

The Divine Title she was in charge of was the darkest and most depraved field of emotion and desire. It was naive to think that this little mortal thing would be enough to satisfy her.

If she was really so easy to satisfy, I’m afraid some Warlocks could easily please her.

Soran fell silent.

He remembered a sacrifice ceremony he had attended before. He used a dragon egg to sacrifice for a lower grade Demon Lord. As a result, everyone almost died in it. Just a dragon egg could not satisfy its appetite at all, and its chaotic nature made it attack the other people who were sacrificing it.


Soran sighed wearily and said slowly: “In the short term, there should be no problem. Even the Queen of Succubus should have been satisfied last night. ”

“Maybe when the world changes, the contract on your body would also change!”

The beauty of the Fallen Witch’s face showed a trace of redness, and her body trembled involuntarily as if thinking of something. Her eyes fell onto Soran’s long, white fingers.

Then, in order to cover up her feelings, she left a little flustered.

Soran did not speak.

He just looked at the sea in the distance, as if thinking about other more important things.

Ordinary means were practically useless when trying to please the Queen of Succubus because the legendary ‘Book of Exotic Fantasy’ was made by the Queen of Succubus or her daughter, which was the most degenerate and lustful magic book in the multi-universe.

But Soran was not totally helpless. After all, he was one of the top Rogues in the world.

The pale Golden shadow spread at his fingertips. Soran put the Curved Sword on his knee and played with the pure golden dagger in his hand. His fingers had become a virtual shadow, and the pure gold dagger was so fast it could not be seen by the naked eye.


Soran put the dagger on the rock and murmured: “Or should I melt it? If it’s mixed with pure gold? Maybe we can forge a second legendary Curved Sword? ”

“Maybe I should go and ask Gloria.”

“She mentioned that night that there seemed to be a new breakthrough in the Silver Sword of Gith!”


Without the [Holy Avenger] in his hands, Soran could only find ways from other places.

After all, he had the [Greater Dual-wielding] combat ability. In order to give full play to his combat effectiveness, two legendary Curved Swords were necessary.

There was still too little advanced equipment!

It was unknown if he should take some time to visit the Wizard City. Now, the amount of money in his hand should be able to afford some legendary equipment.

Soran stood up.

He took a look at the distant sea and turned to walk towards the port.