Abyss Domination

Chapter 463 - Ceremony!

A quiet night.

Soran wrote and drew on white paper with a quill pen. Since returning to the City of Mordor, he finally had some time to study higher grade spells. Soran learned all the spells below grade 3, but the difficulty of mastering them would be increased if the level of spells continued to rise. It was unknown if the reason was that he advanced into a Demigod. Soran’s understanding of arcane magic seemed to be much stronger than before. He had at least doubled the speed of mastering high-grade magic that he thought was difficult to understand before.

The exact reason was still unknown, but it must have had something to do with the power of the shard of divinity because Soran already had divinity, and he could not do this before.

There was still a lot of Slaughter EXP stored!

But Soran was not eager to improve his professional level, because, for him, the benefits of increasing one or two professional levels were not significant. The most important thing was to decide his own path.

It was the path for the future!

Although the realm of the gods was very powerful, it also had great limitations. That is, it was difficult to change after the power was formed. Although gods had all kinds of powerful power, their own profession was fixed. It didn’t matter if it was the Queen of Spiders or the other gods, the profession with the highest level would still become the core of their power.

Without a doubt!

Soran’s current power core was the Rogue, but the path he wanted to take was not the Rogue.

The God of half Elves and Rogues.

The former one was the most restricted sense of the racial Divine Title. The key to determining the amount of their own divine power was whether the race was prosperous or not. To be honest, the half-elves had no potential to compete with the potential of humans, elves, dwarves, and beastmen. Even halflings had protection from a god with powerful divine power. After all these years, the half-elves only had a minor god to support them. Within the half-elves’ inner circle, the belief was also not unified, and the influence of humans’ and elves’ god systems was very severe.

Soran never intended to stick to the [Half Elves] Divine Title. It was just a springboard for his future.

The Rogue divine title.

This divine title had appeared at most at [Great Divine Power] and was also fully supported by the shadow field, Soran did not expect much from this either.

As a former top Rogue, Soran knew the advantages of this profession, but he was also very clear about its disadvantages.

Rogue was an indispensable part of his power, but it could not become the core domain of his divine title. Otherwise, his growth would be limited because the potential of the Rogue’s advancement would be greatly reduced after entering the legendary domain.

So what if you had an even stronger ability to preserve your life?

Soran had already passed the period where he needed life preservation. He needed more powerful fighting power, especially when he needed to face the Dread Lord!

Hand of Despair.

This top-level legendary assassin was the optimum. His strengths and weaknesses were also prominent. Maybe it was fine for ordinary people, but it was deadly for gods.

Soran could not take the Rogue as the core ascension, or he would have to go hard against the [Shadow Lord]!

There was no professional limit to racial Divine Titles.

Soran had a chance to decide which profession his core domain was before he really ascended to become a god because it was very difficult for him to change after he became a god. The combat power of Rogues was very limited after the legendary domain unless they were advanced into [Shadowlord] or other special professions. These were no problems for ordinary people, but for Soran, who was stepping into the field of gods, it meant that he must step into the [shadow] domain in order to be promoted in the future.

Otherwise, he would be stuck here!

In this way, he must kill the [Shadow Lord], and the [Shadow Lord] would regard Soran as an important enemy.

For now, Soran’s success rate in defeating the [Shadow Lord] was practically 0!


The soft footsteps sounded outside the door. Soran rubbed his forehead and put down the quill pen. He thought it was Gloria outside, but when he realized that he had been intimate with Gloria for the past two days and that she had entered the shadow plane contentedly this afternoon for the study of the elemental pool, Soran knew that it was definitely not her.

Who would it be?

Soran frowned slightly and then heard the knock on his door.

“Come in.”

As soon as Soran’s senses unleashed, he knew who was coming from the door already, because she had a demonic scent similar to Soran’s.

——The Fallen Witch.

Gloria’s mother. The electorate of the Queen of Succubus.

The door opened gently.

The figure of the Fallen Witch appeared in front of Soran. She was wearing a black wizard robe, but it looked like a cheongsam when it was spread at the end of her thigh. Wearing black silk stockings on the slender and strong thighs, the top spider silk from the Underdark was filled with unspeakable beauty. The long silky hair was pinned up like a noble lady near her temples. There was no adornment on the Fallen Witch. Through the thin wizard robe, one could see the slight bulge towering on her chest.

There was nothing worn beneath it.

Soran’s breathing was a little short, but there was a bit of confusion and a bit of headache.

He was afraid of this woman.

But there was no denying that he was attracted by her beauty. Different from Gloria’s beauty, the Fallen Witch had another kind of strange charm, which was more evil, more desolate, and full of temptations.

“You seem troubled.”

The Fallen Witch’s expression was calm as if she was not seducing Soran at all. She came directly in front of Soran and sat on the desk with her round and upright hips. The sensual atmosphere was not any magical effect, but a charm that she had naturally exuded.

Corinne looked down at Soran with her blurred eyes. Her white fingers brushed her chest, and she suddenly breathed quickly.

She had been paying attention to Soran’s changes.

When she felt Soran’s speeding heartbeat, there was a frivolous smile on the corner of the Fallen Witch’s mouth. She touched Soran’s cheek with her index finger as if she was talking to herself: “Since you intend to enter the realm of the gods, all the rules of the mortal world wouldn’t restrain you!…”

“The life of the gods is long. Very, very long! In the endless river of time, are you going to live alone like this? Instead of having more people to accompany you? ”


“You know what? Sometimes I clearly feel you are evil! But sometimes I find that you are more restrained than me! Ah!…”

The figure of the Fallen Witch soared up, and then her entire body fell on Soran’s knee, a pair of strong hands dug deep into his lapel. The rapid breath, the accelerated heartbeat, and the burning heat felt in the buttocks, the beautiful face of the Fallen Witch appeared a little red, and her breathing gradually became a little disordered.

Soran felt the difference of her hands, bigger and softer than Gloria’s, which was another kind of ultimate enjoyment.

Just rubbing it for a while.

He slowly took out her hand, and gradually calmed down. While still holding onto the Fallen Witch in front of him, he said slowly: “Say it. Why are you coming to me tonight? You should know the influence of this kind of thing on Gloria! You should also know I don’t want to make her sad! If there’s no reason why, as her mother, you wouldn’t have come tonight! ”


The Fallen Witch stiffened up for a moment, and then she slowly broke away from Soran’s arms. She got up to tidy her wizard robe and then said in a seemingly calm voice: “I know it’s impossible to hide from you!…”

“It’s a ceremony to please the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut!…. She blessed me with the power of divinity!….. And I must please her at the right time!…. ”

“It’s a Fallen’s pleasing ceremony!…”

“This ceremony must be completed, or I would be punished by her. It will be extremely painful, depraved, and evil.”

“If you don’t want to help me finish the ceremony, then I’ll go out and find others now, and kill them all after the ceremony!”

Speaking of this, the voice of the Fallen Witch trembled slightly, but still seemed calm: “Me and Gloria’s father were a combination of interests. We have met less than five times, and no other man has ever touched me. You are the best choice for me, and you should be the most pleasing ceremonial choice for the Queen of Succubus. ”

“But if you refuse, I can only perform the ceremony in other ways!…”

Speaking of this, the body of the Fallen Witch was obviously shaking even more.


Soran could not help sighing. He got up and stood up, handed his hand to the Fallen Witch, and said slowly, “Pass it over!… I’ve seen the fallen ceremony to please the Queen of Succubus before!…. There is no way to satisfy her this way! ”

The body of the Fallen Witch trembled for a moment, and then a strange redness appeared on her face.

She took out a whip made of special silk and handed it to Soran’s hand with a little trembling of her hands. Then she gently took off her clothes, turned her back to Soran and showed her white back and beautiful curves in front of him. The Fallen Witch slowly knelt down with her back to him, singing strangely in her mouth, as if calling for something.

An invisible energy field emerged.

In the position of the Fallen Witch’s collarbone, a strange kiss mark suddenly seemed to come alive, and then her whole skin was covered with a layer of red.

——[Kiss of the Queen]!

The blessing ceremony of the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut was also the emblem of the Evil Fallen.

It could give people powerful power, and even directly enhance the attributes of human beings, but it also represented the soul of human beings into a deeper Fallen abyss.


The sound of the whipping was clear.

A red mark appeared on the white back of the Fallen Witch. Her whole body trembled violently, her breath was short, her face was crimson, and her mouth made an uncontrollable voice that sounded both like pain and happiness!

(PS: Because part of the plot needs to be modified, there is a slight adjustment.)

“Vampiric Touch [Gifted Ability]: you have successfully integrated the Divinity of Fear. When you activate this gifted ability, you can gather negative energy to erode the enemy’s lifeforce and temporarily transfer it to you. Any enemy you touch directly after activating this ability will lose (3 * spellcasting score) HP and absorb up to 60 HP. These health values would be transferred to you, and your injuries would be treated. If it exceeds your health value, these life forces would be reserved for 1 hour, and your maximum life force would be increased additionally. The effect of this spell can’t be superimposed. The opponent may die directly due to the complete consumption of the life force. ” [Usable once a day.]