Abyss Domination

Chapter 462 - Good and Bad, Half Each.

The room was silent.

Vivian was peacefully lying on the soft velvet bed. Her small hands folded on her chest, just like the sleeping beauty in the fairy tale. When he saw Vivian’s peaceful sleeping posture, Soran’s eyes suddenly softened, and even his whole vigor softened in the end. All the other people in the room were sensitive. Gloria looked at Soran, who sat beside the bed and caressed Vivian’s long, silky hair. Her eyes had suddenly turned a little complicated, unable to say what kind of emotion it was.

Even though they were so close, the most important thing in Soran’s mind was still Vivian in front of him.

The Fallen Witch reached out and held her daughter’s hands, but she did not speak. Gloria turned to look at her mother, and her face gradually calmed down. She shook her head as if it was nothing as if to tell her that she did not care. It was easy for a woman to yearn for more, but she had never wanted to fight with a little girl ever. Maybe she was just rueful.

“How long has she been sleeping?”

Soran got up and stood up. His face was much more solemn. He put his hand on Vivian’s white forehead, closed his eyes, and felt something. He whispered: “Had she ever had a divine power rampage this time?”

Gloria did not understand what Soran had sensed, but she said softly: “It’s been seven days.”

“This time, there was no abnormality. She has been sleeping quietly, without any signs of her power rampaging.”

When Soran heard it, he frowned and went: “Is it?”

It seemed like something had also been discovered. In the eyes of the Fallen Witch, a faint magic light appeared. Then she went forward and mumbled: “The devil’s breath in her body has gotten more and more obvious!…”

The Fallen Witch.

As a witch who traded with the Queen of Succubus – Mecanthut, she was not pure human now, so she could sense it more than Gloria did. Soran, as a Demigod and also the Son of Slaughter, was inextricably related to the abyss demons. So after Soran sensed something, she noticed it and found something unusual. Vivian’s demonic breath was getting more obvious. Even if she did not have any instances of her divine power rampaging this time, it does not necessarily mean that it was a good thing.

Soran went silent for a while.

His divine perception seemed to have made him sense something in the dark, so there were traces of worry on his solemn face.

The Fallen Witch came to Vivian’s side.

She gestured towards Soran, trying to reach out and touched Vivian’s forehead. With Soran’s permission, the Fallen Witch leaned over her forehead and pressed it on Vivian’s forehead. Then, she could not help convulsing a little.


The Fallen Witch turned pale and retreated three steps back. When she saw that everyone’s eyes fell on her, she murmured in a low voice: “Bottomless Abyss!…”

“The more powerful Vivian is, the closer she is to the Bottomless Abyss!…..”

Soran’s biggest worry has finally happened.

The stronger the Divine Power of Fear that Vivian had inherited, the more the attraction she garnered from the Bottomless Abyss.

The transfer of the power of the Demigod Vampire has greatly strengthened her as the body of the resurrection of the Dread Lord. If the situation continued to deteriorate, Vivian might be directly summoned into the Bottomless Abyss. In the yesteryear, amongst those infamous and outstanding Son of Slaughters, some of the most powerful ones were summoned directly into the Bottomless Abyss.

Vivian’s strength was making her approach closer to the Bottomless Abyss, this distance was not one that was a substantial distance in space, so Gloria could not feel it at all. But Soran, the Son of Slaughter and a Demigod, could feel it, and so could the Fallen Witch who traded with the Queen of Succubus because they all had the breath that came from the Bottomless Abyss.

Soran was lost in thought.

He reached out and stroked Vivian’s long, silky hair. He turned around and looked at the others. He said slowly: “Let’s go out first.”

“I’ll find a solution to this.”

Bottomless Abyss.

For ordinary people, it was a terrifying place. But for Soran, it was just one of the most dangerous places he had ever been to! Vivian’s transformation made him realize something. Although he solved the biggest problem on the material plane, he also concentrated the Divine Power of Fear onto Vivian.

This meant that the time for him to finally face the Dread Lord has shortened!

The task for the Sons of Fear was to kill each other. The Demigod Vampire superseded Lilian, the Witch of Terror, who should have woken up in Amber City. He killed a large number of Sons of Fear. Although there might still have been some survivors, the congregated amount of Divine Power of Fear was still quite huge. Rhinehart changed the original resurrection process by ascending into the Vampiric Divine Title. However, when he was killed by Soran as he was an important threat, the resurrection process of the Dread Lord was revised back again.

The divine power had returned to Vivian’s body since she was the real body!

Soran did not know how much time he still had, but he had a strong feeling that his schedule to the Bottomless Abyss had been greatly advanced.

At present, the only variable was whether he wanted to go to the Bottomless Abyss before or after the Avatar’s Crisis. If it was before the Avatar’s Crisis, it would be incredibly difficult to fight against the Dread Lord. But, if it was after the Avatar’s Crisis, then Soran’s victory over him could reach at least 60%!

Vivian could no longer get stronger.

As a child, all her powers were like rootless duckweeds. This was what the Dread Lord wanted because, in that way, he could easily take his powers back!

Otherwise, how could he take away the powers of a Child of God that had obtained them themselves?

“You guys go out first.”

Soran sat by the bed and looked at Vivian, who was sleeping. He turned around and looked at the others. He said softly: “I want to be here alone with her for a while.”

Gloria glanced at the Fallen Witch, turned, and left the room.

Soran sat at the foot of the bed and watched Vivian’s face. He reached out and stroked the little girl’s cheek. Then he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. He murmured: “Don’t worry.”

“Older brother will always stand by your side. No matter the difficulties, I will face them with you!”

The little girl’s mouth showed a faint smile.

She couldn’t hear Soran’s words, but she was aware of Soran’s presence.

Time passed by.

Soran sat by the bed and looked at the little girl in front of him. From time to time, he reached out and stroked her long, silky hair. His eyes gradually returned its calmness. When he got up and left the room, Soran’s eyes returned to the cold and merciless ones. Finally, he looked at Vivian, who was sleeping in the room, and a strong sense of killing reappeared on him. He murmured: “The Dread Lord?”

“Whoever it is! Those who threaten Vivian are all going to die! ”

Three days passed quickly.

Finally, the others came to know about Soran’s return. The priests of the Temple of Riches and the Sea Temple came to visit him, and he also met with the representatives of the Temple of Grain who stayed here. Soran himself had no idea that the fertilizer in his plans would attract the priest of the Grain Goddess, but since there was such an opportunity, of course, he needed to make good use of it. He was not sure how much he could change the future now, but whatever he could change, a bit was still a bit. Maybe there would be miracles happening in the world.

Soran had a lot to deal with.

There were some new discoveries in the shadow plane, but it was a little difficult to break through the defense front of the Wizard Tower. Soran was worried about being attacked by the Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon.

One must cut off the power of the Wizard Tower before they could enter it safely!

Intelligence from the Autumnfall nearby has been sent over. Half-elves have not had a good time in recent days. At the same time, they have been attacked by creatures such as half Beastmen, Gnolls and Ogres, and more. For the current plight of the Half-elves, other nearby races were looking on coldly. Because in this turbulent period, many gods have fallen into a deep sleep one after another, and they did not want to expend their power elsewhere.

Soran held onto the report and thought for a long time.

In the end, he put it aside for a while and prepared to think about it a few days later. The half-elves would not die out so fast. He was still a person from Order Evil. He knew that it was better to help in the hours of need than to add help instantly. He was waiting for the chance to reap the most benefits.

Being evil might still be beneficial based on this point.