Abyss Domination

Chapter 461 - The Mistress

The Quetzalcoatlus hovered over Soran’s head but did not descend.

The movement already alerted the other people in the City of Mordor. Some of them seemed to have realized Soran’s return.

“It looks like Vivian trained it very well.”

A slight smile appeared on the corner of Soran’s mouth, then his face was a little worried and murmured: “Vivian didn’t come. She should be the same as before right?”

It was unknown why.

This time, Soran did not sense the will of the Dread Lord nor the Demigod Vampire when he killed the Demigod Vampire and acquired his divinity. The former might be that the Demigod Vampire wiped out the presence of the Dread Lord after he had ascended, while the latter might be that the Demigod Vampire has not completely died, or that he has not completely disappeared. The existence of the gods was different from that of ordinary people. To seal the gods meant betting with their own souls. After the death of the mortals, their souls would go to the other worlds for reincarnation, but after the death of the gods, their souls would disappear completely.

Under normal circumstances, Soran should have directly absorbed the soul power of the Demigod Vampire, but at the last moment, the Hellpoemer stole a part of it using the Requiem of Hell.

It was not clear between this strange legendary Poemer and the devil in Baator’s hell. He probably knew more about the field of souls than Soran did.

However, it was not the right time to think about it now. Soran was planning to see Vivian first.

The City of Mordor was already in front of him.

Soran looked at the city in front of him that had greatly expanded and then turned to the Psionic Warlock behind and went: “What do you think of this place?”

The Psionic Warlock chuckled softly and slowly went: “Master.”

“You made me think of someone!….. A legend a long, long time ago!….. He was also a legendary pirate!… But his legend has already been buried by history!… ”

Soran’s face showed a trace of interest and said: “Die, who is it? Do tell! Maybe I’ve heard of them.”

It seemed that the Psionic Warlock rarely mentioned her name. She took a look at the distant Port Mordor and slowly said: “Balduran. A legendary pirate that has once appeared in history. He is really similar to Master, but he was still a pirate in the end, whereas Master has already gradually stepped into the eternal Kingdom of the Gods. ”

“He built the Baldur’s Gate, a place that has long been lost in history.”

“There should have been no legends about him in this world. Even though his name might have been more widely known than the gods at that time, he was eventually buried by history.”

“This place reminds me of Baldur’s Gate, Mordor.”

“Although there are many similarities between it and the City of Mordor, one difference is that this place would stand for a long time because of its owner.”


Soran has never heard of this name. The years were so merciless. Apart from the mighty gods high above, even the powerful legends would be gradually erased by history. As the Psionic Warlock had said, there was already no legend about the Balduran in this world. But Soran has heard of the name Baldur’s Gate. It seemed that this was a very old and ancient city. Its name had some connection with the Son of Slaughter, but it has been too long to know.

Soran looked at her and asked: “Where did you find out about these?”

The Psionic Warlock looked up at the sky and said slowly: “The astral plane.”

“Astral plane travelers have been observing the changes in this world. Maybe thousands of years have been a vicissitude for the world, but for the residents of the astral plane, it was only a small part of the long history. Astral plane travelers will record the history of many planes, which may span over tens of thousands of years. ”

Soran smiled and did not ask further because Gloria had already appeared at the city gate.

“You’re finally back!…”

Gloria was dressed in a black wizard robe; her white fingers wore black lace gloves, and a diamond ring inlaid with huge dreamlike luster. Her long silver hair glowed in the sun. Even the loose wizard robe could not cover up her exquisite and perfect curves. When she saw Soran, there were traces of joy on her face. However, when she saw the Psionic Warlock with a veil behind Soran, she could feel that she was a beauty just by intuition. Suddenly, her face changed a little.

Then, she changed again as if there was nothing at all. She walked to Soran gracefully and elegantly. She naturally reached out and took Soran’s arm. It was unknown whether she intentionally or unintentionally pinched his arms. She said elegantly: “Is this our guest?”


Our guests.

The strange jealousy and specific tone of her voice made Soran smile, and the Psionic Warlock in front could not help laughing a little frivolously.

Then, she gently came in front of Gloria. Die slowly knelt on one knee, but her knee did not touch the ground, just slight squatting yet kneeling position. The Psionic Warlock took Gloria’s right hand, while her expression was still at a loss, she bent down and kissed her fingertips, and said in a slightly magnetic voice and coquettishly went: “My beautiful mistress!”

“I am my Master’s follower [Die], a Psionic Warlock from the astral plane, nice to meet you.”

“Maybe I can be of help to you.”

It was unknown whether it was intentional or unintentional. When the Psionic Warlock got up, she showed her a full and plump chest under her lapel in front of Gloria. All of a sudden, she was at a loss.

“My Lord!”

The voice of the Psionic Warlock sounded in Soran’s mind, and her tone was a little frivolous: “My Mistress is so beautiful and amazing! And she’s really cute! ”

Soran’s had a convulsion at the corner of his mouth.

He left with Gloria, who was holding his arm, and answered directly with telepathy: “Don’t cause any trouble!….”

Frivolous laughter rang in his mind.

With a smile on her lips, the Psionic Warlock replied: “This way, Mistress wouldn’t be jealous, won’t she? Master? It seems like our secrets are not suitable for too many people to know.”

A group of people entered the City of Mordor.

In the past few months, the City of Mordor and the memory of it that Soran had, has changed a lot. The road was much wider than before, and the drainage ditches on both sides have been completed. A sculpture was erected on the central square, which was Soran’s heroic posture. More than half of the neat brick and tile houses have been completed. The encampment and the schoolyard of the garrison have been completed. The gate has been rebuilt and expanded once, and the land reclaimed outside was now a lush green wheat field.

It might not be as prosperous as Port Mordor, but the prosperity of Port Mordor had a kind of noise and ostentatiousness in the air, but the city had a heavy sense of dignity.

That was what Soran needed.

The prosperity of the port was only the fireworks in the air. This was his real foundation!

In the Conference Hall, Soran had a room set up for the Psionic Warlock, and then he went to Vivian’s room.

There was no accident.

The little girl once again entered her previous stat. She fell into a deep sleep.


Along with Soran came the Fallen Witch. When she saw Soran, her eyes turned bright, as if she had sensed something that Gloria had not found. She had been looking at Soran with profound eyes, but she did not speak. She just followed him quietly. Occasionally, she would look at her daughter at the side with a little sense of guilt or with some other emotions.

In front of Vivian’s room sat a little cat girl.

She did not know how long she did not go to sleep. Her big beautiful eyes had already become the dark circles of the eyes today. She wanted to doze off, but she strongly held on.

When she heard Soran’s voice, she jumped up in a flash, as if she were a little confused: “Meow?!…. Lulu’s still here!…. Lulu has been keeping watch on her master!….. Lulu is not lazy!”

Soran leaned over and touched her little head. He felt a little hurt and went: “Lulu is very obedient!…. Go to have a rest first… ”

“We are here.”

The little cat girl shook her head and said timidly: “No!…. Vivian slept for a long time!…. Lulu is a little worried…… Lulu will stay her until she wakes up!… Meow!… “