Port Tylon, the Sea Temple.

The Naga priest slowly emerged from the blue water. It was unknown if she had met with something good during this period. The divine brilliance in her eyes actually became more and more obvious. Although the Sea Goddess was a cruel and evil god, she was also a very generous goddess. The entire sea goddess system had a few existences that could be seen, which was also the reason why in the midst of the struggle between the Sea Goddess and the Storm Lord, they had always been in a weaker position.

No matter how powerful the main god was, they couldn’t do everything by themselves.

Especially in the matters of the material plane, if the main god of a god system went to battle entirely by themselves, the degree of importance of the matter would have been very serious.

“Soran’s back?”

There was a sneer on the corner of Naga’s mouth, and she slowly went: “This guy really doesn’t move fast if there are no benefits. Send someone to tell him that the Dragonbone Warship is about to be completed, and have him finish what he had promised me. ”

“That priest Jin b*tch!”

“Fighting with us for everything just because they have money! It’s time for her to eat grass for once.”

In one of the darkest parts, the temple guard went away following the orders. The Naga priest raised her hand gently, and a blue water ball appeared in front of her. The ball that was made up of seawater appeared like a crystal ball. She watched silently for a while, and a cruel smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“It won’t be long before we get rid of you traitors!”

The figure of the Naga priest walked towards the secret chamber of the temple and said slowly, “Do you really think that fallen trash is qualified to compete with the Sea Goddess?”

Soran’s figure set foot on the grounds of Port Tylon.

There was already a group of pirate leaders waiting for his return near the port. Soran just glanced at them and said: “Have all the latest updates compiled and let me see all of it! Send someone to ask the Sea Temple if the things that I want are ready. ”

“Have someone assemble the resources of Snake Island.”

“Within a week, have one-third of the supplies delivered to Raging Sand Island. There is a use for them later.”

Soran had a lot of things to deal with.

As the pirate king who controlled a huge sea area, the number of pirates under him had already been in the tens of thousands. In the end, not only pirates but also merchants, sailors, and guards had become his subordinates. At this time, even the Psionic Warlock seemed to be a little surprised by Soran’s power. Although Soran had already mentioned his identity on the way here, he did not mention that the force he had controlled was comparable to a kingdom. What he saw on the way here was that, no matter what Soran needed, he would have plenty of manpower and material resources to prepare them. As long as one was not an idiot, they could feel the terrifying mobilization power that was behind the scenes.

Even a King would have difficulties mobilizing an armed fleet at will.

While Soran was busy with his business, the Psionic Warlock was observing the world. She was not so familiar with the material plane. She spent more time on the astral plane in her life. Her darkest and most painful period was not on the earth’s surface, but in the Mindflayer’s nest in the Underdark. Since then, the number of times she had returned to the material plane was barely a few.

Soran only spent a day in Port Tylon, and then he returned to the Outer Islands.

Port Mordor.

Soran’s return had not been publicized much. In fact, many people did not know that he had already come back.

At this time, Port Mordor has been expanded two to three times compared to the past, and many port depots have already been built nearby. There were a lot of caravans coming and going. Some of them that were going to the Amazon rainforest used this as a transit station, and some that were not afraid to die were getting ready to trade with the aborigines. It was said that a large tribe of indigenous people had a big fight with the female Amazonian warriors some time ago. It was said that even the Storm Lord had taken action, but the victory still seems undecided. The aborigines had fought with the female Amazonian warriors for thousands of years. Unless the temple intervened directly, it might even continue for another thousand years.

Besides, i

——[Father of Dinosaurs] – Ubtao.

A very ancient God.

He used to be called the master of the rainforest and an old rival of the Storm Lord, but then he seemed to have become silent afterward.

The specific reasons were unknown. But it was written that he seemed to have created an ‘Abomination,’ which was called ‘Godzilla’ by the adventurers.

This God has not appeared for a long time.

Only his faith was spread in the more remote and desolate areas of the Outer Islands, and occasionally, one could see the Druids who believed in him.

The movement of the Temple of Riches was very fast.

Port Mordor was about to be built into a prototype port city, and the largest share of which undoubtedly belonged to the Temple of Riches. The belief of the Mistress of Riches has been widely spread among merchants, sailors, and guards. In contrast, the belief of the Sea Goddess could only be accepted by pirates. After all, the Sea Goddess was more frightening to them, and the merchants were obviously more willing to accept the teachings of the Mistress of Riches.

Regarding the competition, Soran did not care one bit.

He did not have much interest in these two domains. In his plan, pirates were just a blade.

And, he also did not want to be controlled.

If he included the pirates in his opportunities, he would have been restricted by the Sea Goddess.

This was something that was not worthwhile!

On the way to the City of Mordor.

In his hands, Soran was playing with a ring. It was engraved with the emblem of a vampire bat. This ring was called ‘the Progenitor’s Ring’. It was a very good artifact.

It was a pity he could not equip it!

The reason was very simple. This artifact ring had a race restriction and could only be used by ‘Vampires’. Soran would be cursed by the ring even if he wore it with the help of Omnipotent Hands.

——”Blood Hunger!”

Soran also did not want to suck human’s blood for no reason, so he had to throw it away for now.

“Item Type: the Progenitor’s Ring [+ 1]

Item Level: [Grade One Artifact]

Description: This is a ring containing a divine power. It was blessed with some power by the Vampire God. Anyone who wore it could gain the supreme authority among the vampires and greatly improve their own strength at the same time. This ring had the power to control other vampires. It could directly control some of the weaker vampires. This ring has a special curse on it. Any non-vampire lifeform wearing it would be affected.

Requirements: Race Restriction [Vampire].

Effects 1: All Tests + 2.

Effects 2: [Progenitor’s True Blood], improve the grade of the vampire. The bloodline of the wearer would gradually purify over time, and finally, reach the level of the vampire’s progenitor. However, this process may take thousands of years. This effect has no effect on ancient vampires!

Effects 3: [Dominate Humans], this ring has powerful magic power and can cast the spell, Dominate Humans, once a day.

Effects 4: [Dominate Vampires], this ring has powerful magic power, and can cast the spell, Dominate Vampires, once a day. Effects 5: [Control Vampires], this ring is blessed with some power by the Vampire God. The wearer of this ring can command the vampires. ”

This was the artifact ring left by the Demigod Vampire.

To some extent, it should be something very weak. The actual combat effects might perhaps not even be more than the Lich Ring +5, but it also had some special abilities.

For example, [Progenitor’s True Blood] and [Control Vampires].

It should be similar to the power of the Vampiric Divine Title, but it was attached to the ring by him. It was unknown if it was because the ring was infused with his divine power.

The City of Mordor was already in sight.

Soran turned around and took a look at the Psionic Warlock behind him, and said slowly: “Is Greater Restoration and Remove Curse really useless? The priests of the Mistress of Riches and the Sea Goddess are here, and they may be of some use.”

The Psionic Warlock took a look at the city in front of her, shook her head gently, and went: “It’s useless.”

“Mortals cannot interfere in the realm of gods! Unless you can get one of the two goddesses to eliminate the curse for me personally, the power of mortals is useless. ”

The low roar of the Quetzalcoatlus resounded.

In the sky, a shadow flew by, and a Quetzalcoatlus, which has become two to three times larger, appeared, hovering over Soran’s head continuously, sending out a roar of excitement.

They were welcoming the Master of Mordor!