Blood dripped slowly.

There were dying groans of the wounded nearby, and the excited howls of Gnolls. Eugene was disgusted by the sound, so he picked up a javelin and nailed the wild barking Gnoll to the ground. The whole battlefield was quiet. In fact, the battle was over. Eugene didn’t even look at the angry Gnolls; he just stepped forward. All the orcs who saw him along the way fell to their knees. The warriors of the saber tooth clan suffered a lot of casualties; however, even after they had lost the protection of their god. These half-elves were not as easy to deal with as they thought.


Sarot broke the arrow on his chest. The simple Orc leather armor could not stop the half-elf’s bow and arrow at all. However, he was the most powerful warrior in the tribe, strong enough to resist the enemy’s arrow shots. When Eugene’s old figure came to him, the huge and violent orc, like a giant, fell to his knees. He lowered his head humbly and said in a deep voice, “Your Excellency shaman.”

The air was filled with a stink of blood.

The warriors of the clan were treating the wounded, while the Gnolls were eating the bodies of the half-elves. This scene made Eugene feel very unhappy because even as an orc, he hated the Gnolls very much. If it wasn’t for defeating the army of Autmnfall city, they wouldn’t have joined forces with these dirty and disgusting Gnolls.

“We’re back!…”

Eugene stood on the high slope and looked down at the black land in front of him. His old face could not cover up the extraordinary years of his prime. The scars on his face were like dazzling metals, showing how much he had battled.

The green grass and fertile soil.

Eugene slowly fell to his knees, and the skull pendant on his chest touched the ground. The shaman, an orc, who had gone through a lot, kissed the ground. His rough calloused fingers grasped the black soil and tasted it. It was a fishy, bitter taste, but Eugene was enjoying it. He slowly stood up, pulled out the spear on its back, and then thrust it heavily into the ground in front of it.

He looked at his tribe and shouted with all his strength, “We’re finally back!…”

“We have taken our land back!…”

All the orcs roared.

The tribe’s fighters pounded their chest and let out an angry roar.


And more corpses.

The Gnolls were enjoying a feast, but at the back of the line, there was a group of big Gnolls with black fur who were looking at everything in front of them with blood-red pupils. They were stronger and more powerful than other Gnolls. They were in steel armor and had heavy flails. Most importantly, they were exuding an evil aura.

Heavy footsteps were coming closer.

A Gnoll approaching three meters came slowly. He was wearing full-length armor, with the blood-red streak on his special armor. The frighteningly strong Gnoll was holding a very special weapon.

A three-ball flail

The heavy flail was covered in blood, pieces of bone, and flesh.

The big Gnoll leader came to Eugene. He looked down at the orc shaman with. He didn’t care about the fact that he had just killed a Gnoll. Instead, he said grimly, “the army of the half-elves has failed.”

“Where is the item my master wanted?”

Eugene turned to look at the Gnoll in front of him. Even though he was huge and oppressive, Eugene was not affected at all; he had faced giants since he was young. To him, the size of the Gnoll only meant that he was an easy target. Eugene looked at the Gnoll in front of him and said slowly, “One of the heads of the Flail of Ages is in the hands of the half-elves.”

“We have only defeated their army, so how would we get the part for the artifact so quickly.”

The Gnoll leader looked at the old Orc in front of him. After a long silence, he said in a deep voice, “Where else is there to fight? Within half a month, the part for the artifact must be presented to my lord, or your tribe will disappear completely! ”

“Ghouls would hunt you at night, and Gnolls will slaughter your entire tribe!”

“The wrath of my lord is not something you can bear!”

Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls.

The demon lord of the 422nd layer of Abyss; the God of Gnolls. He conquered Doresain, the King of Ghouls, in a struggle of the Abyss lords. Thus he was now also the master of ghouls and controlled a large group of ghouls. This Lord of the Abyss may not be as difficult to deal with as the other terrible beings, but his anger was not something an ordinary mortal could deal with. The power of any Demon Lord was equal to that of the gods, and there were large demon armies under his control.

Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls, used a flail as a weapon.

A three-headed flail.

Eugene’s cold eyes were fixed on the Gnoll without fear of the other’s threat. The leader of the Gnoll looked at him and turned to walk toward the back of the battlefield.

“Damn these Gnolls!”

The massive Orc warrior looked at the leader of the Gnoll and said slowly to the shaman, “Your Excellency! Do we really want to give them the artifact? ”

Eugene gave him a look and said calmly, “Yes.”


Eugene turned and walked down the hillside. He looked at the land in front of him and said slowly, “The Flail of Ages was once regarded as the most powerful weapon in the world!… Only the Holy Avenger of the paladin could rival it!… Because of fear of its power, the artifact was torn apart again and again! ”

“Many have died under the [Flail of Ages], and the Sons of Slaughter even used it to kill a god!…”

“Now Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls wants this weapon. If he couldn’t make the weapon, then nothing big would happen. However, the day the artifact is complete would also be when he would die!…”

Eugene slowly walked away.

The orc stood there and somewhat understood what Eugene said. With his intelligence, it was hard for him to understand all that.

Mordor, outer islands.

Gloria appeared around the portal to the shadow plane. She quickly cast a few protective shields and went inside the portal.

With a swift change of the scene.

In the blink of an eye, she had come to the shadow plane. At this time, the shadow plane had changed a little. There were some special buildings here, and two Iron Golems as guards stayed here. The progress of understanding the wizard tower was slow because there were too many secrets that they could not understand in the Arcane Empire. However, they were still the senior witches of the north. Because they had a good understanding of magic, they still had some research results after some time.


Gloria’s figure quickly appeared around the maze. She looked at the fallen witch and asked, “Are there any findings?”

There was still a hint of remaining energy fluctuation in the air.

The fallen witch turned to look at her daughter and said softly, “Half-plane! This maze, like the council’s, is maintained by a half-plane. ”

“I can feel the energy pool, but I can’t locate this half-plane!”

Gloria became serious, and said slowly, “There’s a half-plane here? Can you find the entrance to half-plane?”

The fallen witch shook her head.

With a flick of her finger, which was wearing black lace gloves, a projected structure appeared in front of the two, with four different tears occupying four corners. Then she explained, “Any half-plane is developed by an element pool.”

“Earth, water, wing, fire.”

“These are the basic elements of the material plane. The energy pool, as we know, is the energy core of a half-plane, and is an important factor in the growth of a half-plane.”

“Look here.”

“The four points on this maze are crossed at the elemental pool. There is also a half-plane hidden here. It is because of the energy supply of the half-plane that this wizard tower can support for so long.”

The projection changed.

With some unknown means, the fallen witch used a simulation to display the general structure of the maze. Taking the wizard tower in the center as the center, special energy signs appeared in four areas.

“There are at least three energy pools here.”

The fallen witch looked at the wizard tower in front of her eyes and said slowly, “there should be an element pool in the tower, which is responsible for maintaining the daily energy consumption of the wizard tower. There is also an element pool under this maze, which is responsible for transforming the energy supply to the wizard tower. Finally, there should be a larger energy pool in the half-plane that we don’t know about. ”

“If the last energy pool is still working… from the end of the Arcane Empire until now, if the power had been supplied none stop, then the half-plane would be very big!”

Gloria’s eyes showed a flash of brilliance and said, “Mother! You mean…”

The fallen witch looked at her and said, “That’s right.”

“There is an undiscovered stand-alone dimension space!… possibly larger than the half-plane of the witch council!”

“However, the entrance may be in there!”

The fallen witch looked at the distant wizard tower.

The expression of the two witches became serious.

They couldn’t go in. Even if they combined forces, they wouldn’t be able to go in!