Abyss Domination

Chapter 458 - Soran’s Return

The day went past quickly.

When they arrived at Howling Wind Canyon, the veiled woman and the man left the group.

When the two left, the noble girl immediately lifted the blanket covering the floor; she saw that there had been marks left on the hard floor of the carriage. She drew a dagger from her waist belt and thrust it straight down towards the wooden floor; she left no mark on it. The floor was made from the ebony wood from the north.

The girl picked up the copper stove and looked at crushing marks and muttered, “Was that man a monster?”

“Maybe a barbarian?”

The two came naturally and left naturally.

No one suspected anything or was confused about anything.

The girl was only curious about what had happened but was not emotional.

She was not scared, but rather just curious.


Heavy footsteps were heard, and Sir Eden’s voice came from outside the carriage, and he said in a deep voice, “My master. We’re almost Verdun. It’s said that a female aristocrat came from the Frost Kingdom recently. She is very active in the aristocratic circle in the south and is also the descendant of Queen Isabella like you. This lady has amazing financial resources. If you want to inherit the title, you would need more allies. Maybe you should take the time to meet her. ”

The girl put down the copper stove, tidied up her dress and said, “Alright. I know.”

Shipwreck Bay.

The business at Whiteshark tavern was still great, even though the drinks here left some people sick; Many people, however, didn’t come for the alcohol.

This was the largest ‘trading’ area of Shipwreck Bay.

As for what they were buying and selling, it was clear after just one look at the fierce people here.

This was a secret meeting spot for the pirates.


The door of the tavern was pushed open with force, and the wind and rain blew in. The fierce pirates sitting near the door frowned at once and looked at the two people who came. A young man, in a broad cloak, a tall woman with a veil on her face. The pirates looked at the man, and then their eyes fell on the veiled woman. The broad cape could not cover her gorgeous body; voluptuous chest and slim waist. Some whistled after seeing her.

The two did not care about the pirates.

The young man went straight to the counter, looked around, and said, “Get Sea Dog to see me!”

Sea Dog?

The fierce-looking bartender was cleaning glasses. He was taken aback when he heard this, then realized that this was a nickname of his boss.

However, no one called him that around here.

Who is this young man that dared to call our leader ‘Sea Dog’? Even the big boys here call him ‘Lord Dog’!

Does he want to get skinned?

The owner of the bar looked up and down at Soran, who looked like a young adventurer. His expression was not friendly at all; noticing this, the people around also came around Soran.

It seemed like something was going to go down!

The pirates in the tavern all seemed to be enjoying the show.


Soran frowned. He noticed that the woman behind him made a funny smile; immediately his expression changed. He turned around and glanced at the nearby thugs. In an instant, his eyes were like sharp knives. Then saw the group of thugs retreating with pale faces, sitting down in fear.

“Bring Sea Dog to see me!”

Soran angrily ordered. An invisible pressure suddenly enveloped the whole tavern, making all the gloating people seem to be strangled, making it hard for them to breathe.


The cup in the tavern owner’s hand fell to the ground; his face turned pale in an instant. He seemed to have thought of something, trembled, and said: “Yes!… Yes!… Your excellency! ”

“I’ll go at once!…”

The tavern became silent.

The owner of the tavern sent people to inform the leader in a panicky way, and he came to Soran in a shudder, sweating to explain something.

“I want a quiet room.”

Soran didn’t care about the minion pirates here. He glanced around and said slowly, “I want an express ship tomorrow. Ask someone to prepare it immediately.”

“Gather the leaders here. I have things for them to do.”

Soran went upstairs.

When he left, the other people in the tavern seemed to regain the ability to breathe, gasping for air. Those who were unfriendly all became pale-faced.

His Excellency!

It seemed they finally knew who that young man was.

Then they were almost scared to death!

Inside the room, Soran ignored the frightened pirate minions and waved for them to get out. Soran spread out a large map and then pointed at several places. The veiled woman had a very interesting expression, but she seemed very quiet. She just watched quietly and did not speak.

“How much power do you have left?” Soran asked as he looked at the map.

The veiled woman thought for a moment and then said, “I can barely reach the realm of legends. The curse of the Queen of Spiders was very strong and directly affected my soul.”

Soran nodded gently and said, “Can you cast a large area, Psionic Suggestion?”

The veiled woman smiled and nodded, “No problem.”

Rushing footsteps were heard outside the room.

When the person reached the front of the door, he stopped, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

Soran looked up and said, “Come in.”

Sea Dog walked in.

There were also three minor pirate leaders who Soran was familiar with. They were now all dressed up in bright clothes; Sea Dog even became a little fatter. It seemed that these people were very comfortable in Shipwreck Bay.

Soran looked at him up and down, and immediately Sea Dog began to sweat.

At a time like this, Soran was not interested in beating them at all. He reached out, pointed on the map, and said, “Send someone to inquire about the information near the city of Autumnfall immediately. No matter what it takes, I need to know any information about the half-elves right away. ”

Sea Dog wiped his cold sweat, nodded, and answered, “Don’t worry, your Excellency!”

“I’ll send people out immediately! The information will come back fast!”

Soran glanced at the others and said in a deep voice, “Summon the pirate leaders in the nearby waters and send the news back to the outer islands. Three months later, I will hold a military parade in port Mordor! ”

A military parade?

All the pirate leaders there were slightly confused.

Then, they realized what he meant. With a shocked and excited expression, they immediately nodded, “Don’t worry, your excellency! I’ll send someone to inform the other pirate leaders right now! ”

Military parade!

Usually, only big nations would show their prowess, right?

Could it be that his excellency plans to?

The pirate leaders there were filled with excitement as Soran was finally going to take this step.

“Ta, Ta, Ta.”

Soran’s fingers tapped gently on the map, and he pondered for a moment, and continued, “Let Casa dock the dragonhead warship at the port of Tylon; pass the news to Arendelle and tell Giant to bring his fleet back. Since the elder princess has come back, those Vrykul pirates would be nothing. Just leave a group of guards for the chamber of commerce there. ”

“Call back the western fleet too!… tell Scarface to take notice of the movement of the southern island nations!…”

“Tell the third and fifth fleet to sail to the eastern sea route!”

Soran drew his finger across Whiterun, and then he went along the river until he reached the seaport in the southeast sea. He said in a deep voice, “Send someone to inform the eastern pirates!… We may need to pass through their territory sometime later!… ”

Orders were given out.

Even though they weren’t sure what Soran was planning, the pirate leaders knew this was something big.

What was his excellency planning? Gathering the fleet of three seas.