Soran was very confused during this period.

Not only did his brain constantly receive the prayers from the believers of the dead god, but every prayer made him feel a certain will power affecting his mind. It was strong some will power, more powerful than the will of Fear. Although the god of the half-elves and rogues had died, he was not completely gone because he had many believers left in the material plane.

The prayers of the believers did not call Soran’s name, but the name of the dead god. At this time, Soran, as the successor and carrier of the priesthood, was rejecting them. This power conflicted in his body, and the remaining will of this god was making the final dying struggle. When prayer appeared, the will became a little stronger, and Soran needed more power to fight it. In the end, Soran almost completely lost his perception of the outside world; his spirit, his will, his thoughts were all fighting against the pervasive faith, prayers, and the will of the dead god.

This was a battle.

If there was no interference from others, Soran may become crazy for a long time.

Finally, the winner would gain everything! (Note: The battle between Arthas and the Lich King.)

Soran didn’t believe he would win.

In fact, his will power would not be crushed. The thing that really affected him was the faith of the previous god, as the amount of information was too huge.

There was a spell that had been banned.

The spell was called [Karsus’s Investiture]. This was a level 12 spell and the most powerful spell in history!

With the power of this spell, Karsus, the great Archwizard, overturned the first generation Goddess of Magic, then seized her power and temporarily changed himself into a divine form. But then, something unexpected happened. Karsus, who was probably one of the most powerful arcanists in history, exploded because he could not bear the huge information of the Goddess of Magic. This eventually led to the end of the Netheril era.

No matter how people said that the arcanists could beat the gods, one thing was sure, those were just legends.

Karsus was probably the most glorious but most aggrieved arcanist!

He was breathing hard.

Soran sweat all over but his eyes became clearer and clearer.

His pain was subsiding too.

The 0 and 1s in front of his eyes were gradually returning to normal. The current flow in Soran’s brain had become much weaker. After the extreme pain, he felt a wonderful and inexpressible spiritual power.

That was to say, Soran, who received the divine title, was like a computer. After various strengthening and self-training, his brain’s computing ability had become quite amazing. However, his brain, after contacting the belief network that served many gods, was nearly on the verge of collapse, just like how a computer was about to burn its CPU. However, in this case, the will of the believers to pray for their dead god was putting a lot of stress on Soran.

The Magic Network was only a small part of a bigger network!

Above the nine layers of Magic Network and legendary spells was an even more powerful network for the gods: The [Faith Network].

Previously the level 12 spell ‘Karsus’s Investiture’ accessed the power of this powerful network that served the gods.

However, after The Archwizard self exploded and died, the second generation Goddess of Magic completely blocked the network above the ninth layer magic network-transforming it into a network that served the faith of the gods, which made it convenient for many gods. In short, the faith network was made into a channel to quickly transfer divine power.

Soran was now like the Archwizard that exploded!

The Archwizard exploded after accessing the faith network; Soran was exposed to a large amount of information belonging to the god of “half-elves and Rogues” on the faith network and was in a state of madness.

This was because his processing power was not enough!

His Shard of Divinity was not powerful enough to contain the vast amount of prayers coming in.

More importantly, the prayers were not calling for his name!

However, even though Karsus exploded after receiving the information, Soran could still endure it.

The reason was that the Avatar Crisis was coming.

Both the lower level Magic Network and the higher level Faith Network would become weaker around the period of the Avatar Crisis. At that time, the gods could only connect with the very devout believers, instead of people that prayed occasionally.

Gods had this power.

“Holy Name [God field]: when his temple, altar, image, etc., or his believer speaks his holy name, any object related to him, any person who speaks his holy name, can enter the perception of the god within an hour.”

This was why Soran was suffering.

And why many wouldn’t just call upon the holy name of their gods!

Soran was like a primitive computer, which was now connected to the huge network of the interstellar age without enough external programs. The crazy amount of information almost drove him crazy. As a person who just contacted this network, Soran didn’t even understand how to cut off from the network.

Just then, the psionic warlock appeared and cut away his connection, cutting him away from the Faith Network.

Soran was now temporarily off the [Faith Network].

Not in contact with the network, Soran now had a chance to breathe, and his mind was gradually recovering. As the will of the previous god lost the calling of his believers, it became weak and was erased by Soran in the blink of an eye. All the statues of the previous god lost their power, and some even cracked and fell.

He was now dead.

Soran had now taken over his divine title, but not his believers.

The reason was simple!

Holy name.

The believers were still shouting the holy name of the original god of ‘half-elves and rogues’. What Soran needed to do now was to respond to their prayers and their calls with a new holy name that belonged only to himself.

The statues of the previous god became ordinary items.

However, the temples that served the god of ‘half-elves and rogues’ still had some divine power; more observant believers would notice this.

This meant that the divine title still existed, thus the temples still had divine power!

“Oh! What happened? Was I too tired? Did I fall asleep suddenly?”

The noble girl shook her head and got up from the carriage. She looked up and saw the man and woman. At first, her expression seemed to be a little startled. Then she began to remember something. She asked, “Have I slept for a long time? Why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something? ”

“En, you’ve slept for a while,” said the veiled woman.

The noble girl rubbed her head and said, “Really? I guess I did.”

She looked at the two people in front of her.

Everything was not different from her memory. It seemed that nothing had happened. The only difference was that the man’s eyes seemed to be much brighter. She had a look at him, and somehow she wanted to worship him.

The girl shook her head to shake away the feeling. When she looked at the copper stove in the carriage, she was shocked.

The copper stove.

The copper stove that Sir Eden brought had five clear finger marks left on it at some point in time.