Abyss Domination

Chapter 456 - Severed Faiths

The rain gradually stopped.

As the evening came, the group finally chose to set up camp. They had been on their way in the rain all day, and everyone was very tired. There was a lot of noise outside because it was not easy to raise a campfire just after the rain. Many soldiers could only eat dry food. But it was not good without a bonfire at night. Everyone would be cold and wet at night, which would affect them.

Sir Eden ordered men to search for dry wood while giving another order for the preparation of a small burner to be sent to the carriage.

The group was equipped with small charcoal stoves, a delicate copper stove that could cook something directly with charcoal, but only enough for one or two people. The interior of the carriage seemed like another space. There was some invisible power; people became very quiet when they got close to the carriage.

Time went on slowly.

The sky became dark, while a fire was made, and the soldiers made a big pot of meat stew.

Sir Eden ate some dry food, had a bowl of stew, and went to organize the night watches. Sir Eden was a retired soldier. He was loyal to the lady of the family. In the Valoran Principality, it was not necessary for a man to inherit the family’s wealth and status; the elder daughter of the family could also inherit it.

After finishing with the arrangements, Sir Eden planned to check out the carriage.

However, when he got near it, he changed his mind and thought it was not good to disturb them now.

The carriage was quiet.

Of course, this was because the outside could not hear anything inside

In fact, from the beginning of the night, the face of the young man in front of Catherine had become distorted. He seemed to be suffering greatly, and he made a terrible roar with his hands holding his head.

She felt afraid!

Then she blacked out.

The solid wood board of the carriage was easily crushed by young men like tofu. If not for the help of the veiled woman beside, the carriage would be broken into pieces by him in the blink of an eye.


The veiled woman pressed her hand on his forehead and said softly, “Relax!… Relax!…”

“Let my mind be one with you!… I will help you share the pain!… My master!… You have to let go of yourself!… Otherwise, your mortal body would not be able to bear the huge information from the gods! ”

“You’ll become mad!”

“You’re going to go crazy!… Let me enter your mind!… Otherwise, I can’t help you cut off these faith connections!… That is the belief connection belonging to the last god!… His power is interfering with you!… You have to learn to reject these beliefs!… You are a supreme god!… Not a tool trapped by an old faith!… Let me help you cut off all the connections!… Then build your own realm! ”

“If not, the previous god would replace you!… He would take over your body and live inside you!…”

“You must reject these faiths!…”

“You are not the one they serve believe in!… What you need is a new faith!… A new realm!… My master!… Let me help you cut everything away! ”

“These old faiths should be buried with the old god!…”

A psionic energy field expanded.

The veiled woman held the young man’s hands and then put her forehead on the other’s forehead. In a moment, her face turned pale, while the young man’s face gradually relaxed.


The veiled woman was sweating profusely. In an instant, she seemed to hear countless voices, saw countless pictures, and the huge information hit her brain. Even if she was a psionic warlock with a profession level of more than 30, she felt an unbearable feeling.

There was too much!

Too much!

The prayer of mortals, of believers. It was like a nightmare, as all of this flooded into her head.


The once prosperous city had now become destroyed. The weakening of Whiterun had begun to affect its surrounding area, and another recent event had severely affected Autumnfall.

The priests had lost connection to its god.

The impetuous enemy began to harass them more frequently. The soldiers without the protection of the priests had died a lot. What’s more, it seemed that the news couldn’t be concealed. More and more people felt panic, and the enemy’s attack became more and more frequent. The bad news was sent back here, and a large number of refugees gathered outside the city. Losing the protection of their god and priest, many ran to the city of Autumnfall. Furthermore, half-elf towns big and small were all attacked.

Gnolls, Orcs, Orgers…

These creatures, which were chased out by them previously, were now back to take back their fertile land.

“High priest! Something bad had happened!”

A rushing footstep was heard, and a young priest came running in.

The young man whispered to the middle-aged priest, and the middle-aged priest became worried; immediately, he ran toward the temple for the god of half-elves and rogues.

This was his largest temple in the material realm and the center of his faith.

As the successor of “the god of thieves,” the god of “half-elves and rogues” lost too much power in the struggle of gods. Because he failed to master the portfolio of shadow, the belief of the rogue began to be handed over to the Shadow Lord, Lady Luck Tymora, and the Mistress of the Night. He inherited only a weak priesthood. Thus he could only spread divinity to his own race, the half-elves which were sandwiched between the humans and elves.

That was why his first divine title was of the [Half-elves], followed by the [Rogues].

The half-elves were his main believers.

At one time, he was promoted to “Lesser Divine Power ” by the belief of the half-elves. Unfortunately, because of the failure of the struggle in the portfolio of rogues, he was once again reduced to “Minor Divine Power” by the “Shadow Lord.”

Now, as the first batch of gods were falling from the heavens, his temples were now dim.

As the largest temple of the material realm, every change here meant something big.

The glory of this god was fading.

From the moment this god fell to the material plane, the glory of this temple had been dimmed a lot. Fortunately, the decline stopped gradually. Although the power of the temple weakened a lot, it still retained part of it, which made many believers feel a glimmer of hope. But not long ago, another shocking thing happened, that was, the statue of the god in the temple had suddenly become dim and was just like an ordinary statue.

This process continued on for a whole day.

On the second day, it seemed to have recovered some power.

Even though it was weak.

It was a glimmer of hope!

However, what happened next, shocked everyone in the temple. The statue of the god of rogues and half-elves in the center of the temple gradually lost all its divine brilliance. There was still remaining power in the temple, but there was no more divine power in the statue. A trail of cracks emerged on the statue; then, all of a sudden, the statue erected in the center of the temple collapsed!


It was as though their faith had been shattered.

With this temple as the center, all the other statues began to dim and show cracks.


All the temples around in the material plane became dim. Just like candles being extinguished one after the other!


The god had fallen!

This time, the god was completely gone, and there was nothing left!

His divine name had passed.