Abyss Domination

Chapter 455 - A Mortal’s Body

A Dream!

His dreams seemed very real! Soran questioned if they were dreams or not!

He seldom had dreams. However, for some reason, as long as he closed his eyes, he would constantly dream. All of these dreams had a similar beginning. People prayed to the god of half-elves and rogues, and he would dream about everything one or two hours after that.

All of these things seemed very real!

These dreams were not long. Soran’s dreams were like episodes; every dream was about someone else, and they would all last for around an hour.

Sometimes he only shut his eyes, and he would be transported into the strange dream.

He was almost going mad!

Although he didn’t know what the reason was, Soran knew that it must have had something to do with the god of rogue and half-elves and the divine power he absorbed.

He had no time to explore the reason.

Soran was in very poor condition! He felt dizzy most of the time and not able to differentiate between dream and reality!

His mind was in a mess.

Soran felt as though his mind was going to explode!

He felt a strange flow of current, wild data jumps, countless 0 and 1s.

Soran even felt that this was like the time he had been lying on his bed in Amber City for half a month. The only difference now was that he was so much stronger than before, so the pain was still within his tolerance. His body was able to resist this crazy feeling, so he had not completely collapsed. But the sense that his mind was going to explode still persisted!

Soran really thought that his mind was going to explode!

From the time he left the Underdark, his mind had been severely deteriorating. Sometimes there would even be blanks in his consciousness. That was because there were voices in his ear.

This jumbled voice pierced directly into his brain. Hundreds of words were all connected together. It should have been a messy voice, but he could hear each and every one of them very clearly.

The end result was that his brain was under a lot of stress pain.

He even wondered whether he had become a kind of processor. His brain was like a supercomputer, constantly receiving a large amount of information, all of which were transmitted to Soran’s mind, making his spirit and body bear a huge burden.

This was the pain from a mortal body!

Soran was in great pain now as the time he was awake was less than a few hours.

His consciousness was blanking out!

Instead, he felt more like a god, looking upon his realistic dream realm from a high place.

Whenever there was a prayer, his brain would be filled with information. He was suffering greater than any battle he had ever had!…

This kind of pain was not from the body but from the mind. His head was in pain, very swollen, dizzy, and uncomfortable. He couldn’t even clearly describe it, because he felt that he couldn’t organize his thoughts quickly enough. His brain was always flowing with countless tiny leaping electric currents and countless data. This pain that was directly acting on his brain was driving him crazy!

He wanted to go back to the outer islands.

However, the fact was he was conscious less and less of the time.

It was as though he had become a mad man.

He had been wandering in the wilderness with an unconscious woman; occasionally, some monsters would come to provoke them, but they would all become souls under his blade.

He had been wondering inside the Spider Forest and within a week the news had gone to the people around there.

Towns were made aware of a certain rogue around the area.

There was rain.

The cold rainwater fell from the sky as it was around May now.

With the arrival of summer, rainstorms became more and more frequent. It was said that the river diversion had taken place in the south, directly flooding many places, resulting in the displacement of many people.

This was a road toward the Valoran Principality.

After passing by the border of the Spider Forest, entering the black wilderness, toward the Valoran Principality, they saw a

At the front of the group was a heavy cavalry riding a high horse, with well-equipped infantry guards on both sides. Most would figure out that these were the escorts of a noble.

The rain seemed to be getting heavier.

It was obvious they were moving quickly, as they did not seem to want to stop and rest.

However, there was some commotion ahead.

Then the whole group stopped. The big knight rode ahead, shouting, “What’s the matter? Why did you stop all of a sudden! ”

There was someone in front.

In the middle of the group, inside an exquisite carriage, a young noblewoman leaned out her head and said, “Sir Eden? What happened? ”

The knight looked back and answered, “Nothing big! There are two travelers ahead!”

“I’ll make them move aside at once!”


A pair of sturdy metal boots landed on the ground, and the burly Sir Eden put his hand on the hilt of his sword. He was on high alert because they were very close to Spider Forest and the black wilderness. In front of him were two people, a woman, a man. The woman was holding the man’s hand standing in the rain. She wore a veil so he could not see her face.

However, Sir Eden was able to see the man behind her.

At a glance, he knew that the man was difficult to deal with.

The only thing that puzzled him w

He only stood there holding the woman’s hand.

Sir Eden was just about to make them move, but suddenly he seemed to have noticed something. He was shocked, and his voice softened a lot; he said in a deep voice, “What does your excellency want by blocking the road here?”

A witch.

Sir Eden had noticed the wizard’s robe on her.

“We mean you no harm.” said a

The woman held the man and walked closer while the man merely followed on.

“We only want to hitch a ride. We’ll leave when we arrive.”

Inside the carriage.

A pretty noble girl stared at the two people in front of her. Sir Eden, who was responsible for protecting her, normally wouldn’t let anyone near her, let alone get on her carriage. But now, not only did the two outsiders come to her, but they also sat in her carriage.

The noble girl wanted to say something, but the woman in front said softly ‘relax’ and the noblewoman became relaxed.

There shouldn’t be any problem if we are just hitching a ride with you, right?

For some reason, she became relaxed.

The whole group moved quickly and normally, as though nothing had happened just now.

The rain was still pouring outside.

The tall woman took off her cloak, and her face was covered with a veil. After the young man sat down, she took out a clean cloth and gently wiped the man’s cheek and wiped off the rain on his body. The young man sat still, his expression was dull, his eyes were dull, and he looked like a puppet.

This made the girl very curious!

She stared at the two with her eyes wide open and asked, “Is he your slave?”

The woman with a veil said no without looking back.

The girl was confused, then asked, “A companion?”

The woman shook her head.

The girl was disappointed. She carefully observed the two people in front of her. The woman was very careful as she helped the man tidy up his clothes. Then the girl asked excitedly, “Is he your husband?”

The woman let out a soft laugh and shook her head again.

The girl could not guess anymore and said, “I’m out of ideas!”

The woman with a veil stood up.

She looked at the girl in front and said slowly, “He is my master.”

“My god…”