Abyss Domination

Chapter 453 - The Grain Goddess’s Envoy

Vivian had fainted again.

Even though she did not know why, Gloria was not that worried.

That was because Vivian’s breathing was very stable. Her condition was not abnormal, and she even felt that the power of Vivian was increasing to some extent. This time, the divine power fluctuated more violently. It was much stronger than the last time she remembered. For some unknown reason, Vivian’s power would be improved automatically. However, Gloria figured it must have something to do with Soran; she just couldn’t quite understand the whole thing.

“Don’t disturb her!”

Gloria raised her hand and cast a warning spell. Then she turned around and left the room with LuLu. She said slowly, “Stay here for now. Don’t let other people come near to disturb her. Vivian will wake up by herself in a while. ”

LuLu nodded her head, somewhat comprehending what she said, but she still quickly replied, “Meow!… LuLu understands!… Stay here, and don’t let others disturb Vivian’s rest! ”

When Gloria heard this, a smile came out from the corner of her mouth. She raised her hand and stroked the little head of the cat girl. In a soft voice, she said, “Good girl!”

“Thud, thud, thud.”

Footsteps of a running person came from the outside, and then a young woman dressed as a maid came in.

“What is it?” Gloria asked.

The young maid came to Gloria’s ear and whispered a few words quickly, then bowed and backed away respectfully.


After hearing this, Gloria could not help but show a trace of doubt on her face, murmuring, “A priest of The Grain Goddess? Why would they come here? ”

“It’s fine. I’ll go and meet them personally.”

Mordor, outer islands.

A slightly different warship docked in this increasingly prosperous port. This warship had a special rice stalk emblem, representing the Grain Goddess. There were temple guards on the warship. Guards were necessary when coming to such a dangerous place on the outer islands. The person in front was a middle-aged priest with an elegant appearance. He dressed simply but gave the feeling he had a high status.

“This is the place?”

The middle-aged priest looked at the bustling port and said with a little surprise, “I can’t imagine a bustling place in the outer islands!”

Soon, Gloria’s figure appeared in a group of escorts, while the middle-aged priest on the warship walked down with a smile.

This group of people attracted a lot of attention.

Some time ago, the priest of the Goddess of Riches, Kim, also appeared near the port. She frowned and looked at the temple emblem in the distance, murmured, “What are the people of the Grain Goddess doing here? This place wouldn’t have anything to do with her portfolio, right? ”

A lot of people had noticed their arrival, but most only looked on.

After all, the Grain Goddess had a deep background. Although she only rose in the last 1000 years, the relationship behind her was enough to make many temples feel afraid.

“Welcome your excellency!”

Gloria glanced at the emblem of the middle-aged priest in the opposite direction and unexpectedly noticed that he was a figure with a certain status. Such a figure would play some role in the temples, probably someone close to the realm of legend. Since the harbor was not a place to talk, Gloria, as the hostess of Mordor, needed to host them. Soon the group was invited into the city of Mordor.

Inside the meeting hall.

After changing to a relatively quiet environment, the middle-aged priest immediately went into the topic and said, “Your Excellency Gloria! I’m here to discuss the opportunity for us to work together. I don’t know if it’s convenient for his excellency Soran to meet me now. ”

Working together?

Gloria still didn’t understand what cooperation was there between Mordor and the temple of Grain, but she smiled politely, “What could this opportunity be? Soran is not in Mordor recently, but I can handle everything here. ”

As the lady of Mordor, Gloria had the right to do this.

“It’s like this.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged priest nodded and waved to a follower behind him. At once, a young man came with a box. He picked up the box and put it in front of Gloria. He opened it gently and said, “The church is very interested in this thing! So we hope to cooperate with his excellency, Soran. I believe our sincerity will definitely satisfy you! ”

So it’s this thing!

With only one look, Gloria immediately understood what this was.

They were small crystals that were pungent in smell.

One of the things Soran had entrusted her with in the past seemed to be the fertilizer used to help the crops grow, which had been in production for several months; she didn’t pay too much attention to such trifle matter, but this inconspicuous matter had attracted a high-priest of the Grain Goddess to come to the island.

Right then.

Gloria was surprised by Soran again.

She didn’t know whether he knew about this early on, or he was just lucky.

“So, it’s this thing.”

“It seems that we haven’t spread this thing out yet. How did your excellency know about this?” said Gloria, in a casual manner.

She acted as though this item was a secret of Mordor.

All the actions of Gloria told the people there that this was not something trifle but a secret of Mordor.

Since it was a secret, then it would be important.

Important things were not cheap, of course. With only one sentence, it had hinted at many things.


With a faint smile, the middle-aged priest said slowly, “Nothing related to agriculture can be hidden from the sight of the goddess. Please believe that we have come here with absolute sincerity and that there would be mutual benefits.”

“Am I not right?”

Gloria looked at the priest and said, “That’s true. But I don’t know how we would cooperate? ”

Finally to the most important topic.

After hearing this, the middle-aged priest smiled a little and said, “After our tests, this thing can meet the needs of crop growth, make barren land fertile, and the harvest of crops can be significantly improved. The Grain Goddess is a kind and loving God, so the church intends to promote this thing so that all believers could feel the joy of harvest. ”

“We intend to purchase large quantities and give it to the believers.”

Making the fertilizer was not hard.

Any old high-grade wizard could see that the most important thing here was guano; this was a natural material around the outer islands.

Previously, Soran decided to study this at the beginning because guano stone was the best natural fertilizer, which could be directly used after some simple processing. As an undeveloped land, it had existed for quite a long time. The indigenous people would not notice that the accumulated bird droppings were actually a kind of treasure. So at present, the whole mineral resources were in the preliminary development stage, and the reserves of guano on this island were still plentiful.

The temple of Grain had obviously noticed this.

This low-end refining process had no value at all. What was really valuable was the guano stone mineral on the island where Mordor was located.

The price of crops was not high.

Thus the value of the corresponding fertilizer couldn’t be too high either. High-end alchemy could extract high-quality fertilizer, but the cost would be too high, which would completely exceed the profit of crops. Therefore, what Soran found was of high value based on the natural high-quality fertilizer of guano stone, because its cost was quite low, and it only needed simple processing. This relatively low cost could popularize the fertilizer and then spread to many places as an alchemy fertilizer.

More harvest, more crops.

This was a very significant thing for the temple of Grain, especially since their believers were composed of farmers. If they could successfully swing this deal, the influence of the Grain Goddess would be multiplied!

This was also why a high-priest of the Grain Goddess would personally come to the outer islands.