In a dark corner.

As soon as he left the sight of the paladins, Soran stumbled, and blood came out from his mouth.

He actually sustained severe injuries.

After facing the Vampire God alone, even with the power of the Holy Avenger, he was still hurt. During the battle, he could still suppress the injuries, but now that the battle was over, he did not have to hide it anymore. No matter what kind of people the paladins were, or if they owed Soran anything or not, the fact was Soran was of the evil camp. Thus no matter what, he had to act tough in front of the paladins.

The paladins today were only slightly radical. Some changes had not been completely completed, and they were still conservertive. It was only when the Avatar Crisis devastated the realm that the Divine Avengers gave up some dogmas completely and regarded law and order above good and evil.

That was because the damage brought by chaos was too terrifying!

Right now, though, Soran wanted to find a spot, sit down and chug down a few bottles of healing potion.

“Let’s do this.”

Soran panted and moved forward slowly. The wound on his chest had not yet recovered. It was a little inconvenient for him to breathe. Soran went to the place where the psionic warlock was hiding and murmured to himself, “In order to help you get the Holy Avenger, I’ve tried my best! I hope you won’t let me down! ”

Everything that happened there was Soran helping him. Otherwise, a young man who just joined the Divine Avengers would not qualify to hold the artifact.

After a short rest, Soran had recovered mostly. He brought the unconscious psionic warlock out the Underdark.

He was prepared to go back to the outer islands.

This trip was a great haul. Not only did he get what he wanted, but he also killed the Vampire God. Furthermore, Soran was now really in the realm of the gods. At present, what he needed to do most was to be familiar with this power. Many things in the field of gods still needed to be explored by himself. Otherwise, his rise would be limited. Even after the Queen of Spiders killed a god (the god of oozelings), it took many years for her to fully integrate the powers. Soran, of course, didn’t think that he would be better than the Queen of Spiders.

Soran gained a lot this time!

He also had a clearer understanding of the strength of the Saints.

The Vampire God was just a god with minor divine power. Even though the Vampire God only became a god less than a year ago, Soran had to pull out all the stocks and the help of the Divine Avengers.

[Minor Divine Power], [Lesser Divine Power], [Great Divine Power], [Greater Divine Power].

With this battle, Soran roughly figured how powerful the long-time gods would be!

He needed more power.

Even a simple calculation in his brain predicted the power of gods at all levels.

[Minor Divinity] + [Minor Shard of Divinity] = a god with [Minor Divine Power]

Without calculating other abilities of oneself, as well as the power brought by the priests, believers, and the portfolio, it could be assumed that the power base of [Minor Divine Power] was 1.

Then Minor Divinity would be 10, and Lesser Divinity would be 30.

If Soran was correct, this also applied to the Shards of Divinity. 10 for Minor Shard of Divinity, 30 for Lesser Shard of Divinity.

Three times the difference between Divine Power.

Three times the difference between Shard of Divinity.

Finally, it led to a power gap of more than six times. If conservatively estimated, the fighting power of lesser gods may be more than six times that of the minor gods!

This was only the difference brought about by Divinity, Shard of Divinity and Divine Power.

So how scary was [Greater Divine Power]!

Soran was shocked by the estimations he made, and he didn’t want to think about it right now.

No wonder it took so many years for the Queen of Spiders to go from [Great Divine Power] to [Greater Divine Power]. Soran calculated his final deduction value and found that it was no wonder that the gods of Greater Divine Power were qualified to open their own realm. Judging from the final deductions, the gods of [Greater Divine Power] could easily create a group of minor gods.

It was no wonder that the Lord of Glory created several subordinate gods with Minor Divine Power, but the Lord of Glory himself was still a god of [Greater Divine Power].

Mordor, outer islands.

On the side of the meeting hall was a forbidden area, and other people were not allowed to approach it at ordinary times.

Even the pirate leaders under Soran must ask for permission in advance if they wanted to get close to this place; then they had to go through a check by a Steel Golem.

This was Gloria’s laboratory.

There were many secrets inside, but the most important one was related to the shadow plane.


In front of the alchemy platform, Gloria suddenly stood up excitedly. In her white hand, she held a piece of silvery metal that flowed. In the middle, there was a diamond-shaped purple gem with a faint wave of magic aura. Gloria gently tidied up her wizard’s robe, and said to a Clay Golem that was obviously different, “ET 1! Start the fifth test of The Silver Sword of Gith model III!… ”

“Take note of the readings during the test!… Store all the information in this soul stone!…”

The Clay Golem on the side nodded, and a special magic aura appeared in its eyes, which looked like a modified Detect spell.

This Clay Golem seemed different.

It was a little thin, and there seemed to be no equipment for fighting on its body, and its appearance was closer to that of the human form. It seemed to have higher wisdom in both appearance and all aspects. There was a familiar thing in it, which was the pulse of a soul; it seemed that the Golem had a certain existence in it.

It was a [Tower Spirit]!

This Clay Golem was the test object of Gloria. It was a basic Tower Spirit she created after using the precious soul stone.

It only had a monster level of 5 but was used to further Gloria’s understanding of intelligent Golems.

Its combat power was estimated to be no better than that of an ordinary pirate, but it had many spell-like abilities, most of which were modified detection spells.

In terms of potential, ET 1 had more potential to grow than all the other Golems!

“Start recording!”

ET 1 turned its jewel eyes and shone a magic light on the silver-white metal ball in Gloria’s palm.

Gloria nodded gently, clenched her hand, and held the jewel on the silver-white metal ball. She said slowly, “Test of energy transformation of elements!… Replacing psionic energy to transform the Silver Sword of Gith!… ”


A faint magic aura emerged, and the silver and white metal ball in Gloria’s palm suddenly began to change. In the blink of an eye, it became a beheading sword.

The place where the gemstone was became the hilt of the sword, and in front of it was the silver-white blade.

“The first transformation complete!”

“Transformation at 100%!…The transition period was 0.1 seconds… There was no sign of energy rejection!…”

ET 1’s eyes had a strange brilliance that seemed to record something into the crystal of its own soul.

With a smile on her lips, Gloria said slowly, “Continue with the second stage of the test!… Synchronously record the energy change of the experimental model!… ”

The silvery sword became a ball of metal once more.

Then, under Gloria’s control, it became a one-handed sword, a curved sword, a shield, and a silver-white spear.

“Test complete!”

“First stage transformations successful!… Transformation 100%…Transition time 0.1%!…No signs of energy rejection!…”

ET 1 continued to record the findings.

Gloria let out a breath of relief and said, “Continue stage 2 tests!”

“Begin stage 2 transformation!”

It still started as a ball of silver metal. In Gloria’s palm, it first turned into a one-handed sword. Then it did not change back to the silvery-white metal ball shape. Instead, it directly changed into a curved sword shape.

However, just then!

Strange energy fluctuations appeared; the silver medal had some fluctuations as if there were some interference.

“Warning! Warning!”

“Signs of unknown energy rejection… Elemental energy is severely disrupted!… the second transition failed!…”

“Gith material appears to have some damage! Do you wish to continue with the test?…”

Gloria sighed and whispered, “It still failed!… End the test!… Start the transformation of the second form again!… ”

“Where could the error be?”

“Why is there no problem with the first transition, but there would be issues when instantly going into a second transition?”

“Is it because there was no psionic energy to control it?”

Gloria could not help thinking. The weapon in her hand had changed back into a silver-white metal ball. She murmured, “there is a bottleneck in the research. If I can’t even solve the transformation of this metal, then it would be impossible to carry out the next research on the Arcane Energy Device. I don’t know if there are any new achievements on the mother’s side! ”


Just then, the door of the laboratory suddenly opened. Gloria, whose mind was interrupted, could not help frowning, then saw LuLu rushing in, gasping and stammering: “Some!… Something bad has happened!…”

“Vivian suddenly fainted!…”