Abyss Domination

Chapter 451 - [Godslayer] – Soran!

Soran was now full!

In fact, he had never felt this satisfaction in the Slaughter form until today. This kind of feeling was not brought by killing the Vampire God, but from killing the deformed demon. It seemed that his thirst for slaughter was satisfied right after he used the Holy Avenger to strike down the deformed demon.

Soran did not know why this was!

Soran had no clue why, but a row of data appeared:

“Killed deformed demon!”

“Extracting soul energy!… You’ve gained 35000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Unknown mutation!…”

“Extracting unknown energy!… Transformation of divine power!… Unknown mutation to the Slaughter form!… Special changes to the Slaughter form!… Transformation of divine power completed!… Part of demonic transformation!… ”

A row of data appeared in his mind.

Killing the deformed demon did not give him much Slaughter EXP. Maybe it was because it came from the Abyss as many summoned creatures would not really die because of this. Although they had their own bodies, what really affected them was their soul characteristics, something Soran couldn’t figure out now.

The soul was a mysterious thing!

There were other data that appeared:

“Killed target!”

“You’ve successfully killed the [Vampire God], Rhinehart!… Target was a Saint!… Extracting divine power!…”

“You’ve gained 9 divinity!”

“Target has Shard of Divinity!… Absorbing fragmented Shard of Divinity!…”

“You’ve gained 5 Shards of Divinity!”

These were the first row of data, but this was only the start.

There were still some data that Soran did not understand, but it obviously made him feel that some power had integrated into him:

“Successfully killed a deity!”

“You have successfully killed the minor God of Vampires – Rhinehart!… You have gained the legendary background ability [Godslayer]!… ”

“Your existence has caught the attention of some gods!…”

“Godslayer – Soran [legendary background ability]: After you succeeded in killing a god, your existence begins to be watched by many powerful people in the multiverse. Whether it’s the gods of heaven, the demons of the Abyss, the devils of hell, or the Underlord in some dark corner, they all begin to turn a part of their attention to you. This is a show of strength and a special challenge. There will be some gods who want to test whether you are qualified to join them, and there will be some who want to kill the challenger.

In any case, your name has been spread to many places in the multiverse.

Legend Rating +50, Intimidation +100, Diplomacy +50! All tests in the future have +1 Godslayer effect!”

Soran understood this much.

After killing the Vampire God, he got a legendary background ability, just like the blessing of The Maid of Misfortune, but the effects seemed much more powerful.

It was a pity that all the gains did not affect his combat ability. 50 Legend Rating and 100 Intimidation probably could scare the shit out of some people?

The most important thing was the +1 Godslayer. This ability to become immune to attacks must be gained slowly.

Then there were the other data:

“Target possessed the divine title of [Vampire God]!… Divine title integration failed!… You are unable to absorb any of these powers!…”

“Target possessed the portfolio of [Hunting]!… Portfolio absorption is successful!… You’ve gained part of the information for the hunting portfolio!…”

“Divine power transforming!…”

“Portfolio of hunting has transformed into data of Slaughter!… You’ve gained minor knowledge of the slaughter portfolio!…”

“Target possessed the portfolio of [Fear]!… Portfolio absorption is successful!… You’ve gained part of the information for the fear portfolio!…”

“Some of your fear related abilities have become stronger!… You’ve gained minor knowledge of the fear portfolio!…”

This was the earlier information.

However, the following data confused Soran:

“The target contains an unabsorbed divine title of [Half-elf]!… The divine title and you have an 85% match!… Successful extraction of the divine title!… You’ve got part of the information about the [Half-elf] divine title!… ”

“The target contains an unabsorbed divine title of [Rogues]!… The divine title and you have a 91% match!… Successful extraction of the divine title!… You’ve got some of the information about the [Rogue] divine title!… ”

After these two pieces of information, there was nothing more.

Soran did not know why, but he had developed a certain special sense, but there was no information about that at all.

Just like these two last pieces of information were only minor details, and there was no more information about them.

Soran did not understand at all.

However, now was not the time to think about it.

The body of the Vampire God began to dissipate rapidly after death. The body of a Saint was special, unlike the body of a mortal. After the body of the Vampire God disappeared, there was a special ring left in place, nothing else. The design of the ring was very simple, with the emblem of a vampire bat engraved on it. Soran picked it up and was shocked, he then calmly put it in his pocket.

An artifact!

Even though he had not checked it, the feeling the ring gave was similar to that of when he pulled out the Holy Avenger.

“Thud, thud, thud.”

Soran slowly came to the paladins and gave the sword back to the paladins.

He could not possess this sword.

No matter how powerful it was unless he wanted to go against the entire paladin fleet, he had to give it back.

However, he didn’t return the Holy Avenger to the warden, or the paladin who originally held it. Instead, he threw the sword to the young paladin he met at the City of Wealth.


The young paladin was a little dazed. His broken silver and white armor were covered with scars, and his cloak was dyed red with blood. When Soran threw the Holy Avenger over, he subconsciously reached for it, and the eyes of the others fell on him.

Even though he was severely injured, he still stood straight!

Different from when Soran held it, the Holy Avenger began to exude a sacred aura when it was held by the young paladin.

The young paladin was shocked, and he looked toward the warden.

“Keep it for now!”

The warden was very surprised. Firstly, was the fact that Soran would throw the Holy Avenger to him. The other was that the Holy Avenger would have such a strange change after falling into his hands.

The [holy Avenger] recognizes this young man!

Soran had a slight smile at the corner of his mouth. He gently tucked his Cloak of Proof Against Detection then walked toward the darkness.

“Strengthen your faith!…”

“Young man!… The world will need your power in the future!…”

This time around.

Soran did not hide anything. His voice shocked the young paladin, and he immediately looked up at his back.

However, Soran had already blended into the darkness, disappearing from them.

Only his voice was heard.