The paladin’s situation was not good.

They couldn’t deal with the deformed demon with a challenge rating of 21. If not for the bravery of this paladin, the deformed demon would have rushed over and killed him. This young paladin had been seriously injured; if it wasn’t for one of the paladins who gave him a bit of healing, he would have been killed by the sharp claws of the deformed demon.

However, no matter how great his will power was as he continued to fight on, his HP was dropping every second.

As he faced this circumstance, no matter how great his will power was, he would not be able to escape death!

Soran realized the change in the battlefield.

His attacks became more and more violent; he didn’t even dodge the counter-attacks of the Vampire God. Soran was now relying on his strong physique and the Fortitude of the Slayer form to take on the damage. The divine energy field of the Vampire God had been broken by Soran. Every attack of the Holy Avenger made the enemy’s injuries worse. Even Saints with a thousand HP would not be able to take the numerous attacks of the sword.


Soran’s chest was pierced by sharp claws. Although nothing vital was hit, one of his lung lobes was pierced, making his breathing slightly difficult.


The Vampire’s hand was cut off by Soran. One of the claws was now missing. Without even thinking much, Soran continued his attacks.

“Sword Form — Waist Chop!”

With a cold light, the waist of the Vampire God was going to be cut in half by Soran. However, when his body was about to be cut in front of Soran, suddenly, a cloud of smoke came out, and then the figure of the Vampire God turned into flying bats.

“Bat form!”

The last method to survive for a high-grade vampire.

This move was very hard to deal with, as it was impossible to know which bat was his real body.

If he let him run away, then all his previous efforts would be for nothing, and the Vampire God would be able to recuperate in a short amount of time.

However, the bats in the air were nothing to Soran.

Perhaps there were hundreds of them?

If he allowed the bats to fly off, then it would really be a problem. Thus Soran put the Holy Avenger away right as the Vampire God became a group of bats. He had experience dealing with legendary vampires and had already figured out the tactics to deal with this situation.

Even if the enemy was now the god of vampires, Soran still could deal with the bats.

“Whirlwind Slash!”


In Soran’s palm, the legendary Icingdeath and another curved sword appeared as his figure rose in an instant. Just as the body of the Vampire God exploded into bats in the sky, the two curved swords formed a wind of blades. The cold blades formed a boundary and blocked the surrounding area.

How fast could the bats fly?

And how fast could Soran be? He was now in Slaughter form, with all kinds of speed buffs.

“Pa, Pa, Pa!”

The bats in the sky fell down like rain. Before they could even fly a meter away, they fell down in a large area.

In terms of attack speed, Soran could not compare with a pure Sword Saint, but he had the confidence to deal with any other melee professions. No matter how many bats there were, they all needed to fly out of this barrier first. In such a small and dense area, if Soran wasn’t able to clear them up, then it would be a big joke.


Almost all the bats were cleaned up by Soran in a moment, but because of the number of bats, some of them managed to escape.

Without even thinking much, first, he threw his rare curved sword out at one bat while his legendary curved sword at another.

In an instant, two other bats were killed!

Then three bats were left as they went in three different directions.

Soran had a calm expression.

In the palm of his hand, the Elven War Bow +2 appeared. In an instant, he took an arrow and aimed at the bat on the left. The arrow was shot out in a flash and killed one of the bats.

Bats were ultimately just bats.

They wouldn’t suddenly become a supersonic fighter jet. Even if there was a large number of them, they lost their effect after Soran cleared most of them up in that instant.


A second arrow shot toward the bat on the right and killed it.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Sword Form [Heavy Hack]!”

After killing two bats with his arrows, Soran instantly pulled out the Holy Avenger and disappeared from thin air; he reappeared around the last bat and slashed down hard.


The bat turned into a human form again. The Vampire God tried to block Soran’s attack with his claws, but he was met with three rounds of fury attacks. Soran brandished the Holy Avenger and slashed at him, almost completely abandoning any means of defense and pushing the Vampire God to a corner!


Soran’s eyes were filled with killing intent. After some strikes, the Holy Avenger ended up in the heart of the Vampire God!

The purification effect of the sword burst!

The sacred power burned the heart of the Vampire God in an instant, but Soran didn’t stop at all. In a flash, he pulled out the weapon and slashed it toward the head of the Vampire God.

“Sword Form [Beheading]!”

A cold light drew across the air. The head of the Vampire God fell as his lips moved slightly.

“Who… are… you…”


A head fell off, and a lifeless body kneeled on the ground.

A row of data appeared:

“Target killed!

“You’ve killed the [Vampire God], Rhinehart!… Extracting Soul Energy!… You’ve gained 1150000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Warning! Warning!…”

“Affected by unknown energy!… Slaughter EXP extraction failed!… Slaughter EXP extraction failed!…”

“Target’s soul energy has been absorbed by an unknown target!… You’ve received 250000 Slaughter EXP!…”

An eerie tune was heard!

Just as Soran forced the Vampire God to a corner, the figure of the Hellpoemer suddenly retreated with his injuries. Everything happened in an instant when Soran stabbed the heart of the Vampire God with his sword and cut off his head. The Hellpoemer suddenly played a tune.

“Hell’s Requiem! [Legendary battle tune]”

“Trap the Soul!”

A sudden burst of energy came not from other people around there, but from the Vampire God that had just died.

The Hellpoemer held a black crystal in his palm.

Just as Soran killed the Vampire God, a strange blood-red glow appeared in the black crystal, and then it became totally blood red in the blink of an eye; a vague figure of a soul could also be seen in it.

“His soul has been captured!”

Soran responded in a flash, not looking at the data prompts that continued to appear, but directly swung the Holy Avenger toward the Hellpoemer.


Something strange happened.

The figure of the Hellpoemer disappeared suddenly, leaving only an echoing voice, “heehee!… Whoever you are, I’ll come for you! ”

Soran was greatly angered, he slashed toward the ground and spat!

“Come out and fight, you coward!”


The Hellpoemer was nowhere to be seen.

Data prompts were still popping up, but now was not the time to look at it. He stomped his foot and swung rushed toward the deformed demon in the next moment.

He had miscalculated this time!

Soran never dreamed that the Hellpoemer would trap the Vampire God’s soul at that moment and steal the Slaughter EXP he had gained.

Slaughter EXP was soul energy, in essence.

Since the Hellpoemer trapped the soul of the Vampire God, he had thus taken most of the Slaughter EXP away.

Fortunately, the Vampire God was now dead. Even though his soul was taken away, the other abilities on his body could not be taken. The only thing that worried him a little bit was that the relationship between the Hellpoemer and the Vampire God was unclear. It was strange to Soran that the Hellpoemer would suddenly trap the soul of the Vampire God at that moment.

However, he had to focus on killing the deformed demon first.

At least this high-grade demon would give him some more EXP. Furthermore, it was not every day he could hold the Holy Avenger.