The pursuit of success!

So many life and death battles, have long told Soran that he must not give the enemy a chance to breathe.

Once the enemy had a chance to breathe, the situation was likely to reverse in an instant!


Soran actually did not know what Hurricane was.

If he knew the top explosive skill within the legendary domain [Hurricane], he would have been able to simulate the legendary Bladestorm now!

Double the attack speed, double the movement speed.

There were less than two digits of people that could master the [Hurricane] among the melee professionals in the whole material plane. Nearly half of them were legendary Sword Saints. Soran now looked like an explosive Hurricane. In fact, it was just because his attack speed was very fast. His high dexterity and ‘Greater Haste” give people the illusion of unleashing the Hurricane. (Note: Hurricane needed the power of Qi as its support.)

As for the legendary [Bladestorm].

This was not a combat ability, but a combat skill accidentally combined during the Battle of the Avatars.

[Bladestorm]; this name was also chosen by the Adventurers themselves.

Because in addition to this name, they could not think of any other name to describe that kind of peak combat explosive ability!

At present, there was only one Beastman Sword Saint with a professional level 27 in the whole material plane who could do this. It was a kind of god killing combat ability formed with the combination of [Hurricane] with [Kai] with [Legendary Whirlwind Slash] with [Legendary Mortal Strike] and [Expose Weakness], and finally in addition, [Greater Haste].

Soran was lucky to see this battle. The attack of the Sword Saint directly formed countless real Sword Qis!

That was why people called it [Bladestorm].

Another kind of similar God killing combat ability was also a combination by the Sword Saints. However, it depended on Simulacrum and Mirror Image. In the pursuit of physical killing ability, the Sword Saints really embarked on a very extreme path.

A holy light.

Soran’s figure had gone beyond the limit of what the ordinary human eye could capture. If one wanted to lock his position, one could only rely on other methods. The effect of Greater Haste was quite amazing. Even without the support of the two-handed sword’s ability, Soran still gave people the illusion of unleashing Hurricane when relying on [Omnipotent Hands] and [Greater Haste].

——”Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

Soran’s figure was like a shadow. The Holy Avenger turned into a flowing holy radiance, which directly sealed all possible places to retreat for the Demigod Vampire.


The sound of continuous impacts resounded, and every time Soran slashed, the Demigod Vampire would take a step back.

The light of Dispel Magic kept appearing constantly.

In the end, there was no energy protection field on the Demigod Vampire; even the supporting spells by his own blessings have been completely removed.


There was a very clear sound of cracking.

When Soran unleashed the Spinning Strike through the Sword Form and heavily swung over, the hidden blade of the Demigod Vampire could no longer withstand the attack of the Holy Avenger any more and directly broke into two parts.

A row of data appeared:

“Battle breakthrough!”

“You’ve improved during the battle and mastered part of the information for [Whirlwind Slash]!”

“You’ve learned a new combat skill [Whirlwind Slash]!…”

Three data alerts appeared in a row.

But this was just the beginning. Soran’s torrential-like attacks still continued to show data alerts:

“You’ve improved during the battle and mastered part of the information of [Combo Slash]”

“You’ve improved during the battle and mastered part of the information of [Power Attack]”

“You’ve improved in the battle and mastered part of the information of [Hurricane]!”

There were three other consecutive messages in a row, and Soran’s eyes no longer revealed any other data alerts.

At this moment, he seemed to be at the peak state for the battle!

Whether it was his own explosive power, fighting will, and comprehensive attributes, they have all reached a current critical point, which was pushed to the limit by the Paladin’s Courage Field.

——”Shadow Leap!”

——”Whirlwind Slash!”

Soran’s figure revolved at high speed, and the Holy Avenger slashed everything around him like a storm. The Sword Form [Spinning Strike] itself was the weakened ability of [Whirlwind Slash]. Under the situation of battle breakthroughs, Soran finally displayed the real whirlwind attack.


A spatter of blood came out.

The inconsolable shock in the Demigod Vampire’s eyes, the enemy’s explosive power, seemed to be more and more terrifying.

What was going on?

Why does this guy seem to be even more dangerous in the blink of an eye?

——”Divine Shield!”

In the face of Soran’s endless crazy attacks, the Demigod Vampire finally unleashed his final means of life preservation.

Divine Energy Field!

Ever since he ascended with the [Vampire] Divine Title, his power has constantly been growing slowly, a power which he rarely used, because even for the gods, the Divine Power was also a very valuable power. But at this time, he could not care for much either. In front of the powerful killing power of the Holy Avenger, the defense ability of his Avatar form could be completely ignored. Without unleashing the ‘Divine Energy Field,’ Soran could split him in minutes!


The explosive Divine Power created a shock wave.

Soran’s figure was directly sent flying, and the Holy Avenger seemed to have cut into a kind of incomparably powerful invisible energy field, which had directly isolated the area around the Demigod Vampire.

A row of data emerged:

“You’ve been attacked by the Divine Power shock wave!”

“The Test of Fortitude has been triggered!…. The Test of Physical Constitution has been triggered!….. You’ve taken 90 (10 points of damage has been transferred) points of Divine Power damage!… ”

“Your attack has hit the target!”

“You’ve dealt 75 (+ 10 Holy damage) slash damage to the target!…. The target has activated the Divine Energy Field Shield!… You’ve slashed the Divine Energy Field!….. You’ve reduced 120 points of the Divine Energy Shield!… ”

Finally, he was forced to unleash the “Divine Energy Field”!

Soran raised his hand to wipe off the blood on the corners of his mouth. His eyes were filled with endless fighting spirit, and he rushed up again in a flash.


A powerful incarnation of the gods.

It was only when they were forced to start using their divine power that they could really enter the battle of killing gods!

Otherwise, all the efforts were just a joke. If one could not even force the ‘Divine Energy Field’ out, how would one even think of killing a god?

In the period of the Avatar Crisis, there was a saying that could best describe the current fighting situation because at that time, a legendary Fighter had said so.

——”It’s time to equip the bayonet!”

Equipping the bayonet! represented how dangerous killing gods were! The Avatars who incarnated from the gods were forced to unleash the Divine Energy Field ability. At this time, almost all of them would have unleashed their final trump cards!

In this case, it was the will to fight that decided the outcome of the battle because both sides were close to running out of ammunition!

The Demigod Vampire’s expression was a little frantic.

He had never ever dreamed it. He, who had encountered so many battles ever since he had awakened the power of the Son of Fear and even had an exchange with the electorate of the Mistress of Fortune. He, who personally defeated the Chief Priest of the Dread Lord. He had not suffered any great loss in so many battles.

Today, he, in the hands of a guy who he did not even know where he came out from, was extremely tragic and was forced to even unleash the Divine Energy Field.

Once the Divine Energy Field was unleashed, f

This was the last means of the gods to preserve their lives.

If even the Divine Power was used up, it would really be close to the end!

Soran’s figure rushed up again.

“This madman!”

The Demigod Vampire gasped. When he saw the other party’s scarlet pupils, he felt a little scared in his heart and turned into a gaseous form to evade for a moment.


This battle felt like an insult to him from the beginning to the end, because he was chased and cut down by the madman in front of him like a dog from the beginning to the end!

The most most most intolerable thing for him was that he did not even know who the guy in front of him was even until now!

He felt like he was going crazy.