Abyss Domination

Chapter 447 - Fight Fight Fight!!!

It’s him!

When he saw Soran’s figure, the Paladins who had seen him before immediately recognized his identity. But now there was no time for them to think so much because the result of the battle in the legendary domain could be decided in an instant. They did not know why Soran happened to appear at this time, why Soran was able to pick up the Holy Avenger, or why Soran was able to use the ‘Hurricane’ ability of a legendary Sword Saint.

But this did not affect them, knowing that the situation of this battle has changed dramatically!

There was no time to mourn for the dead comrades.

The Paladins gripped their swords firmly and rushed up again with silver shields in their hands. Soran has obviously suppressed the Demigod Vampire, as long as he was separated from the Hellpoemer, and they have thought of a way to drag the Deformed Demon. Then the battle would be completely biased towards the side of justice. After killing the Demigod Vampire, their strength would obviously be suppressed. The Hellpoemer could not deal with so many Paladins alone. Now the key was not to let the Hellpoemer interfere with Soran!

Once Soran’s offensive was disrupted, the outcome of the battle was hard to say.

Once a high-level legendary professional like Hellpoemer formed a short-term pincer attack with the Demigod Vampire with a god’s incarnation, they might hurt or even kill Soran instantly.

The Paladins present were all veterans that had experienced hundreds of battles. They were very clear about the consequences of this sort of thing!

——”Holy Domain: Courage!”

The Warden did not have time to think about why he could use the Holy Avenger. At the moment, when the Hellpoemer acted, he smashed the hammer in his hands onto the ground, and then the surging current came out. This was a very powerful legendary equipment. The leaping current obviously affected the movement of the Hellpoemer. The Warden quickly opened the black Codex in his hand. As he pressed his hand on the Codex, a pure and holy force broke out. He said in a deep voice: “Justice! Courage! Holy! Glory!”


The outbreak of unspeakable field energy enveloped the whole battlefield in an instant.

——”Holy Domain: Sacrifice!”

All the people nearby were immediately shrouded in the holy domain of the legendary Paladin. Even Soran in the battle saw a row of data showing:

“You’ve received the effects of [Holy Domain: Courage]!”

“The Test effect of all your battles would gain 1 additional courage bonus!…. You’re automatically immune to any fear effect!….. Your resistance to energy erosion has increased!…. All nearby friendly forces gain 3 morale bonus points!… ”


A divine light gave courage to others.

However, the second holy radiance was divided into three parts, which directly affected the three people nearby. A seriously wounded Paladin, a Spellcaster, and the last one were Soran.

Soran’s eyes once again showed a data alert:

“You’ve received the effect of [Holy Domain: Sacrifice]!”

“10% of any damage you take will be transferred to the protector!… You’ve received 3 additional points to Fortitude!…. You’ve received 3 additional points to Will Resistances!… ”

Legendary Paladin.

There were barely a few Paladins in the world who could reach the legendary domain, but once they have reached the legendary domain, their strength would be greatly improved because of faith.

The power of faith was that strong!

Paladins were born with a difficult and bumpy path, which meant that they would face more difficult tests than other professionals when they were advancing, but also make their faith even firmer.

Legendary paladins would have legendary abilities like [Armour Skin], [Epic Toughen], [Perfect Physique], etc.

Among all professionals, paladins were always the top three meat shields!

——”Sword Form [Waist Chop]!”

The strength in the Courage Domain made Soran’s attack more and more unstoppable. The fighting desire after becoming a Slaughterer met the strength of Courage was just like adding fuel to the fire!

——”Shadow Leap!”

There was an idiom that went ‘as the shadow follows the body.’ It was very suitable to be used to describe Soran at the moment.

The natural environment in the Underdark was very suitable for Soran’s combat, and the familiarity with the terrain was a hidden advantage. No matter how far away the Demigod Vampire intended to get rid of Soran, he would still cling onto him. Once in a while, the other party slightly widened the gap by using some little means, but then Soran launched the “Shadow Leap” ability and instantly re-attached himself.

Now, the Demigod Vampire was about to go mad!

This was basically bullying! Was this how the Rogues fought?

If it was not for the ineffectiveness of all kinds of magic attacks, and the fear of hand-to-hand combat due to the power of the Holy Avenger, the Demigod Vampire really wanted to tear up the guy who was chasing after him to pieces.

Ever since he was awakened as the Son of Fear, he was never chased like a dog like today!

And what kind of ghost was this that was slashing and getting more vigorous with the momentum?!

The Courage Domain.

Soran has already activated the Slaughterer form, and his desire for battle in his heart was quite strong!

Now he was blessed by the legendary Paladin’s ‘Courage Domain.’ It could be said that his momentum at the moment has completely reached a peak!

In this case, 1+1 must be greater than 2.

Soran’s current state was like ‘meeting on a narrow road.’ There should have been a sentence “the brave wins” in the back, but in fact, the Demigod Vampire has been able to gain momentum, Soran’s anger had already exploded!

That was cheating!!!

The Demigod Vampire was going crazy!

Could he fight? He was not sure how to resist the attacks by the Holy Avenger!

Could he escape? This guy was pursuing so frantically and had the Shadow Leap ability!

Soran was not worried about the Demigod Vampire escaping because his Shadow Leap still had more than 100 meters, and he still had one more Shadow Jump.

This distance was longer than most blink teleportation spells.

As far as teleportation was concerned, the Vampire did not even have a second to cast spells when Sauron was so close in this situation.

Even if the Vampire wanted to cast a spell, only instant cast spells could be released!

The stormy attack finally forced the Demigod Vampire to have no way back!

In the face of Soran, who was frantically biting from the back, the Demigod Vampire finally clenched his teeth and fought hard, and then, when he was hit by the Holy Avenger, he lifted a blessing spell, activating a special spell unique to the Gods.

——”Summon Underdark Slave [Vampiric Divine Title]!”

Divine Title.

The Divine Titles held by gods naturally was not just about expanding their followers. In fact, most of them had their own unique abilities. For example, the Queen of Spider’s [Trick] domain, could directly eliminate a Psionic Warlock with a professional level of more than 30. However, the [Vampire] Divine Title activated by the enemy in front was naturally unable to contend against the powerful Queen of Spiders. This was a summoning spell that was enhanced with the Divine Title. It belonged to a legendary summoning ability.


The portal was formed in an instant, accompanied by a black fog, there were two or three extremely fast figures rushing out of it in an instant.

High-grade Vampires!

One of them was obviously close to the legendary strength. These vampires rushed to Soran at the moment of their appearance; evidently, under the command of the Demigod Vampire, they were ordered to restrain him.


Soran rushed to the past expressionlessly, and in an instant, he split a high-grade Vampire into two with a swing of the sword.

While killing the enemy in a second, Soran’s hand gently pressed on the ground, and then the surrounding space immediately vibrated, and a portal connecting the elemental plane was opened.

——”Elemental Legion [Legendary Spell]!”

The power of the Elemental Stone was activated by Soran, and a gust of wind blew from within the portal connecting to the elemental plane. Then an Elder Wind Elemental rushed out of the portal.

The wind was raging!

The Elder Wind Elemental raised his hand, and a lightning strike came down on the high-grade Vampire.

Then, a burning fire surged out, and the figure of the huge fire elemental flew out of the portal, instantly burning the ground nearby.

And at last, heavy footsteps resounded.

A figure appeared that was a little too large and took a little effort to walk out of the portal slowly.

The portal closed.

The elemental Legion summoned an Elder Wind Elemental, a giant Fire Elemental, and a giant Earth Elemental.

This moment.

The eyes of the Demigod Vampire were almost glaring out!

He managed to seize the opportunity to summon the Dark Slaves, just to let them hold onto Soran and buy time for himself. But he did not expect that the enemy unleashed the ‘Elemental Legion’ in an instant. Whoosh and suddenly, he summoned a lot of elementals.

Was this guy doing it on purpose?!!!

The Demigod Vampire was going crazy now! What made him crazier was that he still did not know who the enemy was!?

What the hell are you?!

Where did you come from?!

Are you a Rogue or a Paladin or a Barbarian?! Why do you know Hurricane? How can you use the Holy Avenger? How can you take the Holy Avenger and still unleash Hurricane?

How could you take the Holy Avenger and unleash Hurricane and can still goddamn summon the Elemental Legion?!

What the hell are you!!!?