Abyss Domination

Chapter 446 - The Power of an Artifact


In this critical moment, cold light suddenly flashed under the noble dress inlaid with gold, silver, and thorn flowers on the Demigod Vampire. Then it blocked Soran’s attack in a blink of an eye, and then the cold light disappeared again. The Demigod Vampire retreated three steps in a row. The cold light came from his sleeves. It was a kind of short weapon with a length of no more than 15cm.

“Hidden Blade?”

“Is his profession an Assassin?”

Soran’s pupils slightly shrank, and he thrust forward again, and the Holy Avenger directly Horizontal Slash forth.

——”Sword Form [Behead]!”

In the face of Soran’s fierce attack, the Demigod Vampire could no longer attack the other people. The explosive power of Soran under the Slaughterer’s transformation was terrifying, and the continuous attacks forced the Demigod Vampire to retreat backward again and again. His retreat was not because of being afraid of Soran’s strength, but because of the Holy Avenger in his hand, because even the Avatar incarnated by the gods was not able to resist the attack of the artifact.

——”Hold Human!”

The Demigod Vampire tentatively cast an instant spell to test waters.

But, Soran’s steps did not stop at all, or even his own Test of Immunity did not even trigger.

Because there was such a row of data appearing in his eyes:

“Affected by the effect of the target’s [Hold Human]!….. Your magic resistance ability has been automatically triggered!….. Holy Avenger’s magic resistance has taken effect!….. Lich Ring +5 magic resistance has taken effect!… ”

“You have been directly immune to the effect of this spell!…”

The Holy Avenger’s magic resistance was 50%. Half of all spells could be completely invalid for the owner of the artifact. And the Lich Ring + 5 also had 10% magic resistance, and the combination of the two was 60% magic resistance. According to normal luck with a ten-sided dice, Soran would only trigger the spell effect when his luck was so bad, that it was enough to roll out 1-4 points. Otherwise, it was hard for ordinary spells to affect him.

And even if Soran was affected, Soran’s Test of Spell Immunity must be triggered once before the spell takes effect.

But, Soran had another special ability —- [Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune]!

The effect of this blessing was to make Soran’s enemies suffer a little bit of bad luck impairment when triggering any test, and Soran’s own luck would not be reduced below a certain level.

The Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune could not let someone’s luck explode.

But she could let someone not go unlucky. In fact, Soran seldom met with the unluckiest times, especially when he was fighting, he could almost reach the above the standard level. He had not encountered anything so far that he had suddenly stepped on something because of bad luck or met with something unexpected. He has yet to meet any of these situations.

The usefulness of the Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune in the current situation was incalculable!

——”Power Word: Jolt!”


——”Finger of Death!”


——”Maze Spell!”

Demigod Vampire’s casting ability was quite amazing. In the Avatar form after ascension, he far surpassed Vivian in the level of casting. In the face of Soran’s ferocious attacks, the Demigod Vampire, who was afraid of the power of the Holy Avenger, dared not fight head-on with him. The Vampire could only use all kinds of instant attacks in the process of retreating. It was unknown how powerful was the legendary spontaneous casting ability he has actually mastered. So far, all of his spells had no casting process, and all of them rushed towards Soran like a storm.

If the Holy Avenger was not in his hands, perhaps Soran would have been seriously injured or even dead at this moment!

But, with the Holy Avenger in possession, Soran could directly ignore these spells.

Power Word: Jolt?



Finger of Death?


What was the use of this thing!

Maze Spell?

This seemed to be a bit of a problem? But before Soran dodged, the spell no longer worked. It did not seem to be due to the Holy Avenger, but it seemed that he was automatically immune to space confinement spells such as Maze Spell when he transformed into the Slaughterer. The power of an artifact was so amazing. Soran used to rely on immunity resistance to resist magic spells. Even if he withstood them, he would still suffer a little damage. But now, he did not receive any damage at all. Unless the 60% magic resistance was broken, then it would trigger the Test of Damage Immunity due to magic resistance, and finally, decide how much damage Soran would receive.

For example, ‘Finger of Death.’

If it did not break its 60% magic resistance, then it would fail directly. If the magic resistance of 60% was broken, Soran must face the mandatory Test of Magic Immunity. If he failed, he would die directly. If he succeeded, he would receive lesser damage. This damage would also be weakened by his own resistance.

The Holy Avenger was in his hands!

Any spell must break Soran’s double Test of Immunity before it could hurt him.

“Damn it!”

The face of the Demigod Vampire has become uglier and uglier, muttering in his heart: “What kind of monster is this? Even with the Holy Avenger, not all spells would lose their effects, right?”

He clenched his teeth.

The shadow of the Demigod Vampire changed into a gaseous form, and when the Time Stop was about to end, he raised his hands and launched his most powerful Instant Cast Spell.

——”Energy Absorption [Legendary Spell]!”

Since the enemy was so powerful, he could only rely on Energy Absorption to erode the other party’s ability and let his strength drop significantly first.

“This spell again!”

Soran’s face changed a little at last. He suffered a lot from this spell in yesteryears. If one did not find a way to recover themselves, they would have a headache for a long time. In the current situation, if Soran was hit with this spell, he basically did not need to continue the fight, and would completely lose his rhythm in an instant. However, there was no place to hide at this time. It was impossible to avoid such an instant cast legendary spell at such a close distance. One could only rely on their own resistance.

Now that he was transformed into his Slaughterer Form, and there were the Holy Avenger and Lich Ring +5 in his hands, he did not believe that he would be unlucky enough if he had the Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune.

So many advantages together could not withstand this legendary spell!

A row of data emerged:

“You’ve been hit by the Legendary Spell [Energy Absorption] attack!”

“Your magic resistance ability has been triggered!…. Holy Avenger magic resistance has taken effect!…. Lich Ring +5 magic resistance has taken effect!…. Slaughterer Form resistance has taken effect!… ”

“You’ve been completely immune to the effect of this spell!…”

He passed!

Soran was directly immune to the effects of this legendary spell.

At this moment, Soran could not help but laugh and murmur: “It’s so powerful! It’s really so powerful! Is this the power of the legendary artifact? No wonder so many people fought for the [Holy Avenger] and [Pale Justice]! ”

In his memory, both of the artifacts have caused a great stir, but they were all the equipment for Paladins. Soran had no interest in them in the past.

Today, if it was not for mastering [Omnipotent Hands], he could not even hold up the Holy Avenger.

——”Shadow Leap!”

The powerful and incomparable power of an artifact gave Soran confidence in the upcoming battle. With such high magic immunity, Soran had no worries at all. As for risk to fight in hand-to-hand combat, Soran did not believe that anyone could beat him that was equipped with a grade five artifact!

“+15 Sharpness, +10 Penetration, + 15 Tenacity, +10 Armor Piercing, +10 Holy Damage.”

This completely crushed the effects of the legendary Curved Sword Icingdeath, making Soran sure that he could cut down an adult Dragon into pieces in a minute.

The effect of Time Stop ended.

But this level of combat could change dramatically in a second, so no one had time to communicate.

Soran’s shadow leaped towards the face of the Demigod Vampire again.

——”Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

The Holy Avenger slashed with holy radiance, and directly slashed towards the Demigod Vampire in front of him.

An invisible energy defense field activated.

The Demigod Vampire in the Avatar form had many defense means, and only with the first attack, it was not enough to break all his protective energy shields.


At the moment of contact, there was also a holy radiance on the Holy Avenger:

“You’ve hit the target!”

“You’ve triggered the Holy Avenger’s [Dispel Magic] effect!…. The Test of Dispel Magic passed!….. The target’s Greater Energy Shield was removed!… ”

Dispel Magic.

Any enemy hit by the Holy Avenger–as long as there were any magic effects on his body, whether it was the energy protection field, elemental resistance, or Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Fox’s Cunning, etc.– it would automatically trigger a legendary level of dispel magic effect.

It was unknown how many Spellcasters had suffered from this weapon in the yesteryears!


The clash of weapons rang out again.

In desperation, the Demigod Vampire could only resist the attacks by Soran once again, and this time, a new row of data emerge:

“You’ve triggered the Holy Avenger [Dispel Magic] effect!…. The Test of Dispel Magic passed!…. The target’s Greater Haste has been removed!… ”

In an instant,

Both the movement speed and attack speed of the Demigod Vampire has been reduced significantly. He quite tragically avoided the sharp edge of the Holy Avenger, as if he wanted to escape from Soran’s attack range. But how could Soran let the enemy widen the distance at this time? He instantly activated the Lich Ring +5 on his finger. The speed of his entire body was so fast it left a shadow.

——”Greater Haste!”

In Soran’s eyes, there was endless killing intent. His entire body was like a whirlwind that was endless and unbreaking. The terrifying attacks even formed a rhythmic air sword.

On the other side, the Warden, who was out of Time Stop, stood on the spot in shock and murmured: “How can that be!!!”

“He can use the Holy Avenger!”

“And how can a Rogue unleash [Hurricane] by legendary Sword Saints!?…”