Abyss Domination

Chapter 443 - The Desire to Slaughter

After the Sisi left, Soran felt a bit lonely.

Along the way, he gradually got used to the little Lolita’s nagging nature and felt like something was missing now.

The psionic warlock was still not awake.

However, her vitality was obviously gradually recovering. Soran’s Divine Gift had offset the curse of the Queen of Spiders; even if there were some corrosive energy, it couldn’t threaten her life.


Something trembled in front of him.

He was close to an exit in the Underdark. Soran’s purpose for this trip was basically complete. He got the Shard of Divinity, and the Elemental Stone had been integrated. There was no need to stay here any longer, so Soran planned to leave the Underdark and return to the outer islands with the psionic warlock. He would try to ask a legendary priest to perform [Greater Restoration] on her.

The priest of the Goddess of Riches, or the high priest of the Sea temple.

Soran could always find a way to heal her with the proper price. After all, he had already invested so much in the woman in his arms.


The trembling was heard again from ahead.

Soran was now sure that a battle was happening in front, and it was on the path he must take!

The battle was happening around the exit.

This was the only closest exit.

“Is it the drows or other creatures?”

Soran found a corner to put down the psionic warlock in his arms. If there was a fight later, he would not be able to take care of her at all.


Soran’s figure blended into the shadow, and he moved slowly toward the ruckus.

He could smell blood very heavily.

This smell was very familiar to him, and it even awakened a certain desire to kill in his heart.

It was someone he had wanted to kill!

“The Vampire God, Rhinehart!”

It was Vivian’s biggest threat.

Soran always felt a lump in his throat. The Vampire God was like a knife hanging on their head all the time. He was one of the few people Soran wanted to kill in his dreams!

To not kill him would put Vivian would always be in danger!

But Soran was not a rash person. He understood that he wouldn’t last against the Vampire God; even if he had the help of Gloria and Vivian, they could not win.

Even if Soran had become a demigod, he was still far from Saints.

The air was filled with a certain energy.

The smell of blood, the aura of darkness, the fluctuation of elements, the brilliance of divinity, and a certain kind of power that Soran felt very uncomfortable and feared, but was also familiar with.

This was a terrifying power!

It did not feel like it came from someone. Instead, his demigod sense let him know that the energy came from something.

Six Sense!

It seemed that his Six Sense had become better after he became a demigod.


The sound of a body hitting against the wall, as well as some kind of musical instrument that poured the devil’s voice into one’s ears. Soran’s heart produced a sense of despair, even a sense of killing himself. But this feeling was only momentary; soon he became immune to the effects.

Demonic Flute!

A legendary bard!

It also seemed to be a bard of the fallen, because a normal bard would use music to boost morale.

“It is him!”

Soran’s eyes suddenly burst out with pure light, and then there was a sense of killing in his heart.

Vampire God, Rhinehart!

Soran was right, the smell of blood came from his biggest threat, the Vampire God!

However, the desire to kill in his heart didn’t make Soran come out blindly and impulsively. Instead, he retreated a little bit and became more observant.

He saw another man!

A very powerful bard. Soran had never seen a bard who could play a legendary battle song and fight against two paladins with a long sword at the same time. This was something that had never been heard before. Soran wasn’t even sure if there was the ability [Combat Playing]. The bard completely subverted Soran’s past impressions, as his melee combat skills were enough to shame many high-grade rogues.

What monster is this?!

Aren’t bards only good for show? When did they become so powerful?

Unless he is the legendary Hellpoemer?


“It’s them! How are they here?”

Soran’s eyes turned to the other side, as the presence of the paladin surprised him, for there were those he had met near the desert.

The warden!

A paladin of the Divine Avengers.

Soran once revealed the location of the artifact [Eye of Tyre] to them as a transaction. That was when they made it clear that they would find the parts of the Holy Avenger at any cost.

However, Soran would have never thought of encountering them here.

From the time Soran last saw them in the desert, the group of paladins should have already come to the Underdark earlier.

This meant that they had already acquired the [Eye of Tyre] and was leaving for the surface?

So why is the Vampire God here!?

Did they just so happen to cross paths?

There were many doubts in Soran’s mind, but he couldn’t figure out the answer, because everything may be a coincidence.

“This may be an opportunity!”

Soran was filled with killing intent as he moved slowly to the edge of the battle area.

The battle was still continuing.

The Vampire God and the Hellpoemer obviously had the upper hand. They were both high-grade legendary figures. One was even in his Saint form. However, they were facing paladins after all; their effects against evil were obvious, and there was also a powerful priest.

The most important thing was!

Whether it was the Vampire God or the Hellpoemer, they seemed to be afraid of something. It was as though they feared that something might touch them.

Even if this weapon was not unsheathed.

“Could it be!…”

Soran recalled something and had a shock.

What weapon would terrify a Saint?

It seemed that there were only a few in his memory, and what these paladins may be carrying was undoubtedly the most famous one!

The [Holy Avenger], Carsomyr +5!

As though he had made up his mind.

Soran took a step back and got out a strange ring.

Lich Ring +5!

Soran had never used this legendary item from the day he got it.

The reason was simple; the item was cursed, it would reduce two Constitution, and there was no way to take it down by yourself. The person must remove the curse effect first. Wearing it was equal to reducing 1 point of HP for each profession level he had. After he put on the ring, he would lose a total of 20 or so maximum HP.

This item was a double-edged sword!

If unnecessary, Soran would not wear it.

Elemental Stone.

Soran was in full battle mode. He not only put on the cursed Lich Ring + 5, but also took out the fused Elemental Stone.

“Item Type: Elemental Stone [Fused]

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 3)]

Description: A special stone from the element plane becomes a complete piece after the fusion of earth, water, wind and fire. It has powerful magic powers, which could be used to cast various spells or summon Elementals. This Elemental Stone seems to have some special marks after fusion; this may mean something.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Elemental Legion (Once every three day), Stoneskin (Three times everyday), Ice Storm (Three times everyday), Fireball (Three times everyday), Call Lightning (Three times everyday).”

The fused Elemental Stone was different.

There was little improvement in the basic spells, that was, Stoneskin, Ice Storm, Fireball and Call Lightning. Although it increased the number of times it could be used every day, they were only low level spells after all.

The most crucial change was being able to summon an Elemental Legion.

“Elemental Legion [Legendary spell]: activate the power of Elemental Stone to summon a group of Giant Fire Elementals, Giant Earth Elementals, Giant Water Elementals and Giant Wind Elementals with a monster level above 16 and Basic Health above 12. The number of summoned Elementals is around 2-6, and it is possible to summon legendary level Elemental elders. ”

That was the most crucial power!

That would be like carrying around an army around. Unleashing them would overwhelm the enemy at crucial moments.

Rogues were afraid of being surrounded.

Thus Soran needed this kind of spell to help alleviate the pressure off him.

The battle was still going on.

Soran started to move closer and cast buffs on himself.

Lich Ring, Elemental Stone, Slaughter form–

Soran had no intention of holding back. All he wanted to do was kill that Vampire God.

Then Vivian would be safe!