Abyss Domination

Chapter 442 - The Kingdom of Gods

“Alert! Alert!”

“Intruder!… Intruder!…”

With the sound of a machine voice, a translucent light curtain appeared on the surface of the arcane tower. Then the figure of a towering spirit appeared on the top of the arcane tower. The machine voice, “trigger level 1 combat readiness!… Activate arcane tower defense field!… Activate the defense plan!… The Legion of Golems activated!… ”


The walls around the arcane tower suddenly sank in, and then there was a huge sound of footsteps. Golems came out from the inside of the arcane tower. These golems were not the same as those in the material plane, and the weakest of them were Steel Golems of special technology. There were also Diamond Golems, Arcane Energy Armor, Arcane Energy Guards and so on. The Arcane Empire not only endowed them with powerful melee ability, but also endowed the Golems with air-to-air combat ability and various means of long-range energy attack.

However, the final result was the same!

The defense field of the arcane tower was like eggshells. The Golems were easily surrounded and destroyed by the monsters emerging from the space crack.

Divine realm.

The realm of a god.

After death, believers would gain new life in the realm of gods, and most devout believers would become “Petitioners” and become the people in the realm of the gods. A small number of fanatical believers would become powerful spirits; some of them would even become “angels.” Since the birth of these angels, many gods had tried to transform their fanatical believers into angels.

Believers had almost infinite life after they were born in their god’s realm. This kind of eternal life made them a part of the god’s realm, and their life and death were completely integrated with the god itself. It was impossible for the [Petitioners] to leave the kingdom of the gods. Only in the case of [god war], could they join the war as the backbone of one of the gods. For any deity, if he puts all his petitioners into the battle, it meant that they were ready for the fight of life and death.

After a long time.

The realm of god was like an energy storage pool. The church developed believers, selected the high-quality believers, and then led them to the kingdom of the gods. Many of these believers would become Petitioners and spirits, and some would exist as ordinary reincarnation. The quality of soul and faithfulness of faith determined the identity of the believers after entering the kingdom of God. Like the souls that degenerate into the bottomless Abyss, some would turn into higher-grade demons, while others could only turn into Abyssal worms (Monster level 1).

The difference was this big.

This was the rule of the multiverse; the energy of the spirit, after the body was gone, would be amplified by the astral rule.

For example, Soran:

If he died accidentally, with his own soul purity and willpower, as long as his soul was not gone, it was easy for him to turn into a high-grade demon. But at that time, he would have forgotten too much, as any reincarnation would destroy most memories. Even the believers of the gods were the same. When they enter the kingdom of god, they would only retain the memory of devout belief, while other memories would gradually fade, until they disappear completely.

So how many believers did the Queen of Spiders have?

She ruled the drows for quite a long time, and in these thousands of years, new believers came into her realm every day. Maybe some of these believers would be consumed in the struggle with other gods, but the total amount was still increasing, otherwise, the Demonweb Pits would not become a half-plane on its own. (Note: ‘The unknown relationship between the Petitioners and the size of the kingdom of gods, Volume 1.)

The kingdom of gods seldom had invaders.

No one could really figure out what was in the Demonweb Pits, but it seemed that the power that the Queen of Spiders accumulated for a long time was terrifying. There were not many Petitioners in the front line. There were Bebilith and other mutant creatures.

There were just minions that the Queen of Spider did not care at all.

Millions of monsters came out.

More and more Bebilith appeared, and so did other indescribable monsters.

Looking through the crack in the sky, there was a huge forest in the dark. The forest looked like a huge spider web with a palace in the center.

This was the realm of Lolth!

Or perhaps, one area of her kingdom.

“Damn it!”

“These irritating buggers!”

The Vampire god looked at the front gloomily; in front of him was a group of fully armed paladins, but this was not the key, the key was that one of the paladins held a weapon that even he was afraid of. Although the weapon had not come out of its sheath yet, the vampire god could already sense the danger of this weapon.

A group of legendary paladins.

Even the weakest one was a high-grade Paladin, among which were the high-grade priests of the God of Justice, as well as some professions he wasn’t sure of.

Perhaps some advanced class of the paladins.

“What are they trying to do? Coming down to the Underdark in a group. Are they cleaning up the evil here?”

The vampire god was ready to fight at any time. In front of him, there was a paladin with a hammer in one hand, and a heavy black book in the other hand. This burly man gave the vampire god a lot of pressure. This was a rare event since he became the vampire god.

“Codex Guardian, Inquisitor, Warden!…”

The Hellpoemer also had a stern expression. He seemed to have a very serious injury that someone had left on him. He used psionic communication and said, “it looks like a special legendary organization!… That sword is quite dangerous! I’m afraid it’s that thing! ”

“This is bad!”

“We’ve dealt with the god of rogues and half-elves! Our goal has been achieved! I need some time to absorb his power! ”

“We should try and run from them!…”

On the other side, t

Coming to the Underdark was a risky move.

However, they had their reasons to come here, so they formed such a group.

They even brought a certain legendary weapon.

“To purify evil?”

Standing on the side of the team was a clergyman with the badge of the Lord of Glory on his chest. In the past, he had been active in the front line of fighting against demons. He came here only for some special personal reasons.

Right then, he looked at the Vampire God in front of him and seemed to know his identity. He then turned slightly to the paladin beside him and said, “Vampire Rhinehart: one of the sons of Fear. In the southern part of the mainland, he started a bloody killing, turning many innocent people into vampire slaves. In the end, he became a false god. After the establishment of his temple, he kept secret activities, but never stopped his evil plans. His followers had done evil all over the world. The spread of vampires in many places is absolutely inseparable from him. ”

“His existence had led to the death of millions of people!…”

The air was tense.

The surrounding area had been locked down. The leader of the paladin looked at the two enemies in front of him, then slowly pressed his hand on the black codex and said, “Evil must be judged!”

This was an unavoidable battle.

If they let these two evil enemies leave, then their path ahead would be full of hypocrisy.

Furthermore, it was not that they had no chance to win since they had brought along an artifact: the [Holy Avenger].

A grade 5 artifact.

Although it hasn’t completely restored its power and strengthened it to artifact + 6, as long as they had the artifact in hand, they had a good chance to fight against powerful evil gods.

Weapon feature: [against evil], this weapon can cause 10 additional holy damage to the target when it hits any evil enemy. ”

“Item Type: [Holy Avenger] – Carsomyr [+5]

Item Grade: [Artifact (Grade 5)]

Description: The Holy Avenger is the ultimate weapon of the paladins against evil forces! In the lower levels, there is almost no evil that could stand against its power. Carsomyr is a legendary weapon, perhaps one of the most powerful weapons on the material plane, but its source and history have been completely forgotten. This sword has the power to make evil tremble. Even powerful evil gods and demons have heard its name. But this weapon is not yet in its full potential. This artifact is missing its most important part.

Requirements: Strength 14 or above, paladins only.

Effects: Artifact features, magic resistance 50%, Dispel Magic (three times), + 15 sharpness, + 10 penetration, + 15 toughness, + 10 armor breaking, + 10 holy damage.

Artifact Effect: [Magic Resistance], when holding this artifact, it increases the users magic resistance by 50%. Any spell has a half chance to fail against the user of this item.

Weapon Effect: [Dispel Magic], this weapon will cast a legendary spell on the target when it hits the enemy.

Weapon Feature: [Against Evil], this weapon can cause 10 additional holy damage to the target when it hits any evil enemy. “