Dragon Covenant–

It was one of the most expensive abilities in the world!

Many people in history had acquired this ability, probably because it felt awesome to summon a dragon, but they lost their money because of this.

In fact, at present, the most powerful force that had this ability was the Dragon City, but they seldom used this ability.

The reason was simple.

Most dragons don’t spend money.

The result was simple. The stronger the summoned dragon was, the more compensation was needed. Many times, the summoned dragon comes from another world. After finishing the job, they would take that money and go back to their realm. The consumption of this level was rather amazing, reducing the gold reserve of the material plane. To find more gold would mean traveling to other plans. Regarding this issue, the wizard guild even wrote a paper, ‘How much has the Dragon Covenant cost us?’

Sisi left Soran a bit speechless. This was how the chaotic camp acted.

Sometimes Soran would admire this trade.

But this was only admiration. Soran would never be as random as they were; he was a man with hard rules in mind.

The psionic warlock was still unconscious.

The divine energy did not fuse with her body immediately. It needed time.

When Soran closed his eyes, he could feel that the divinity he had given was transforming the woman in front of him. He could easily notice that ordinary creatures could hardly absorb divinity by themselves. Whether it was the mutant killer whale or the woman in front of him, it seemed that their integration of divinity took time. Just then, Soran realized how amazing his ability to merge and devour divinity in a blink of an eye was. It seemed that he could complete the fusion very quickly, no matter divinity or shard of divinity. While others, even a godslayer, needed a long time to integrate it.

This may be related to Slaughter or some other reason.

“Since you’re not awake.”

Soran looked at the psionic warlock in front of him and gently removed the veil from her face. Her pale face had gradually returned to being a ruddy color. The characteristics of the woman stunned Soran.

It was not because she was ugly. She was very attractive.

But the key was not in her beauty, but that her features reminded Soran of the Githyanki. The psionic warlock in front of him obviously had some characteristics of the Githyanki. The Githyanki were an astral race. Their appearance was very different from that of humans. To describe it specifically, they had a snake-like face. Their ears were very sharp, and there were obvious protrusions on their back vertebrae. Since the features were distinct, with a glace, Soran was able to recognize her race.


Soran’s expression suddenly became serious. He reached out and looked at the skin under her clavicle.

There was a faded green snake tattoo.

Soran then checked the lumbar vertebrae of the woman. It was obvious that her spine was slightly raised about half a centimeter than that of ordinary people. This meant that she was a mix-blood of humans and Githyanki. She seemed more human than Githyanki. The astral species were full of predators, they may capture humans as slaves, so there was a chance that she could be mixed-blood.

Lastly, Soran lifted the sleeves of her wrists, and three dark blue letters could be seen on her white wrists.

The imprint of the letters had faded. This meant that the brand was left early, most likely in her childhood, and then gradually faded with the growth of her body. Soran slowly pulled down her sleeve, looked at the face of the psionic warlock in front of him, and murmured, “A slave?”

A slave’s mark.

Soran found it hard to believe that a powerful psionic warlock used to be a lowly slave.

In the blink of an eye, she could erase the mark, but she chose to leave the slave’s mark on her body; there was probably some legendary story. Soran did not have a good impression of the Githyanki. Their race had been enslaved by the Mind flayer for a long time, but they did not become much better after breaking free from slavery. Instead, they became the most dangerous predators and robbers in the astral world. The Githyankis captured other races as slaves and maintained their brutal rule through militarized management.

It seemed that the races that got controlled by the Mind Flayers ultimately would become strange as well.

Most of them also developed psionic abilities like the


Soran raised his hand and checked her head, but suddenly he seemed to have felt something, and he froze in place.

There was a wound on her head.

Even though it was not obvious, Soran still felt it.

“Mind Flayer?!”

Soran’s expression became very surprised and in disbelief. He murmured, “So she was not a slave of the Githyankis?! What once controlled her and left the mark of slavery were the Mind Flayers? ”

This kind of wound, even after healing, made people feel a little shocked. In Soran’s understanding, there was only one kind of monster that would leave this kind of wound: the Mind Flayers.

That was because they consumed the brains of other creatures!

She was attacked by a Mind Flayer.

Soran reached to check the other side and felt the same kind of wound. Now Soran was sure that this was done by the Mind Flayers, but it was hard for him to imagine that a slave who had been controlled and attacked by the Mind Flayer had not become an idiot or a psychopath, instead, she had become a legendary psionic warlock with a profession level of more than 30.

This was really shocking!

She probably had a legendary story like Soran.

Soran felt sorry.

He seldom sympathized with others, but the woman in front of him made him feel a little sorry and respectful. Previously there were adventurers who challenged the Mind Flayers’s lair and were captured by the Mind Flayers because of their defeat in battle. At that time, they were willing to commit suicide collectively rather than having their brains consumed by the Mind Flayers.

To survive under those conditions and become legendary, the woman deserved respect!

“Let’s get out of here first.”

Soran seemed to have felt some energy fluctuation. After he advanced to become a demigod, his ability to sense energy was greatly strengthened. Thus, after some thinking, he decided to leave with the psionic warlock first. He picked up the delicate body of the psionic warlock and started to make his way out.

Elemental Stone [Legendary grade 3] was with him now.

He also got the shard of divinity.

Soran felt that there was no need for him to stay here; the reward was not worth the risk.

Unknown half-plane.

Space here vibrated slightly, and the edge of the half-plane had collapsed. Just like the field of the void storm, the earth that formed the half-plane gradually collapsed and fell, and the violent energy destroyed the structures of the half-plane world. Outside the half-plane was a deep darkness, as if there was a terrible force locking down the half-plane through space.

A small world and a large world.

The collision of energy cracked the sky of the half-plane. A gap soon appeared, and behind it was the Queen of Spiders.

“So it’s the Clockwork Nirvana half-plane!”

The Queen of Spiders looked down at the world in front of her. There were eight twisted and ferocious spider legs on her back. Her expression seemed to be a little ponderous, a little surprised, and then she said with a grim smile, “I thought such half-planes had all disappeared. I can’t believe another one was hidden! ”


One of the well-known abilities of the arcanists.

The world knew that the floating cities had great combat power, but many did not know that the other important structure of the floating city were the half-plane.

Half-planes were very much a part of the floating cities!

The great arcanists created their own floating city, and then, on the basis of the floating city, further opened up their own half-plane.

If not for this, they would not be able to threaten the gods!

“Let me end this all!”

After the Queen of Spider laughed, she raised her hand to the sky, and then the sky on the half-plane split. At the next moment, a large number of monsters appeared in the sky, and they rushed to the half-plane like a raging flood.

Driders, Bebilith, Yochlol, Draegloth, Abyss Petitioner…

Endless monsters appeared from the dark cracks, and they began to kill mercilessly at the moment of their appearance and rushed madly to the final arcane tower on the half-plane.

These were the slaves of the Queen of Spiders.

Monsters from the [Demonweb Pits]!

When the kingdom of a god locks on to this half-plane, a teleportation channel across the plane space would also be formed.

This was not the material plane.

The boundary of the material plane could not affect it here. The gods could directly open the portal connecting the divine kingdom to outer space.

This was not a normal battle.

When the portal to the [Demonweb Pits] was opened, this had become a godly battle!