Abyss Domination

Chapter 440 - Dragon Covenant

Chapter 440: Chapter 86 Dragon Covenant

The Frost Kingdom, Arendelle.

The cloud of war had gone, and the prosperous city had gradually recovered its vitality. Although the legend of the pirate king Soran would spread in the taverns–people constantly guessing the relationship between the legendary pirate king and Princess Anna–people had gradually become accustomed to some changes in life. For example, some chambers of commerce that had recently come out of the port could buy many special products in the south of the mainland, and also luxury goods from the east.

The merchants had been eager to get access to this new trading route, the eastern sea route; they needed to pay the pirate king Soran.

The lucrative trade route was very attractive to the merchants.

Recently, there has been a saying that the legendary pirate king had established a maritime kingdom. He ruled a large area of the sea and made his own rules in the sea. With more and more knowledge of the south coast, many merchants who went to the south for the first time agreed with this sentiment. The reason was that they could reach the south coast safely by buying the pass issued by the pirate king’s cabinet could they reach the south coast safely, and there were even pirate ships on the sea to escort their merchant ships.

This surely was something that was hard to come by!

However, if ships did not have a pass with them, then their ships would be robbed clean.

That was how tough Soran was!

The key to everything was only with how much. If Soran took 50% of their profits, then the merchants would definitely complain. But if he left 50% of the profits to the merchants and ensured their safety, then the merchants would gradually get used to it after the initial stage. As a matter of fact, people’s adaptability was quite fast. Recently, even merchants on other routes were going to get the pass, so that they could ask Soran’s fleet to escort them until they left the Vrykul’s territory.

The Vrykul pirates had it bad recently!

It was said that there were two very capable pirate leaders that came from the south, and all their men were good at fighting. They fought the Vrykul for two days and had no clear winner.

The rules on the sea changed little by little; those that couldn’t get used to them were eliminated.

Chaos was a disaster.

Thus even the Lawful Evil would make society flourish.

Soran’s exploitation did not destroy the merchant’s enthusiasm. After a lot of careful calculation, some merchants were surprised to find that they still had a lot of profit, and their safety was guaranteed. The war in the south spreading little by little, but the Frost Kingdom was still relatively peaceful. Many goods sold well after they were transported, especially food. A ship of grain could make twice the profit and sell out as soon as it arrived at the port. (Note: the price of grain had doubled.)

Today was a different day for Arendelle.

Today, a blue door opened on top of the skies of Arendelle, and the mighty elder princess appeared.

She stood in the air and looked down at the city in front of her. Her bright blue long skirt danced with the wind. The sun shone down from the back of the elder princess, making her look like a goddess in the dawn. All the people who saw her could not help cheering. Many people gathered in the street and knelt down humbly towards the figure. Just for a moment, the whole Arendelle stood still. When the figure of the elder princess appeared, the Frost Kingdom seemed to be full of life and vitality.

The elder princess was finally back!

Arendelle’s safe.

In this nation, they believed that if the elder princess was around, they would be safe.

“Finally, she’s back!…”

The elder princess stood in the sky. She watched the cheering subjects below. Then she looked behind the bright blue gate. It was a strange silvery-white stream just like the spread of smoke and clouds. It was somewhere in the astral plane. The elder princess let out a sigh, then waved gently. A long ladder made of ice and snow appeared under her feet. She then walked toward the palace, step by step.

As she walked, the whole Arendelle started snowing.


Princess Anna’s figure had long been waiting in front of the palace. When she saw her elder sister, the stressed princess Anna could help but become teary as she rushed to her sister.

Princess Anna finally burst into tears. When she finally saw her elder sister, she could not control her emotions anymore.

At the palace, the elder palace witch and the guard captain looked at each other and let out a breath of relief. As for the others in the palace, they all seemed to be more encouraged after seeing the elder princess. To Arendelle, the elder princess was really someone different; more powerful and capable than any other ruler in the realm.

Soran, of course, didn’t know about the return of the elder princess.

In fact, he had another headache; how to completely save the psionic warlock. Sisi, who wanted to join him for adventures, was going to leave.

It was very strange. Everything had happened too suddenly, and Soran was not prepared for it. The little Lolita only told him that she would leave.


He couldn’t expect too much from a dragon.

“You really leaving?”

Soran looked at the little Lolita and asked, “If you leave now, I can’t send you back! Then you’ll have to leave the Underdark by yourself.”

The little Lolita was not sure, but then nodded and said, “No need. I’ll teleport back.”

“I want to go back to Dragon Island.”

“Since the Queen of Spiders had appeared in the mortal realm, I’m afraid that something might happen in my hometown.”

Soran looked at her and said, “Alright. Be Careful now. Don’t stay long in the Astral plane after teleportation. That place is not safe.”

Sisi’s home was definitely not on the material plane.

Soran had been to the dragon island in the material plane, and there were few dragons there. The real dragon island was in the kingdom of dragons.

For interdimensional teleportation, the astral plane would be an important stop.

Sisi looked at Soran up and down and asked hesitantly, “Soran! You have a lot of money, right?”


This question stunted Soran a bit, but he nodded and replied, “Somewhat, I guess? Why?!”

Does she want to borrow money?

Soran had never heard of dragons who would want to borrow money.

“That’s good,” the little Lolita had a slight smile and raised her little hand. She gestured for his hand and said, “Come, point your hand like this at me.”

Soran was stunned.

He seemed to have thought of something and put out his hand.

“I, Princess Alice, of the Brass dragon nation, according to the ancient covenant, form an agreement with this human named Soran!”

“With the name of the holy dragon race!…”

“When our allies need help, we would help our allies with reasonable compensation!”

“With the name of the Brass Dragon, on behalf of the dragons, I have formed a Dragon Covenant with this human!

Strange magic exploded.

As the little Lolita finished the covenant in the dragon language, a row of data appeared in front of him:

“Special event-triggered!…”

“Princess Alice, of the Brass dragon nation, formed a [Dragon Covenant] with you!… this ancient spiritual pact requires 50000 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Do you wish to accept the pact!?…”

This is the [Dragon Covenant]!

Without thinking much, Soran immediately made the choice to pay the Slaughter EXP.

This was a kind of spiritual pact.

Which meant that it needed some spiritual energy. However, Soran’s Slaughter EXP was also usable, so he could spend his Slaughter EXP on this pact.

A strange power expanded.

With an indescribable feeling, Soran and the little Lolita formed the holy [Dragon Covenant].

Of course, this pact was only sacred to the dragons. With their arrogant personalities, this pact was actually really harsh.

“Dragon Covenant [Legendary ability]: You and Princess Anna formed the sacred Dragon Covenant. From now on, you would be able to pay 10000 Slaughter EXP to summon the Brass Dragons of the universe (At least summoning an adult dragon). The pact could be used to summon most Brass Dragons, even Ancient Dragons, and Ancient Great Dragons.

This is not without a price! Using the pact would require 100000 gold Derahls; this would summon 1-3 Brass Dragons.

A more powerful dragon would require greater compensation.”

[Note: If the reward does not satisfy the dragon, then the dragon may attack you or cancel the pact. However, if your compensation is satisfactory, and your name is good among the dragons, then you would be able to summon Ancient Dragons and Ancient Great Dragons!]

(Information 1: [Dragon Covenant] sometimes appears as a spell of more than level 7. This spell randomly summons other types of dragons. In most cases, it is because some gods or some existence had a pact with an ancient dragon. This ancient covenant has been passed down for thousands of years and has not been canceled because of a breach, so it eventually evolved into a spell. Some powerful spellcasters could inherit this covenant and use it to summon dragons to help.)

(Information 2: Soran is now the first generation to have a Dragon Covenant. If he does not break the covenant, then in the future, if he becomes a god, then his priests or spellcasters could also inherit the Dragon Covenant.)

(Information 3: The Dragon Covenant was one of the few that needed Slaughter EXP to acquire. Even memorizing the spell required Slaughter EXP. It was also an expensive summoning ritual.)