Abyss Domination

Chapter 439 - Divine Gift

Was Soran more powerful in this world or the previous world?

That is a pointless argument.

Although his deadliness made many people ‘proud’, that was of no value to other existences. Aside from the powerful gods, just the ability of a psionic warlock was enough to end this debate. Psionic warlocks had too much control over ordinary people, and they even had the ability to ‘take away’ something from someone.

Soran looked at the psionic warlock in front.

To him, there was something attractive about this person, that was the ‘Psionic Suggestion’ ability of the psionic warlock.

This ability was not deadly.

However, it could affect the minds of ordinary people and could be simply understood as the most powerful hypnotism. If it was performed by a legendary psionic warlock, it would cover a wide range. The psionic warlock could control the minds of ordinary people, leaving some hints in their hearts. If this ability was used in other places, it might not work, but if it was used in the aspect of spreading beliefs and developing believers, its function would be rather amazing.

Soran thought of this because previously, an adventurer borrowed the power of a psionic warlock.

Although, because of the kind of action, the advanced profession would also fall into the evil camp. However, it doesn’t matter whether he was in the evil camp; falling into this camp would only have a few more enemies. However, with the manipulation ability of the psionic warlock, the adventurer was able to develop in a short period of time. He became the existence that could fight against the ancient temples. This was the value of psionic warlocks. They could create the first batch of believers.

Since Soran had advanced into the realm of demigod, he didn’t have that many options.

The Vampiric God was still there. Even if he took Vivian to hide in the outer islands for a while, he might be discovered eventually. In order to fight against the gods, he needed the power of the gods. Even if he and Gloria came together to fight the Vampiric God, they would still have a hard time with the vampiric temple supporting their god.

The growth of a temple was fast!

Soran could train capable pirates, but a temple could train more powerful professions.

He should quickly close the gap now, or the power difference between them would become greater.

He had divinity.

And Shard of Divinity.

Soran only lacked a portfolio and field that would be fitting to his ability. As long as he could obtain a divine title that he could integrate with, then he could gradually enter into the field of real gods.

With divine powers, he could expand his belief and train priests.

With these three conditions and the population, resources, and wealth of the outer islands, Soran had 70% assurance that he could last the Avatar Crisis.

As for the problem with Vivian, Soran could deal with it more easily with his higher position!

For example, to be able to clean the existence of Fear completely.

Only a real god could complete that

Soran looked at the pale psionic warlock; her life force was almost depleted.

This was a curse from the Queen of Spiders.

Soran had seen such a terrible curse, killing a mother of drow for betrayal. Even in the internal struggle of the drows, if any family did something that offended the Queen of Spiders, she may directly kill all the senior members of the whole family with a curse. In fact, many families had been destroyed, but they were mainly around the period when The Dark Maiden fell.

After the fall of The Dark Maiden, the Queen of Spiders did not have a big clean up.

There was only one way to save her!

To fight the curse of the Queen of Spiders, he could only use divine power.

“Divine Gift!”

This was the only way Soran could save her.

As for the requirement of Divine Gift, that was her attitude towards Soran; this was not a problem at all. The woman in front of her was a legendary psionic warlock, and her ability to hypnotize herself to a certain extent could be done easily. The most important thing was what she thought in her heart, whether she wanted to die like this or whether she wanted Soran to save her.

After taking a deep breath, a

For example, [Psionic Communication]!

After becoming a demigod, he could use psionic communication to communicate with intelligent creatures.

“I can save you.”

Soran held the psionic warlock in his arms, looked into her eyes with divine brilliance, and said slowly, “but the price is that you must become my believer. I don’t have too much time to explain everything, but the only promise I can give you is that you won’t be living too badly in the future. ”

“We don’t have much time.”

“You decide what you want, but don’t take too long!”

Divine Gift.

A powerful ability!

But the price paid was also quite serious. For example, the lost divinity given by Soran to the mutant killer whale would be lost forever. As the price of absorbing the divinity, the mutant killer whale’s will and life were almost controlled in Soran’s hands. In theory, Soran could rely on the control of divine power to deprive it of its life.

Gods were thus powerful!

Even though the psionic warlock was a legendary profession, if she chose to accept Soran’s divine power, then her life would be Soran’s.

Without doubt.

In essence, the way gods controlled their followers was no different from the way demons controlled their followers. However, the devil’s behavior was more arbitrary, evil, and brutal, while gods had to restrain themselves. Many good gods were very protective of their own followers. Divine Gift was a brand on the spiritual level. Once it was formed, it was difficult to get rid of it unless something involving a higher level appeared.

Death or life.

This choice was not difficult.

But as a powerful psionic warlock, maybe she would rather die than be controlled by Soran in the future. If this was true, then Soran could only help her end her life.

That one second felt very long!

There was little time left for the psionic warlock, so when Soran got her reply, he immediately reached out to her forehead.

A strange divine aura appeared.

The divine power in Soran’s body gradually passed to the psionic warlock. Under the divine light, her whole body was covered with a layer of gray energy, which was the curse of the Queen of Spiders.

One Divinity.

Two Divinity.

Three Divinity.

The divinity in Soran’s body was slowly decreasing. With the infusion of the divinity, the gray and strange energy became thinner and thinner. Instead, the divinity power transmitted by Soran was replacing it. With each influx of divinity, Soran’s ability to feel her became stronger, and ultimately, she even formed a spiritual communication with Soran. This meant that she had hypnotized herself to change her attitude toward Soran, accepting Soran’s divinity.

Five divinity points!

When half of the grey energy was gone, Soran stopped giving divinity without hesitation.

He was now left with 11 divinity points.

If he had continued on, he would fall from [Minor Divinity]. Five divinity points were enough to allow the psionic warlock to life; as for the gray energy left, he could only think about it in the future.

Even though the Queen of Spiders was powerful, there were still ways to fight the corrosive curse of hers.