Indescribable energy exploded from behind him.

Soran’s expression suddenly changed. He picked up the Sisi beside him and activated Haste; his whole person left the area as quick as a flash. As one of the few top Rogues who had ever seen the Queen of Spiders in the Underdark, Soran once accepted many missions when wandering among the drows. Maybe it was because of the prestige he accumulated by the tasks he completed. His name was gradually introduced to the Queen of Spiders at that time.

“That…that’s the Queen of Spiders?…”

The little Lolita also panicked. As a dragon, she easily slept all the way to the realm of legends, but what just happened in front of her completely destroyed her confidence. Maybe ordinary people were as weak as ants in her eyes, but in fact, they might also be ants in the eyes of some other existence.

Soran nodded slowly.

Right then, familiar energy flowed in his body, reminding of the countless times he had encountered the Queen of Spiders in the past.

After countless challenges with many god incarnates, Soran was fully aware of how powerful these old school deities were.

In the eyes of the Queen of Spiders, legendary figures were just dust.

There were many records about the fall of the Arcane Empire, but in fact, there had been a conspiracy theory that the fall of the Arcane Empire was because they had threatened the rule of the gods. The great arcanists were too strong, and the field of research started to involve the gods. During the period of the Arcane Empire, their influence spread to the whole multiverse. There were millions of legendary professions in the empire. Conspiracy theorists believe that no one but gods could eliminate so many legendary professions at one go.


Soran was only starting to understand this field, something outside the imagination of mortals.

In theory, gods were invincible–at least, they couldn’t be defeated by ordinary people. The gods made this rule. For a long time, the fall of gods had been caused by internal struggles, and there was no case of a mortal slaying a god.

If not for the Avatar Crisis, a minor god could still destroy a group of legendary professions.

“Gods were invincible in their own kingdom.”

“Within the realm of the gods, a divine ability to change shape, reality, or size was enough to easily change your body to whatever they wanted to see.”

“To any mortal, gods that controlled death, slaughter, and destruction could end lives easily.”

“Gods were immune to must effects, and always had the highest value in any test.”

“Only a god incarnate can be killed.”

-Laws of God slaying, book 1 chapter 3, by DK-JAYER.

Far from the battlefield, just as the figure of the Queen of Spiders disappeared, a twisted, shadowy figure also backed off.


“The power of the Queen of Spiders is overwhelming!… We mistakenly estimated the strength of the Queen of Spiders from the strength of the Rogue god. Even though we have increased the amount of the power gap by nearly 100 times, the gap between the two sides was still too large!… The battle plan failed, and only one of the team survived. ”

“The coordinates of the half-plane had been locked by the Queen of Spiders!… Requesting assistance from the floating tower!…”

“We must return to Sigil and bring the news back to the temple of atheists.”

The shadow quickly disappeared in the darkness.

On another side, Soran slowed down after they were a good distance away.

He looked at the little Lolita in front of him and said seriously, “Things are a little beyond our expectation! If the Queen of Spiders appeared, then we better not go back to the Underdark for some time. ”

Trying to slay a god even before the Avatar Crisis, this aggressive action would definitely arouse the anger of the Queen of Spiders. A terrible cleansing would soon spread to all parts of the Underdark. At least before the official outbreak of the Avatar Crisis, the Queen of Spiders would need to vent her anger.

Soran probably was the only one that knew about the Avatar Crisis.

From a certain aspect, this meant that he had a certain advantage over the many gods!

No one knew when, how strong, and how far the Avatar Crisis would affect them. Even the gods, who were resisting the chaotic energy, could only have a rough guess. So in this period of time, there were many battles, not only among gods but also among other powerful organizations.

Soran had no knowledge about the incident that occurred today. This meant that this incident happened before any adventurer went into the Underdark previously.

Although it was not clear where the team of professions attacking the Queen of Spiders came from, Soran could roughly guess that they had a great relationship with the Arcane Empire because the whole battle plan seemed to be quite “science fiction”; all of these battle calculations needed to be completed by the tower spirits.

Soran had encountered this battle method before, but nothing as frightening as today!

If the target was not the Queen of Spiders, they would have succeeded today. Any deity below Great divine power may have been defeated by this level of god slaying tactics. It was a pity that they picked the wrong god to deal with. Soran did not know why the group would want to kill the Queen of Spiders, but he was not surprised because the Queen of Spiders had many enemies.

Before the Queen of Spiders advanced to [Great Divine Power], she already had duels with the other gods.

It wasn’t surprising that Soran would immediately run after seeing this powerful figure.

Soran did not know why the specific reason the group wanted to kill her. In his memory, only a few groups would take this kind of risk.

For example, the Temple of Atheist, some Astral explorer team, or some other powerful organization.

(Note: before the establishment of drow belief system, the Queen of Spiders was the person holding up the elven belief system, but as a goddess who was good at using conspiracy, she allied with some powerful gods.)

“The Queen of Spiders!…”

Sisi lowered her head and muttered. She had become moody after what had happened. She seemed to be in a bad mood as if thinking about something.

However, Soran did not have time to think that much.

The battle previously had been too scary! He wouldn’t have lasted a second in that battle. Soran was not surprised that the Queen of Spiders went after them. Before the Avatar Crisis, only a few gods together could take on the Queen of Spiders.

Tactics seemed powerful but were completely useless against certain existences.

Just like a group in the past that wanted to kill the Queen of Succubus. They thought they could kill her, but they couldn’t even overcome the effects of ‘Enchanting Beauty.’ In the end, the Queen of Succubus used Decadent Desire to let them play.

There was some light in front.

There were some glowing plants around. However, when they got close, Soran’s expression changed. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, and his eyes were fixed to a figure laid in front. The outline of the figure seemed to be a woman, her skin was pale, and a veil covered her face. However, Soran saw a very familiar marking and said, “God slayers?!”

Psionic warlock?

When Soran turned the woman over, he and the little Lolita looked at each other, shocked.

Sisi frowned and said, “She’s dying!”

Soran nodded.

She was dying!

A powerful psionic warlock who was beyond level 30, killed so swiftly by the Queen of Spiders.

Soran opened her palm and saw the marking of a widow. “That’s the curse of the Queen of Spiders!…”

“She can’t be saved.”

Since the Queen of Spiders entered Greater Divine Power, she had been eying other powerful portfolios.

The portfolio of curses.

Anyone who got the curse would not survive.


Sisi looked at the almost dead psionic warlock and said, “If only some deity gave her new life, then she could survive this curse. Otherwise, she’ll die for sure.”

Just as Soran heard what she said, his eyes brightened.

It was as though he had thought of something!