It’s her!

After the battlefield was cleared of other obstructions, Soran finally saw clearly who the captured drow was.

Almost in an instant, Soran’s body trembled involuntarily. There was a little fear in his eyes. There were not many things in the whole multiverse that could make him afraid, and there seemed to be only one thing in the Underdark that could make Soran afraid!

That was the [Queen of Spiders] – Lolth!

The master of the Underdark and the highest in hell.

The previous god of the elves, now the queen of spiders.

From her appearance, the Queen of Spiders should be a very, very beautiful woman.

No matter how the outside world vilified her and said that she looked like a big spider, the fact was, the Queen of Spiders was the god of the elves. As the first wife of the elf god, she was more beautiful than most goddesses in appearance. So, everyone who saw her would be shocked by her beautiful appearance. Even in the form of a drow, her charms could not be hidden.

She was one of the two most beautiful women in the Abyss.

She was also one of the two most terrifying women in the Abyss.

The other was the Queen of Succubus, the same terrible existence that Soran was extremely afraid of. Since the Queen of Spiders brought her kingdom to the Abyss, there had never been an end to the fight between the two terrible goddesses. The Queen of Spiders undoubtedly was a goddess full of ambition. She was cruel, insidious, and vicious enough to make everyone feel afraid. The Queen of Succubus, who had become a fallen demon god, played an important role in the Abyss. She had killed two generations of demon princes, which was definitely a nightmare in the hearts of many demon lords.

Soran wasn’t just afraid of their power but also their cruelty.

The Queen of Spiders loved to plot.

Do they want to kill the Queen of Spiders?!

Soran didn’t have to think much and already knew that the attempt today would be a failure. The Queen of Spiders could not be killed. Moreover, the Avatar Crisis had not yet started. Even if the Queen of Spider’s body had come to the material plane, the connection between her and her kingdom, the Demonweb Pits, remained. How could a god who could mobilize the insane powers of god easily be killed by others?!


After the effect of the Clockwork Nirvana was over, Soran immediately pulled the Lolita dragon and ran back.

This type of assassination attempt would only anger the Queen of Spiders!

Once the Queen of Spiders became enraged, staying around the area would only lead to misfortune.

“Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon model 4 charging complete!”

“Locked onto target coordinates!… Firing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

From an unknown half-plane.

The top of the arcane tower gathered terrifying energy, which finally materialized as a purple ray.

The ray of the Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon directly cut through the air, and within its ballistic range was a portal to a different dimensional space. The purple energy ray passed through space, and the next moment appeared on the battlefield in the Underdark. Immediately an energy field appeared around the Queen of Spiders. The ray from the Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon collided with the divine energy field. The collision of these great powers shook the whole place, and everything around it seemed to be twisted and folded.

“Tower Spirit 4, calculate the consumption of the divine energy field!…”

“Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon model 4 energy consumption 90%, 80%, 70%!… Target’s divine energy field remaining power is 70%, 60%, 50%!…”


“Target’s divine energy field has dropped to 30%!… dissipating in 3 seconds!… Sword Saint, prepare for battle!…”

1, 2, 3!

While the energy ray from the Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon dimmed, the divine energy field of the queen of spiders also weakened. When the energy field behind the Queen of Spiders disappeared completely, another portal opened in front of her.

“Tower Spirit 5 accepts control of teleportation control!…”

“Calculate space markers!… Activating the teleportation portal!… Extract energy from element pool!… [Element Fission Wave Blade] charging!… Charging progress is grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5!… Energy exhaustion of element pool!… [Element Fission Wave Blade] charged!… ”

Time went on.

A mixed-blood Orc Sword Saint had been waiting for his turn 10 kilometers away. He held a strange sword, which was engraved with countless runes and had a special silver texture. There was no blade on the hilt. However, a strange light emerged. Powerful and incomparable energy was transmitted to the gem in the center of the hilt, and then a straight blade composed entirely of energy emerged. The power of this strange energy blade was still increasing. In the end, it even made the surrounding light bend.

“[Element Fission Wave Blade] lasts for 10 seconds!”

“Sword Saint!… Our success or failure depends on you!…”

A tired metallic sound was heard.

The eyes of the Sword Saint had a burst of light, and then he immediately launched into the portal in front of him.

Sword Saint–the most explosive among the melee class. Only they could easily break the energy protection field of spellcasters. No melee class could match the power output of the Sword Saint.

The legendary Sword Saints were among the few who had the ability to kill a god reincarnate directly, even though they were still so fragile after entering the realm of legend. (Note: the legendary Sword Saint is still unable to wear protective equipment.)

A ray flashed by!


“Expose Weakness!”

The seemingly simple attack contained the deadliest blow. The Sword Saint flew across the air in a flash. At the next moment, the strange energy blade had penetrated the body of the Queen of Spiders from the back, directly through her heart, leaving a huge hole in her body. But there was no blood in the wound because the hot energy had evaporated everything.

Did we succeed?!

There was dead silence on the battlefield. The attack of the Sword Saint came in right as the divine energy field dissipated.

“Did we do it?”

A hesitant voice asked. All the professions at the scene were legendary, thus they could feel if the target still had life force or not.

The target seemed to be killed by them!

However, they did not believe they had killed the Queen of Spiders so easily e

However, they still could not believe themselves after they seemed to have killed the target.

Just then,

A panicking machine voice was heard, “Unknown energy reaction! Unknown energy reaction!”

“Target has an unknown energy reaction!…”

“Half plane energy consumption is sharply decreasing!… The current remaining energy is 30%, 20%, 10%!… Half plane confinement failure!… There is unknown potential erosion energy!… Unknown dark energy is eroding the half-plane!… Half-plane is in a state of collapse!… ”

“Warning! Warning!”

“Battle program failure!… All units retreat!…”

Time was slowed down at this moment.

The Queen of Spiders, who had lost her lifeforce, suddenly opened her eyes. In her eyes, a terrible divine radiance appeared. In just a moment, her broken body was quickly repaired. At the same time, eight ferocious spider legs appeared from her body. The unknown energy slowly emerged. It opened a space gap behind the Queen of Spiders, in which you could see a black and evil land; there were countless creatures on this land, but they were all terrifying existences.

“Hee, Hee!…”

A cold and cruel female voice rang out. The Queen of Spiders slowly opened her eyes. A cruel smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. With a light wave of her hand, the space around her became distorted. The figure of the Sword Saint became rigid. At the next moment, the Sword Saint turned into thousands of neat pieces of meat. She looked down at all the people on the battlefield and said with a grim smile, “So it’s the evils of the Arcane Empire!”

“You don’t even have a flying castle!… And you plan to kill me with these feeble fools?… You’re more naive than I thought!…”


The Queen of Spiders gently clenched her fists, and the two legendary Arcane Energy Armor became a pile of scrap metal.

An indescribable realm covered the whole area.

All the portals were closed in an instant, and the unknown domain energy eroded the physical world as if it had been isolated into another space.

“What laughable dimensional abilities!”

A smile of sarcasm appeared on the face of the Queen of Spiders, and she said slowly, “The only surprise is the Clockwork Nirvana! I thought the [Time Seeker] had all fallen… I didn’t expect another fish that had escaped the net! ”

“What tenacity!…”

“All deities hope for your death, yet you reappear again and again!…”

The Queen of Spiders drew her hand across the air, and the monk ‘s rigid body immediately divided into two parts. His head fell to the ground while the headless body slowly fell to the ground. Lolth’s face was full of sarcasm, “Mortals are only mortals. They can never understand the power of the gods! Time, space, material, plane–everything inside my realm is governed by me; even the laws are mine to control!…”

The space twisted.

The Barbarian let out a painful scream. In the next moment, just like a candle melting, his body also slowly melted away, becoming a pile of flesh and blood.

The Queen of Spiders waved her hand again and wiped away another dust like existence.

She then turned her eyes to a place tens of kilometers away. At the next moment, the masked psionic warlock was shocked. Then her face became gray, and her breathing became extremely weak. Her vitality gradually faded with the power of a curse. The breathing of the masked woman gradually declined, and her skin seemed to have lost its vitality. Her face was gray and filled with fear, and she ran towards the rear desperately.

“Annoying flies!”

The Queen of Spiders let out a hum and looked at a distant space, as though she had locked onto a dimension.

Her figure gradually fused into the distorted space while saying playfully, “Found you!… Humble little mice!… Wait for me! ”

The Queen of Spiders disappeared.

However, everything did not end, and the Abyss started to tremble.

The Abyss.

Abyss hell.

The divine plane of the Queen of Spiders.

Since the Queen of Spiders had advanced into [Great Divine Powers], the Queen of Spiders had lowered her kingdom to a deeper field.

That would be the bottomless Abyss.

After the Queen of Spiders transferred her kingdom to the Abyss, she became the most powerful evil god, outsider, butcher and schemer in the Abyss.

Her arrival shook the entire bottomless Abyss!

Countless demons felt threatened but could not do anything.

Her powers could change the laws of the realm. No one wanted to see her arrival, yet no one could chase her away.

That was because she was the Queen of Spiders, Lolth.

Bottomless Abyss–With a huge divine power, the divine plane [Abyss hell], which had fallen into the Abyss, started to move little by little. The huge vibration from the moving plane transmitted to the entire Abyss.

At the same time, inside a lavish palace.

The languid figure of the Queen of Succubus laid on the luxurious throne, her eyes suddenly turned to a certain space and muttered, “What is this bitch doing?”

“How could she move her divine plane at such a time!… Did she encounter some problems?… ”

“Hee, Hee!”

“Maybe I could give her a surprise!”