Abyss Domination

Chapter 435 - Soran [Demigod]

There was a piece of strange translucent crystal.

Soran’s hand, which held the crystal, was trembling. With a light aura, the strange crystal gradually disappeared in his palm, like ice melting. An indescribable force poured into Soran’s body, and his skin suddenly seemed to glow. This lasted only for a moment, and then everything was back to normal. If there was any difference, it was that his eyes seemed to have indescribable magic; anyone who looked into his eyes would generate a sense of respect.

The Shard of Divinity.

Records of this item in the material plane were rare because, in the long history of the material plane, there were not many gods that had fallen. The exception was the Avatar Crisis. The only record of the Shard of Divinity in the world was “Tears of Baal.” The Shard of Divinity gathered by the many Sons of Slaughter.

[Tears of Baal] only appeared for a short time in history.

From then on, there were basically no more records of that Shard of Divinity.

A row of data appeared:

“Absorbed Shard of Divinity!…”

“Transformation of divine power!… Merging divine power!… Discovered unknown memory remnant!… Trigger mandatory test of will!… test passed!… The unknown memory remnant has been wiped clean! ”

“Successfully absorbed Shard of Divinity.”

“You’ve received 3 divinity points!… Shard of divinity insufficient!… No divine title!… Unable to transform the divine power!… The minimum requirement for power transformation is [Minor Shard of Divinity]!… ”

“Divine power activated!…”

“Triggered divine portfolio change!… Self transforming into a demigod state!… In the process of law construction!… In the process of portfolio construction!…”

“Gained a special characteristic [Demigod]!… Self immune to legendary spell [Time Stop]!…”

A row of dense information appeared.

There was a huge data stream in front of Soran’s eyes, just like when he first woke up. He even had a slight dizziness. In the dark, he felt that his body went through some sort of change. Not only was it in his body, but also related to the stream of data. The power of divinity seemed to have infiltrated into it, and there was a kind of slow change that he could not understand. This change could not be described in words, but Soran could feel it and realize how amazing it was!

This reminded him of the first adventurer that became a god.

Gods were not simple entities. As mighty gods, they possessed great power and had a great responsibility.

The task that takes up most of their time was mostly answering prayers and granting priests divine power!

There has been a theory:

The brain of a god was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Sometimes they were like a super biological brain, receiving and responding to the prayers of believers, and at the same time transforming the power of faith into the divine power to be given to the priests. This was a rather complicated process, so some gods gave up their posts. Under normal circumstances, unless a deity fell, they would need to respond to the prayers of all the priests who believe in them every day and convert the power of faith to give them divine power.

The first adventurer that became a god encountered one problem, even with all his newly aquired power.

After the adventurer advanced to become a deity, he had to adapt to the prayers of the believers and then slowly respond to the faith they gave him. It took him a long time to adjust.

That was why, other than the hero’s template (Natural attributes above 90), there was also a template for the ones that had become gods.

The template for gods was to deal with the prayers of believers.

Soran had a special feeling that his data flow seemed to be changing in this direction under the power of divinity. The data jumping in front of him seemed to be filled with some kind of power, making him feel a slight sense of electric current in his brain. He couldn’t describe it in words, but he knew some changes were going on.

Right then,

Soran’s stats were very different from before!

Name: Soran [Demigod]

Race: Half-elf [Son of Slaughter]

Attributes: Strength 19(+7, Belt of Giant Strength+6), Dexterity 27 (+2), Constitution 22 (+1), Intelligence 22 (+2), Wisdom 16 (+1), Charisma 19 (+3, Sadness of Mohe +2).

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Profession: Level 10 Commoner (Max)/ Level 7 Rogue (0/306500)/Level 5 Shadow Dancer (0/375000)/Level 10 Wizard (0/148500) [Grade 5]

Health Points (HP): 272/345 [Strong]

Experience Points (EXP): 135075 Slaughter EXP, 1545 Profession EXP [Unassigned]

Skill Points: None

Attribute Points: None

Legend Rating: 42

Divine Points: 16 [Minor Divinity]. (Level up to [Lesser Divinity] requires 30 divine points.)

Shard of Divinity: 3. (Level up to [Minor Shard of Divinity] requires 10 Shard of Divinity.)

Status: Normal

Profession Skills: Sneak 285, Literacy 280, Steal 85, Pick Lock 9, Snare 85, Focus 75, Diplomacy 105, Appraise 65, Deception 60, Intimidation 145, Taunt 30, Performance 35, Listen 55, Evade 145, Parry 60, Block 60, Heal 85, Search 55, Detect 70, Scribe Scroll 50, Spellcraft 45, Survival 80, Use Magic Device 55, Cooking 40, Alchemy 30.

Legendary Skills: Omnipotent Hands, Epic Dexterity, Epic Prowess, Epic Dexterity.

Special Skills: Blessing of the Maid of Misfortune, Blessing of the Sea Goddess, Dragonblood baptism level 2, Heart of Slaughter, Slaughterer, The Ascetic, Sage, Blasphemy (Once a day.)

Personal Abilities: Nimble Left Hand, Eidetic Memory, Perseverance, Able Learner, Practiced Spellcaster, Reflex Evasion, Danger Sense, Dodge Roll, Darkvision, Spell Control, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Minor Magic Resistance, Lesser Cold Resistance, Lesser Poison Immunity, Greater Dual-wielding, Regeneration [Moderate], 10 feet Telepathy.

Profession Abilities: Grasp of Shadows, Martial Weapon [Proficiency], Curved Sword [Legendary].

Combat Skills: Shadowstrike, Conjure Shadow, Shadow Jump, Shadow Leap, Fear Gaze (Divine), Fear (Divine), Vampiric Touch (Divine), Counterspell, Sword Form [Heavy Hack], Sword Form [Horizontal Slash], Sword Form [Beheading], Sword Form [Spinning Strike].

In the dark passage.

A fleeting figure came running out; his whole person was covered by a shadow.

“Target appeared!”

“Prey has been attracted to a specified area!… Everyone, prepare for battle!…”

“Spotted the Queen of Spiders [Lolth]!…”

“The prey has revealed herself!… Psionic warlock mark target!… Distance to designated location 10 kilometers!…”

“Other entities within the detection range!…”

“Target, The God of Vampires!… It seems that he had also been attracted by the bait!…”

“Recalculating battle program!…”

“Intercept target?… God of Vampires is swiftly closing the distance!… Target is only 8 kilometers away!…”

A string of psionic communications transpired.

Along with the machine voice of the Tower Spirit, a metallic man’s voice was heard in the minds of the Godslayers, “Do not intercept!… Let them and the decoy go!… Our goal is the Queen of Spider!… ”

“Hold until the prey appears in the designated area!”


After completely absorbing the Shard of Divinity, Soran felt an electric shock through his body; it seemed that he felt the other entities around the area.

This was a feeling of the deity realm!