Vampiric Touch.

As long as it was an enemy with lifeforce, this spell would work. Its damage was quite stable.

At present, Soran has never failed in using it. It could reduce the life force of the opponent and restore his own injuries. Unfortunately, it could only be used once a day, and Soran could only use it when he was desperate. As for the “Vampiric Touch” from his own memory, since it was not a gifted type of spell-like ability, and there was no divine power as support, Soran had to use incantations to cast the spell and then be in close contact with the target before it could take effect. (Note: Casting time was about 1.5 seconds.)

In this case, it was not the divinity that affected the spell, but the spell’s strength brought forth by his Wizardry level.

His injuries recovered at an alarming rate.

Soran caused hundreds of damage in a flash, but it was not fatal for the coarse skinned and fleshy Elder Earth Elemental.

However, Soran expected the outcome of this battle. The moment the distance between them widened, Soran shot a bombardment of Arcane Missiles. Maybe the effect of this attack on a dragon was very limited, but the effect on other legendary creatures was powerful. After all, there were only a few creatures like the dragon that were born with all kinds of resistance and just sleeping could increase their strength.

——”Arcane Missiles * 6!”

The roaring Arcane Missiles hit the Elder Earth Elemental. Although the damage caused by it has been greatly weakened, they have still accumulated 70-80 points of damage. Thirty Arcane Missiles were fired at once. Although each one has only two points of damage, it could not withstand the advantage of numbers. In the beginning, the Wizard’s Arcane Explosion relied on the huge advantage of numbers. As long as the enemy was not completely immune to the damage of Arcane Missiles, then there would be a hundred if fifty was not effective. All kinds of spell empowerment and maximization would improve the spell level, and finally, the enemy would be killed with a torrent of explosions.

Unfortunately, this tactic could be broken by adding a level one ‘Shield’ that was cast in advance.

Otherwise, it was really a terrifying burst of damage.

——”Melf’s Minute Meteors!”

Soran widened the distance at the end of a round of outbursts, and at the same time, he quickly retreated to use his big moves.

However, to his surprise, an alert suddenly appeared:

“Ability breakthrough!”

“You’ve made new breakthroughs in battles over and over again!…. You’ve acquired information about the [Combat Casting] ability! ”

“You have mastered a new ability [Combat Casting]!…”

Soran did not expect this.

The Combat Casting ability could have a breakthrough in this situation, but what surprised him, even more, was that when he completed the ‘Melf’s Minute Meteors,’ a second data alert appeared again:

“You’ve gained more experience and skills battle after battle!…. You’ve mastered a higher level of understanding regarding casting! ”

“You’ve acquired the information on the [Mobile Spellcasting] ability.”

Mobile Spellcasting!

The advancement of the Combat Casting ability and the Flight Casting prerequisite. Soran did not only cast spells once or twice.

But until now, only did the new data emerged.

There were two data alerts at one time, which shocked Soran. When one’s strength reached his level, every improvement was quite obvious. Being able to master two very important basic abilities through combat meant that he could have enough ability points to master more powerful legendary abilities in the future.

Accumulate, precipitate, and brew–continuous battles were not unproductive. It only took a relatively long time to cause a qualitative change from a quantitative change.


The breakthroughs during the battle have let him mastered the [Combat Casting] ability, and Soran’s combat skills nimbly changed a lot.

The minute meteor’s flames roared out, enveloping the Elder Earth Elemental in it. With Soran’s attack speed, the full eruption was completely a close-up bombardment attack. Even the Elder Earth Elemental’s figure was directly covered by dust.

“Why do I feel that this guy is getting stronger and stronger!”

Sisi could not help but look at Soran, a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes. She thought, This guy is really a freak!

——”Dragon Wing Form!”

Sisi took a deep breath and released a pair of huge Bronze Dragon Wings on her back. Her figure soared into the air and directly fought with the Elder Wind Elemental in front of her. Since Soran could suppress the Elder Earth Elemental, then, she must contain the Elder Wind Elemental that was the hardest to deal with.

——”Blasphemy [Pain]!”

As soon as Melf’s Minute Meteors’ bombardment attack was over, Soran unleashed his recently mastered ability [Blasphemy].

This was an effective spell-like ability regardless of the enemy, which directly affected the soul and spirit energy–a type of power from the realm of gods!

The great pain directly affected the spirit of the Elder Earth Elemental, which made its elemental form tremble.

——”Shadow Jump!”

Soran’s figure disappeared into the dark, and the surrounding space began to twist. A gray color covered everything. His figure passed through the shadow plane, and a cold light directly penetrated the body of the Elder Earth Elemental.


A heavy body fell to the ground.

A row of data emerged before Soran’s eyes:

“You’ve eliminated the Elder Earth Elemental!…”

“Extracting the target’s soul energy!…. You’ve gained 48,000 Slaughter EXP!… ”

When the Elder Earth Elemental died, Soran took a little breath and started to target the most difficult Elder Wind Elemental. The enemy lost half of their strength.

But, It seemed that he did not need to make a move. It was fine for Sisi to go against an elemental elder alone.

In that case, Soran calmed down. He retreated into the shadows and began to look for the last chance to supplement her with his blade.

He could never have too much Slaughter EXP. It was easier to find an opportunity to cut in when wandering outside the battle. A Slaughter EXP of an elemental elder was close to 50000 points. To Soran, this was a big source of income. If he was the only one who killed these four elemental elders, it was probably enough to upgrade a Wizard level. It was a pity that it was an unwise decision to choose to go for it alone. If he did not transform into his [Slaughter Form], he had no assurance at all. Even if he changed into his form, he only had a certainty of roughly 50-60%.

The fighting continued.

As soon as Sisi saw that Soran’s figure disappeared again, she was so angry that she grit her teeth. In this scenario, he still did not hurry over to help, but he even disappeared to god knows where.

I really wish that I could kill him!

——”Dragon Breath!”

Facing the fast-moving Elder Wind Elemental, Sisi took a deep breath, and her small chest started bulging. Then a hot flame swept out, and a dragon’s breath attack had a powerful killing power.

Meanwhile, at the end of the dragon breath, Soran’s figure reappeared. With a cold light, the Elder Wind Elemental had been finished off by his hands.

Three elemental elders were dead.

The last Elder Water Elemental was easier to kill. It seemed that the effect of the Maze spell lingered. The Elder Water Elemental had still has not appeared until now.

Sisi waved softly.

It seemed to be a special kind of spell, and then one could see the figure of the Elder Water Elemental.


Lolita gave Soran an angry look and stood aside, crossing her little white arms in front of her chest as if she had no intention of helping.

This guy is such a rascal!

Let him deal with the last Elder Water Elemental by himself.

I’m going to die from anger!

Soran’s next battle was very easy. But with the end of the fight, Lolita Dragon next to him finally took action.

She bit Soran!

Lolita, who had been holding back her anger for a long time, finally took a bite on Soran’s arm after all the enemies were eliminated, leaving a row of clear and neat teeth marks. Then she raised her leg and kicked him twice having yet released her anger. At last, she glared at him with hatred and ground her teeth, wanting to go for another bite.

This bastard!

I’m so lovely and beautiful! He actually dared to use me as a meat shield!

On a flat, open land,

“Target has appeared!!!”

“Decoy in range! The prey has appeared! Everyone get ready to fight! ”

The fierce momentum enveloped the entire area in an instant.

The monk stood up at once, his expression was a little nervous, but he took a deep breath of air and went: “The monk is on standby! I can join in the fray at any time! ”

A cold voice with a metallic smell sounded, and slowly said: “The clock has been prepared and is ready!”

“Everyone, get ready to fight!”

“The prey has appeared!….. The monk is on standby!…. Clear the targets near the prey as soon as the battle begins!….”

A series of sounds rang in their minds.

“Sword Saint on standby!”

“Rogue on standby!”

“Barbarian on standby!”

“Tower Spirit 3 is ready!…”

“Tower Spirit 2 has taken over the commanding authority of the Arcane Tower!…”

“Tower Spirit 1 has completed the calculation of imprisoning half the plane!…. When the prey appears, it will launch the half-plane Imprisonment!… ”

There were a series of voices resounding.

Finally, there was a female voice filled with magnetism, saying slowly: “The Mind’s connection has been established!… Activate the Psionics Energy Field senses sharing!…. Tactical Simulation officially launched! ”

“All units get ready to fight at any time!….. Psionic transmission has been synchronized!… “