Abyss Domination

Chapter 433 - Joining Hands

Chapter 433: Chapter 79 Joining Hands

From a tactical point of view, Soran’s actions were evidently right. In his opinion, although Sisi looked like a little girl, she was still a powerful dragon.

As everyone knew, dragons were very resistant to beatings!

So when Soran’s figure disappeared, he began to look for a suitable entry point to fight. The best starting point was when the three elemental elders attacked Lolita Dragon at the same time. However, he didn’t consider Sisi’s feelings. She was angry and swore against Soran thousands of times, using profanities like “F**ker”. The three elemental elders put great pressure on her. No matter how strong a dragon was, she was only a dragon that was just approaching adulthood.

Moreover, she was outnumbered in this legendary level battle. Even someone with the most powerful strength would still be at a disadvantage!


Sisi’s situation was not very good.

Flames, lightning, and rocks–three elemental elders directly restricted her counterattack abilities and covered her with a powerful bombardment, forcing her into dire straits and using Blink Teleportation to evade them.


Lolita retreated at high speed with a gray face. The cute little face had a gnashing look and even carried an expression that was about to cry.

Of course!

Regarding this, she would not admit it even if she was killed.

The first round of attacks finally came to an end. Even though Lolita had an instantaneous teleportation spell, she still suffered hits several times. But at this time, Soran’s figure also appeared from the distorted shadows. The legendary Curved Sword Icingdeath sent out a strange silver-white glimmer, and the temperature of the blade had been reduced to subzero. With a flash of cold light, Soran slashed into the battlefield in an instant and swung his blade at the Elder Fire Elemental in front.

With the last experience of dealing with the Balor, the Elder Fire Elemental should be the easiest enemy he could deal with!

The burning flames raged out.

But for Soran, who had the Curved Sword Icingdeath, the flames couldn’t even be considered a threat.

Even though it was also a legendary creature, the combat power of Elder Fire Elemental was lower than that of the Balor by more than a level. The Curved Sword Icingdeath put out the flames. At the same time, the cold attributes directly caused great damage to Elder Fire Elemental. With only one slash, Soran had beaten the Elder Fire Elemental into a state of serious injury. The dark energy of the shadow attacks and the cold energy of the legendary Curved Sword Icingdeath dealt hundreds of damage points to the Elder Fire Elemental in a flash.

——”Sword Form [Spinning Strike]!”

Soran knew that the battle at the legendary level would be decided in a single moment, so when he had seriously injured the Elder Fire Elemental, he unhesitatingly went forth to chase after him vying for the victory. He was fighting with the risk of being hit by the Elder Earth Elemental, and then, he slashed his sword towards the enemy in front of him again.


Soran’s figure directly flew out, and a stream of blood gushed out into the air.

The terrifying force depressed his sternum, and he even directly hit the wall at the back, leaving a faint mark. However, Soran’s battle result at the cost of being hit head-on was also quite brilliant. The Elder Fire Elemental was on the verge of death only after receiving less than a round of attacks by Soran. The legendary Curved Sword Icingdeath had an unexpected and powerful killing power against it!

“Good chance!”

In the face of the Elder Fire Elemental, who was on the verge of death, Sisi unleashed Disintegrate. With a green ray of light shooting over, the Elder Fire Elemental, who already had a very weak life force was completely disintegrated in an instant.

They finished off one of them!

Soran coughed and stood up, swallowing the blood that was coming up his throat, back inside.

Earth elemental had a natural strength advantage. After having advanced into legendary, its strength adjustment value was very high. That attack just now had hurt him quite a lot. However, since they have killed an elemental elder, the upcoming battles would be much easier. Before the Elder Water Elemental came out of the maze, they temporarily gained a one-on-one advantage. The pressure on both of them has decreased a lot!

——”Evade Sight!”

Soran unhesitatingly entered into the stealth state again. For him who had the ‘Cloak of Proof Against Detection,’ as long as he entered the stealth state, the elemental elders in front of him would not be able to find him. That is, he did not have to worry about being attacked by them.

He’s out of the fight again!

Sisi’s face was itching with hate, but she had no way to deal with Soran.

He was a Rogue, after all.

Against these legendary monsters, fighting head-on would result in severe injuries, unless he transformed into the Slaughter Form.

Sisi was once again the primary target.

She was furious, having been used as a meat shield by Soran. This was not the ideal battle script she had in her mind at all. Shouldn’t her ideal battle have been Soran standing in front resisting hardly, and then she stood in the back, elegant and unrestrained ‘BIU~BIU~BIU’ throwing spells? (Note: she thought Soran would treat her as a powerful spellcaster, but in fact, Soran treated her as a meat shield.)

This hateful guy did not follow the plot in the novels at all!

A distorted shadow flew in.

Soran’s figure swam on the edge of the battle circle, looking for the chance to break in and deal a critical strike on his opponent.

The fast-moving Elder Wind Elemental was not in his consideration at all. Soran’s target was the rather slow-looking but rough and fleshy Elder Earth Elemental.


——”Sword Form [Behead]!”

The cold light slashed through the air and directly struck onto the Elder Earth Elemental elder in front of him.

Soran felt as if he had cut into a solid marble, and the blade of the Icingdeath had already exhausted its strength. But it did not matter. Soran never expected that physical attacks would resolve the earth elemental so easily. So when he retrieved his Curved Sword Icingdeath, he quickly raised his hand and pressed it onto the back of the Elder Earth Elemental.

——”Vampiric Touch [Divinity]!”

A row of data emerged:

“Activated spell-like ability —- Vampiric Touch [Divinity]!…”

“Target immunity resistance failed!….. Negative energy eroded the target’s life force!…. Lifeforce transferred to your body!…. You’ve dealt 60 energy damage to the target!….. You’ve recovered 60 life force!… ”

A special lifeforce was transferred to Soran.

This energy was as heavy as the earth. He has never felt such a life force before, and it had a heavy texture. Under the influence of this energy, Soran’s injuries recovered rapidly, and his own state has gradually recovered to just a state of slight injury.