The straight line distance was twenty-five kilometers away.

The advancing Barbarian suddenly stopped and looked at his companion, who seemed to be in a daze. He said in a deep voice: “Die? What happened? Did you discover anything?”

The masked woman closed her eyes as if she was sensing something. Psionic Warlocks used a kind of energy similar to spiritual power. They were one of the few professionals born with their own [Telepathy] ability. After a while, the masked woman opened her eyes and looked in the direction where Soran was. She frowned slightly and said slowly: “Nothing much. It’s just as if someone summoned the Demigod Spirit. It shouldn’t affect our plan.”

Demigod Spirits were one of the most common divine creatures.

Many legendary Wizards could summon them. There were many Demigod Spirits on the elemental plane. Following the ancient contract, they would respond to the summonings of many Spellcasters. The well-known ‘Limited Wish Skill’ and ‘Wish’ were to summon the elemental spirits to help. The wind elementals were the elemental spirits that were the easiest to respond to such spells. (Note: most of the time, Wish would summon the Djinnis.)

The Barbarian nodded slowly and went: “That’s good.”

The pair continued to walk forward. Soon, they walked upon a very open area, and unlike the other places, the plants here were very lush. There were many natural stalactites around, and the sound of underground spring water could be heard vaguely. When the figure of the pair appeared in the open space, some monsters that were not that small size also appeared. There was a group of Hook Horrors that occupied here. For the duo in front, the Hook Horrors could not even be considered a threat.

In the blink of an eye, there were even more corpses on the ground.

“Here it is.”

The masked woman suddenly stopped in the middle and slowly said: “This is the best place calculated by Pagoda No. 5! We will ambush the Queen of Spiders here! ”

The Barbarian looked around and said in a deep voice: “Understood.”

Then, he took out some strange silver-white metals and left special marks in a hidden corner.

These were runes for spells. Normally speaking, a Barbarian with more muscles in his brain than brain juice could not master it. At present, this Barbarian in front could do this, which meant that he may have a sub-profession in the other professions, or that he had an uncommon Literacy. No matter what, it meant that the Barbarian was very dangerous!

“Hey! Soran.”

The lolita Dragon shifted her steps behind Soran. The two people stood back to back. There were four elemental elders who were summoned. Sisi’s expression was a little worried, but one could also see a trace of excitement in her eyes. In a small voice, she went: “Didn’t you say we were fighting little monsters? How could you suddenly summon such powerful things! ”

Four legendary elementals–even a powerful dragon would feel pressured like them, especially the Underdark terrain, which constrained her a little. Even if she could not defeat it, she could not transform into a dragon and escape from the battle.

“It was a little unexpected.”

Soran’s expression was quite serious. He looked at the Demigod Djinni in front of him. After he was sure that the other party had no intention of attacking personally, he calmed down a little. If the Demigod Djinni joined in the battle, their chances of victory would be very low. But dealing with four legendary elementals at the same time, Soran was also under great pressure. Back in that year, the other Adventurers that had completed this task had sacrificed human lives, which totally destroyed the combat power of five groups. Although Soran was stronger now, he did not have a good chance of winning if he dealt with it alone. The only advantage was that he tricked a dragon into helping him. Although he did not know the actual strength of Lolita Dragon, she would still be able to relieve a lot of pressure.

She seemed to be a little eager to try things out, and the current situation made her feel like the protagonist of a legend.

The great Brass Dragon Princess triggered a seal from the legends with her little attendant, and then there were four powerful elemental elders. Finally, after a difficult battle, her Royal Highness won her victory with her little attendant.

That was what the story should be like.

She was a little confused with the logistics, but her instincts were sharp. In a low voice, she said: “You will deal with the Elder Earth Elemental and the Elder Fire Elemental, and I will deal with the other two.”

A dragon’s talent was very amazing!

At one glance, Sisi judged the best battle distribution. Soran was extremely agile and could deal with the Elder Earth Elemental. At the same time, the legendary Curved Sword Icingdeath in his hand was not an ordinary item. It was half as good to deal with the Elder Fire Elemental using its the deathly cold air. As for the other two elemental elders, especially the most difficult one, the Elder Wind Elemental, naturally has to be dealt with by the great Brass Dragon Princess, the protagonist of the story–so as to show off her wise and divine martial arts.


Soran hesitated a little when he heard her, then whispered: “Understood. You must be careful yourself!”


As the portal connecting the element plane disappeared, the four elemental elders attacked at the same time.

The first one was the slowest, Elder Earth Elemental. It swung with a huge fist and hit the ground in front of him. Accompanied by a loud bang, a sharp stone pillar was thrust out of the ground, and then it separated Soran and Sisi, who were standing back-to-back.

Not good!

The wisdom of the elemental elders was not low.

Elementals were different from other living creatures. Many low-level elementals might not even have their own consciousness. However, the elemental elders in front of them were obviously different. They disrupted Soran and Sisi’s battle formation and separated them so that they could not help each other.

The second one to move was the Elder Wind Elemental. With the roaring wind sweeping by, the Elder Wind Element rushed over directly.

“Soran! The other two are yours!”

A very faint light appeared in Sisi’s eyes. Her delicate body flew up, and she raised her hand to point at the Elder Water Elemental in front of her.

——”Maze spell!”

A twisted space appeared.

The figure of the Elder Water Elemental disappeared in a flash and was sent into the maze in a different dimension.

At this time, Sisi turned her attention to the Wind Elemental in front of her. The four elements of earth, water, wind, and fire didn’t look different in strength, but the most powerful one was always actually the wind because they had defeated the powerful abyss demons. From martial might point of vie, the wind elemental was quite amazing both in terms of speed and lethality. What was more frightening was that the Elder Wind Elemental generally had a very powerful lightning-like ability.

Storm Lord.

It was a God with a powerful divine power on the material plane, and also a terrifying existence controlling lightning and storm.

The elemental domain of the wind could easily exert the power of lightning!

The crackling of electric light emerged.

In the body of the Wind Elemental Lord, there was a pulsing electric current. With the roaring wind, pulsing lightning directly swept out.

It turns out that Sisi’s judgment was right.

She, who had spell resistance, had a more obvious advantage against lightning attacks, while Soran would be very passive if he was in the situation of receiving lighting attacks.

——”Evade Sight!”

——”Shadow Leap!”

Facing the encirclement by the three elemental elders, Soran’s figure directly disappeared on the spot.


Sisi’s small and exquisite body was suddenly stiff, and her expression was also a little nervous because Soran was a legendary Rogue. In this case, if he wanted to sneak away, even the elemental elders could not keep him at all. But she who was left here was going to be in a tragic situation. It was not fun to be surrounded by three elemental elders at the same time. Just at the moment when Soran disappeared, the pressure on her suddenly increased by folds. Her teeth sunk into her pink lips. and she murmured: “Let’s hope this guy won’t leave me and run away!”

Fire blaze, boundless earth, raging wind.

Although the Elder Water Elemental was temporarily trapped by the Maze spell, Sisi’s forehead was also sweaty when she was faced with three legendary level powerhouses at the same time.

“Why aren’t you doing anything!”

She took a step back and murmured: “How can I fight when that bastard is going to be like this! I’m still a girl! And he’s treating me like a meat shield! ”