Abyss Domination

Chapter 431 - Chapter 77 Seal Removal

It was different from the other elemental altars.

The last element altar was practically broken. The stone pillars around the altar seemed to have been destroyed by violence. Soran also found some traces that were not easily judged. There were probably more than a thousand years. Unless Soran’s knowledge has already stretched into the field of archaeology, there was no way to analyze the situation here for the time being, but what Soran did not think of was that he himself did not see anything, but Lolita Dragon beside him actually noticed something.

“It used to be like a temple.”

The lolita Dragon played with her long blonde hair. A pair of beautiful ponytails were swaying about. She wrinkled her nose and said to Soran: “It’s a little like an elemental temple, but it’s almost destroyed.”

“The material plane seldom has elemental temples, though!”

An elemental temple.

Naturally, it was a temple that believes in the four major Elementals as their main God, which was very rare within the entire material plane.

There were not many even in the elemental plane!

The four major elemental main Gods were existences that had powerful divine power. They were the oldest gods with far more divine power than the other gods, so their dependence on faith was quite minimal. To some extent, they could totally not rely on faith at all. There were few believers in the material plane, and the Elemental main Gods did not care much about the things in the world, so a temple was rare in any era.

Was the sealed Underlord the one that was related to the Elemental God system?

Soran frowned and looked around, and then began to look for the location of the elemental stone. He didn’t know why there were no wind elementals guarding here, but it was also because of this that it had become more disturbing.

The elemental stone’s position did not change much!

Soran soon found the last elemental stone [Wind], but before he took it out, Soran hesitated a little.

It was all till this last step here.

No matter what he had to face, he could not give up. Hence, Soran took it out directly.


The ground shook violently.

This kind of familiar change made Soran on alert, and said to Lolita Dragon: “Be careful! There may be something terrifying appearing later! ”

The voice just reverberated.

The nearby airflow got faster, and then the surrounding space got sealed.

A huge figure appeared!

It has a hazy body, which looked half transcendent and half material. It held a mysterious curved sword with countless runes engraved on it. Around its body was a high-speed rotating airflow, and its gaze filled with divine power fell on Soran.

——”Djinni [Demigod]!”

Sure enough, there was also a demigod level elemental spirit.


A voice that went directly to the heart rang in Soran’s mind. The Demigod Djinni looked at the elemental stone in Soran’s hands and slowly went: “Was it you who took the sealing stone?”

The immaterial divine eyes seemed to pierce through everything.

The brows of the Demigod Djinni wrinkled up. Then looked at Soran and said: “I can’t imagine that other sealing stones are also in your hands.”

“Do you know the consequences of that?”


Soran only knew that this was a chain task, and the final reward was the third grade roughly legendary elemental stone–as well as a fragment of a shard of divinity from an Underlord.

The Demigod Djinni sighed and said slowly, “As expected, all mortals are ignorant and fearless!”

“The elemental stone in your hand is a seal.”

“It has sealed the abyss Underlords that were killed in the first demons and elemental war! When you undo the seal, you might be able to gain some of its power, but it will also lead you to fall into the realm of the abyss. ”

“Mortal! Is it worth falling for such little power?”

Elemental war.

Soran seemed to have thought of something. Some memories suddenly appeared in his mind.

Of course, the information that he had remembered was not quite comprehensive, but the general course of things was still known. The Endless Abyss once had a very powerful period. Under the command of the Demon Monarch, many Demon Lords unexpectedly ended their long civil war and decided to lead the demon army towards the multiverse. At that time, they naively thought that they could unify the whole universe.

Unfortunately, they were defeated in the first battle alone!

The demon army met the elemental army. Their actions angered the oldest Wind Elemental God. The main God of the wind elemental system awakened countless sleeping Demigod Spirits, and then beat the demon army back to the Endless Abyss. This was the only recorded battle record of the four elemental main gods. In the long history of the multiverse, it seemed that no other record clearly recorded the four elemental main gods’ taking any actions. No matter how the times have changed, the elemental main gods seemed to have been watching coldly on the sidelines– or, they did not even bother about these things.

Even in the coming Avatar Crisis, the four elemental main gods were the least affected ones, because they did not need the power of faith nor rely on the realm of divine titles.

They themselves were one of the most powerful gods!

Elementals were the support of the entire world. No matter how the world changes, earth, water, wind, and fire would exist all the time. Even the battles among these gods were very few.

There was a passage about the Wind Elemental God – Arcadi:

“Arcadi is one of the four elemental gods. She seems to be detached from time and has never changed throughout the long history. She has some contacts with other gods related to wind elements, such as Aerdrie-Faenya [Winged Spirits Guardian Goddess] and Shaundakul [God of Travelling and Exploration], but they are not closely related. It seems that the Wind Elemental Goddess has always been indifferent about everything. Occasionally, she would respond to the prayers of believers when she is bored. But in fact, it’s just a pastime for her when she’s bored because she doesn’t need believers to provide power to her at all.”

“The only battle record of this goddess was when she led the wind elemental army to drive the demon army back to the Endless Abyss in an ancient era.”

“She seems to have been wandering through the ages since then.”

Facing the questioning of the Demigod Djinni, Vivian’s figure emerged in Soran’s mind.

His expression unexpectedly became very calm, and his eyes met with the eyes of the Demigod Djinni, and he slowly said: “It’s worth it! Maybe that’s where I should go. ”

“I don’t quite believe in fate.”

“But I knew that I was destined to go to the Endless Abyss once.”

There was no way out.

To eliminate the hidden dangers that were looming over Vivian, Soran was destined to go to the Endless Abyss.

Only by entering the Endless Abyss could he really eliminate the remaining divinity of the Dread Lord, otherwise it would always be a time bomb. Soran absolutely did not want to see Vivian’s body split up one day, and have the Dread Lord finally being resurrected and coming out of her body. This was how the God of Tyranny resurrected in the past. Its heirs did not even manage to react until the moment of death. Their soul, divinity, and power were all swallowed up by the God of Tyranny. Even their bodies were also turned into the last item for its resurrection.

This was something Soran could never see!

For Vivian, he could give up his life. What could falling into the Endless Abyss do to him?

The Djinni was silent.

Soran’s resolute eyes seemed to contain some sort of power. It was this sort of strong will that made it silent.

Finally, the Demigod Djinni slowly said: “Mortal! Now that you have made a decision! Then, prepare for the final challenge! I hope you would not completely lose your soul in the Endless Abyss! ”

The radiance of its divinity emerged.

Soran’s four elemental stones emerged at the same time and then became a mysterious gate of light.

——”Elder Wind Elemental [Legendary Creature]!”

——”Elder Earth Elemental [Legendary Creature]!”

——”Elder Fire Elemental [Legendary Creature]!”

——”Elder Water Elemental [Legendary Creature]!”

Four elemental stones gradually dissipated with its energy. When the portal connecting to the elemental plane was completely done, the figures of the four elder elementals also appeared in Soran’s line of sight.

They were second only to the life of the elemental Spirits and had the combat power of legendary level!