Abyss Domination

Chapter 430 - Cobweb

The air seemed to be getting denser.

In the dark passage, a tall and burly figure slowly came out.

It was a strange-looking Beastman, with only a handful of straight hair left. It was more than two meters tall, and its muscles were filled with a horrifying explosive force. Different from the exaggerated muscles of the Barbarians, the muscles of the whole body of the Beastman were very refined. If one looked carefully, one could see that every piece of muscle of the Beastman was quite powerful, and even contained a more horrifying explosive force than Soran!

“The Sword Saint has arrived at the destination.”

The Beastman looked around with cold eyes, and then an invisible light appeared in the palm of its hand. It directly went in his mind: “There are no other obstacles at the destination. Should I stay in place and wait for orders?”

Time ticked away bit by bit.

About a minute or two later, a female voice with a frivolous breath sounded and said slowly: “Sword Saint is on standby!”

“The decoy has entered the designated area.”

“The underling of the prey has appeared! Pay attention to the ecclesiastical order of the Queen of Spiders! The figure of the prey has not been spotted yet!”

The Beastman nodded slowly and replied: “The Sword Saint understands.”

“Has the Elemental Pool finished charging? If the [Elemental Fission Wave Blade] can’t charge above a grade 5 artifact, I’m not sure if I will be able to break the Queen of Spiders – Lolth’s Divine Power Field!”

The frivolous female voice resounded again and softly went: “Extracting half a plane’s energy, expect to reach the energy’s peak in 24 hours.”

The Beastman nodded again and went: “I see. The Sword Saint is on standby at the original spot and is waiting for orders at any time. ”


Sounds of slight footsteps came from the side passage.

The Beastman Sword Saint, who stood still, suddenly turned around and looked at the darkness not far away. The figure of the Demigod Vampire and the Hellpoemer appeared in front of him.

They were shocked!

Not only did the Beastman Sword Saint get shocked, but the Demigod Vampire and the Hellpoemer also had faces filled with astonishment as well.

Neither side had noticed each other in advance.

That meant that there was no significant difference in each other’s hiding ability. They only found the other party when the distance was close enough.

“Sword Saint!”

The Demigod Vampire God only took a glance, and the expression on his face changed slightly. The telepathy directly reverberated in the mind of the Hellpoemer and said in a serious voice: “This Sword Saint is above legendary!”

The Hellpoemer’s answer was quick as well: “A mixed-blood Beastman! It doesn’t look like an existence from the material plane. ”

“They’re probably from the astral plane.”

There was no change on the face of the Demigod Vampire, but in his heart, he was in a perilous situation and said in a serious voice: “Astral plane Sword Saint?”

The Hellpoemer quietly clenched his flute and replied: “It’s possible.”

Demigod Vampire: “It seems to be very strong.”

Hellpoemer: “Stronger than me.”

Demigod Vampire: “How’s that possible? Then wouldn’t he be!….. ”

Hellpoemer: “I can’t judge his actual strength, but I can be sure it came from the astral plane. There is residual astral energy on him.”

Demigod Vampire: “Could it be that it was attracted by the half Elven and that Rogue god?”

Hellpoemer: “It’s possible. It seems that there isn’t much that could attract him except those in the realm of the gods. But the half Elven and that Rogue god don’t seem to match his power, do they? Unless he’s just interested in the shard of divinity! ”

Demigod Vampire: “Since it’s an opponent, why don’t we finish him off in advance?”

Hellpoemer: “We have a low chance of winning! What’s more, you haven’t even seen traces of the prey, and you already have to fight with an astral plane Sword Saint first. Don’t you think this exchange is a bit of a loss?”

Demigod Vampire: “It seems like this fight would be very difficult! Could many of the powerful people who have withdrawn from the world be attracted by the shard of divinity?”

Hellpoemer: “I don’t know. Let’s still play it by ear. ”

“Are the targets considered obstacles that need to be removed?!”

A moment later, in the mind of the Beastman Sword Saint, there was a cold voice that sounded like metal scraping upon metal. It went: “Don’t act rashly!”

“It could be someone else who’s attracted by the bait.”

“If the opponents don’t show any signs of hostility, let them go. I have asked the General Die to monitor them using the Psionic Energy Field. A single decoy may not be able to attract the prey to come out personally. We are recalculating the battle plan. The target that is in an avatar state is the Demigod Vampire, which is listed as the No.2 decoy that would be attracting the Queen of Spiders!”

The Beastman Sword Saint nodded towards the Demigod Vampire not far away, and said in his head: “Swords Saint understands.”

A brief silence.

The Demigod Vampire looked at the Beastman Sword Saint, who nodded to him slightly, and said with telepathy: “It seems that he has no intention to fight with us.”

Hellpoemer: “That would be for the best. We’re leaving straight away from the side. ”

Demigod Vampire: “We’re leaving like that? An astral plane Sword Saint is very rare! Don’t you want to test his abilities? ”

Hellpoemer: “When a Sword Saint starts to move, that wouldn’t be just testing, but a battle of life and death! If we fight with him, winning or losing would be decided in a few seconds. This is not testing the enemy, but fighting against him with our lives on the line.”

Demigod Vampire: “That’s true. Then, we should leave. ”

“But it’s a pity. I haven’t met such an enemy yet. It seems that the recent strange changes have attracted many of the strong people who went to travel in the astral plane back here. ”

Hellpoemer: “Let’s go. Such an astral plane traveler rarely acts alone. He might have a companion nearby.”

There was not much contact between the two sides.

The Demigod Vampire and the Hellpoemer carefully left from the side passage, while the Beastman Sword Saint stood still all the time. Not until the target disappeared completely, did he take back his sight: “The targets have left.”

A magnetic female voice sounded: “Understood. The targets have been included in the Psionic Energy Field detection range.”

It was 80 kilometers away from the location of the Beastman Sword Saint.

An expressionless monk stood on a towering stone column. His eyes were fixed onto the darkness in front of him as if he was observing something through the fog: “The monk has reached the designated place.”

“The monk is on standby!”

A frivolous female voice rang out: “Standby at the original spot! Did you find anything unusual?”

The monk replied: “I found traces of the Yochlol. The prey might have already appeared, but the hiding ability of the target was too high, and it did not appear in our detection range.”

Another cold metal voice sounded: “Tower Spirit 5 has taken over the detection authority within the surrounding 50 kilometers.”

“Monk, prepare to fight.”

“Clear the other obstacles in the vicinity as soon as the target appears, and make sure there are no other interferences near the prey.”

The monk nodded: “The monk understands.”

Fifty kilometers away from the monk’s location.

There seems to be something that has twisted in the shadows. Right in front of him was a group of fully armed Drows. On the left and right were Basilisk Knights. The male Drow Rangers were scattered and guarding the area. In the center were a group of female Drow Priests and Spellcasters. After looking behind someone that looked like the Mother of Drows, there were strange creatures that looked terrifying. They were those from the legends —- Driders.

Its upper body was like a Drow, and its lower body was like a terrifying giant spider monster!

They had twisted minds, crazy bloodthirsty desire, and a terrifying destructive desire after having their hatred distorted!

Driders were the losers of the Drows’ internal struggle. They were transformed into such monsters by the power of the Queen of Spiders. They were also one of the most troublesome and annoying monsters in the Underdark.

The shadow gradually disappeared.

The Drow were still moving forward, but in the dark, there was a line of sight watching them: “The Rogue has found the targets.”

“The Mother of Drows, the Basilisk Knights and Driders have appeared.”

“We can confirm that the prey has already appeared!”

“However, the specific location of the target cannot be detected at present!”

A cold metallic voice sounded: “Keep your distance and stay away from the target. Report the targets’ position at any time. It is very likely that the Queen of Spiders will hide within that group.”

There was a slight trace in the darkness, and he replied: “Understood.”

The elemental altar.

Soran looked at the last elemental altar in front of him. He was a little nervous and clenched the Curved Sword. As long as he got the fourth elemental stone [Wind], he could then carry out the final challenge.

Four elemental elders.

After merging the four elemental stones, one would summon the Elder Wind Elemental, Elder Water Elemental, Elder Fire Elemental, and Elder Earth Elemental.

They were all legendary level creatures.

Only after they were all defeated could they receive the final prize.

A fragment of a shard of divinity that was sealed!

This fragment of a shard of divinity came from an ancient Underlord. Although it was only a broken fragment of the shard of divinity, it could still promote someone to the realm of [Demigod].

Divinity + Shard of Divinity = Demigod realm.

The amount of divinity on Soran was already enough. As long as he had a shard of divinity, he could then advance into [Demigod] at any time.

There might not even be any obvious change in his strength, but there was something very important to Soran now. As long as he reached the [Demigod] realm, Soran could completely ignore the legendary spell [Time Stop].

This legendary spell would no longer work on him. No matter the level of the Spellcaster he was facing, he would not sit there and wait to die!

This was also the greatest value of advancing into the [Demigod] realm.

In addition, as long as Soran could upgrade the level of the shard of divinity to [Minor Shard of Divinity], he could transform himself into the [Avatar State]. Basically, spells that were level 1-3 could be ignored. The Avatar State would be highly resistant to low-level spells, and many spells could not break through the energy field of the Avatar State.

Only by advancing to the level of [Demigod] could he truly step into the realm of gods.