Abyss Domination

Chapter 429 - The Secret of Greybeard

The air now had a trace of sulfur smell.

The environment in the Underdark was bad. In some places, there were even underground volcanoes that could erupt at any time. This was especially true when the faint smell of sulfur was more obvious. Grey dwarves were also not afraid of death; they liked to build their cities near the volcano, or directly dig through the ground to bring out the underground magma. In terms of forging technology, the technology of the grey dwarfs was far superior to that of the surface dwarfs; often, there would be +3, +4 blacksmiths down here.

However, the materials used in the Underdark were useless when these weapons were brought to the surface.

The grey dwarfs were the best source of slaves in the Underdark. They had been ruled by the Mind flayers for a long time. Although they were now out of the control of the Mind flayers, there were still a large number of captured grey dwarf slaves in the city of drows. Slavery was deeply rooted in this race. Even if they broke away from the control of the Mind flayers, they were still regarded as the source of slaves by many creatures. Within the city of the drows, the number of grey dwarf slaves was likely to reach one and two-tenths of the total population.

The surroundings became dim again.

Soran heard the flowing water after passing a rocky area. Then a white fog appeared in front of them.

Soran remembered this place.

Even though the Underdark was a bad place, there were still good things there!

Hot Springs.

In fact, there were many hot springs that could be developed in the Underdark, and this one was the largest open-air sulfur hot spring nearby. Drows were evil while the grey dwarfs were full of iron rocks in their heads. The mainstream race in the Underdark seemed not to realize the value of hot springs. Finally, it was developed by a team of adventurers from the surface world, which turned this place into a gathering place for explorers to rest and entertainment in the Underdark.

“The water here seems good!”

The little Lolita closed her eyes and sniffed. She seemed to like the smell of sulfur. In fact, the temperature of the spring was very high, about 50 degrees, but the little Lolita didn’t care; she reached for the spring and took a sip. Then she turned around and asked, “Soran! Can I take a bath here? ”

There was no sunlight in the Underdark.

So it was easy to lose time. Many cities in the Underdark had a light source, which was actually a kind of minaret that emits light. Soran roughly calculated the time of the journey, and then gently nodded, “We’ll rest here for an hour, and I’ll prepare some food.”

After saying that, he kicked the grey dwarf.

The grey dwarf followed in fear, and when he found an open area, Soran turned to look at him and asked, “Is the forge in Glex still lit?”


The expression of the grey dwarf was slightly taken aback, but nodded and replied, “The forge of Glex has never been extinguished.”

It’s still lit?

When Soran heard this, he fell into deep thought. After some time he said, “Set up a campfire to prepare food. I don’t think you are stupid enough to want to escape, right?”

The grey dwarf nodded swiftly.

“The forge in Glex is still lit!”

Soran sat down as if he was thinking about something and murmured, “that is to say, the artifact has not been finished! I don’t know how long the grey dwarfs would need to finish the artifact. But they finished it before the Avatar Crisis I think?”

Soran was thinking his own thing.

After a while, the little Lolita came back.

“So nice!…”

The little Lolita used her little white hands to tidy up her long blonde hair and tied it into a pair of beautiful ponytails. Then she blinked at Soran and said, “Don’t you want to wash too? The water there is so comfortable! ”

Soran shook his head.

The group stayed there for a while and continued on.

Before they left, Soran looked at the city of Glex and thought about the artifact there.

Or more accurately, the artifact that was being made.

About ten years ago, the city’s grey dwarfs discovered a mithril vein in the mines. It was an amazing fortune. If this news got out, it might lead to the crazy attack of drows. So [Greybeard], the ruler of the city of Glex, blocked the news and restricted all the craftsmen who knew the truth from leaving. Since then, the forge in the city had never been extinguished, and Greybeard used the mithril to forge an incredible artifact.

Because they had served under Mind Flayers, most grey dwarfs developed psionic abilities.

Greybeard was a powerful figure among the grey dwarfs!

Not only was he a legendary psionic warlock (profession level 21), he also multi-profesisoned in Fury Warrior level 5, Wizard level 5.

Greybeard had previously created a mithril chain mail.

An armor that did not affect his spellcasting ability at all. All the rings had runes on them, which he carved individually.

Soran was not sure what effects this artifact had.

However, he knew that the protection ability of this mithril chain mail was equal to that of the whole body plate armor + 3. In addition to its powerful protection ability, it was also attached with many powerful spells. The most important feature was that this armor was as light as a feather; it would not interfere with the spellcaster at all. Even wizards could wear it.

Greybeard was not easy to deal with.

Not only was he the ruler of the city of Glex, but he also was a powerful legendary figure. Thus even though Soran was interested in the legendary armor, he had no idea how to get it.

However, there was some time until the artifact was complete.

Soran felt that if he ever entered the realm of gods, he might have a chance to get the artifacts. As a Rogue and wizard, it was hard for Soran to find suitable equipment. Greybeard may not be the most powerful being in the Underdark, he was probably the only figure in the Underdark which had Smithwork (Magic equipment) and Alchemy above 400 points.

They were getting closer to the destination. After dealing with some problems, Soran finally saw the altar.

The altar was old.

However, the surrounding area had powerful energy fluctuations.

The last Elemental Stone!

Soran was slightly excited, and he turned to look at the Lolita dragon.