Abyss Domination

Chapter 428 - Time


Soran suddenly stopped, and his muscles tightened up. His hands grasped the handle of his curved sword, and his whole person was ready to fight at any time. The nearby Lolita was frightened by Soran’s action, but in the next moment, she also disappeared. The petite figure appeared in mid-air, and her whole person was shrouded in an invisible energy field. The only one who didn’t understand what was going on was the Grey Dwarf, who was still looking around frantically.

“Psionics Energy Field!”

Soran had a stern expression. His perception ability was increased to the limit, and his mind was also paying attention to his surroundings. “There’s a psionic warlock nearby casting a spell!”

With a serious look, the little Lolita said softly, “It’s a legendary grade!”

“No, no, no!”

“It should be someone beyond legend! The Psionic Energy Field had covered a large area!”

“How is this possible!”

“The material plane would not have such a powerful psionic warlock!”

The two were ready for battle.

However, there was no abnormal situation nearby, and the sudden burst of psionic energy was only a momentary fluctuation. When nothing more had happened, Soran even doubted that what had just happened was an illusion. If the Lolita wasn’t here, Soran might have thought it was just an illusion. Thus it was true that there was a very powerful psionic warlock just now, and the power of this psionic warlock was beyond Soran’s imagination.

This covered area.

In Soran’s memory, only a profession level 30 and above psionic warlock could achieve this feat!

A level 30 psionic warlock?

How could it be!

Soran had never encountered such a figure previously; probably, there were only a few of this powerful existence.

“Could it be an illusion?”

The little Lolita shook her little head, landed on the ground, and asked, “Did you feel it? Just now! A very powerful psionic energy field! ”

Soran nodded gently and replied, “I did feel it.”

“There’s no way both of us were wrong. There must be a psionic warlock nearby.”

“We better be careful later.”

The little Lolita nodded her little head softly and said, “Could it be the Githyankis! I remember the Githyankis would often roam the Underdark; they had quite a number of powerful psionic warlocks.”

Surprised, S

The little Lolita was pretty knowledgeable.

The genetic memory of a dragon often took a long time. It seemed that her current form hasn’t fully awakened all her genetic memory, which meant that her lineage was likely to have come from a dragon nation.


“Damn it! I’m unsure what happens in the Underdark before The Avatar Crisis. Could it be that some powerful psionic warlock visited the Underdark during this period?”

“Which planewalker would it be?”

Soran tried to search through his memory, but there was little information available. When he came to the Underdark, the Avatar Crisis had already begun. In fact, the difference between the two periods was quite large, which was why he needed a guide. Traversing the Underdark was far more difficult than the surface world, and only a few adventurers could go in before the Avatar Crisis. A lot of information about this period was just hearsay because, at that time, not many people were able to get involved in this level.

The Last time Soran became a legend, he even spent some time reincarnating, so there was some memory gap of this period.

“We must be careful.”

Soran looked around and gestured to the Grey Dwarf to keep walking. “Psionic warlocks are hard to deal with, so we best get ready for battle.”

The three continued forward.

Nothing happened as they got to the road that led to the city of the Grey Dwarfs.

It was as though nothing had happened previously.

They didn’t encounter any enemy or did they see traces of the psionic warlock.

The psionic energy field had disappeared.

The energy was only momentary.

At the crossroads of the Underdark area, t

At the foot of the Hellpoemer was the body of another female drow. He looked at the Vampiric demigod coldly and said slowly, “Then why did you still bite her!”

Rhinehart spat as if he had tasted something disgusting.

He turned to look at the Hellpoemer, and a gentle smile appeared on his handsome face. “We are not familiar with this place, so we need a servant to lead the way.”

Drops of blood dripped down.

With some evil energy, the drow corpse on the ground started to move.


A cold and heartless voice was heard, and the dead drow stood up. Her pupils were gray, and her whole person was like a puppet, kneeling humbly at the feet of the Vampiric demigod.


Rhinehart smiled, raised his hand, and touched the drow’s forehead. “What a simple thing! Now we can let her lead the way. ”

“The god of rogues and half-elves!”

“I can’t wait. I wonder what the fresh blood of a god would taste like?”

“It must be really good!”

The Hellpoemer gazed at him expressionlessly, gently touched the magic flute in his palm, and said coldly, “Don’t get carried away! This is the territory of the Queen of Spiders. ”

“She might also have noticed this prey.”

“She’s not someone you want to mess with! Even her incarnate is enough to kill us.”

Rhinehart’s body trembled, then seemed to be calm back down. “She wouldn’t be here, right? A weak god wouldn’t catch her attention I think. ”

The Hellpoemer did not answer him. After a while, he said, “Don’t forget she’s greedy and cruel!”

“Furthermore, anything related to the elves would interest her.”

Rhinehart stopped and said, “But it’s the half-elves. This has nothing to do with the drows.”

The Hellpoemer looked around and said, “I know.”

“So we’d better pray that we don’t encounter her. The recent changes of the drow may be due to her passing down some kind of oracle. In addition, I heard that a group of powerful paladins had also come to the Underdark, and I don’t know what the purpose of these guys is. In this evil chaotic place, what can attract them? ”


Rhinehart raised his eyebrow and said with disgust, “What a bunch of endless shits!”

In some unknown place, a wizard tower stood high on the plains.

There was an astrological platform at the top of the wizard tower, which were engraved with numerous mysterious and ancient runes. A figure in a grey robe stood in the center, and his vision seemed to pass through space and look at the world underground.

“Its begun.”

He raised his finger, and it was seen to be gold in color. As more light shined on the figure, the look of the person became clear.

A gold face, and a gold body.

The metallic cover was like human skin. There was a special device on his chest. It’s a clock that couldn’t be described with words. There were countless tiny runes on it and special marks.

The clock was still ticking away. The figure looked far and muttered, “I don’t have much time.”

“Perhaps the glory of the arcane arts can shine once more!”

“Maybe everything had been buried by time!… Only time can tell us an answer!… And only time can prove everything!…”

“Thank you.”

“Dylcrena!… May you live forever in time!…”

A gap to an unknown dimension opened up.

In front of this man who was completely made of metal, there was a bright space like the milky way. In the middle of the space, there was a huge dragon sleeping. With its breadth, time and space were gradually distorted.

Time Dragon!

There was only one existence in the entire multiverse, which could bend time and space.