Abyss Domination

Chapter 427 - Godslayer


A gush of blood squirted out.

The Bearfolk roared angrily and painfully. It swung its paw behind, and a strong wind blew by. A bluestone of the size of a millstone was smashed into pieces in an instant. Soran’s figure leaped forward, and the curved sword went through the gap of the Bearfolk’s arm again. Another wound appeared on the body of the Bearfolk.

For Soran, who was now a legend, it was easy to deal with this kind of enemy who had great strength, slow movement, and lack of intelligence. It was too difficult for the Bearfolk to hit him. If not for the high Constitution of the Bearfolk, Soran would have killed the Bearfolk with that backstab. However, the wound on the Bearfolk was not light; blood constantly shot out from its back. Its huge body seemed fierce and incomparable, but every attack had landed on the ground.

Maybe a more threatening Tigerfolk could keep up with Soran, but a Bearfolk would not be able to do so.


Soran slowly sheathed his curved sword and watched the dead Bearfolk on the ground. After losing its HP, its body gradually shrunk, and finally became a human man with thick hair. His face was very rough, and his appearance was similar to that of a savage. He only completely became human after he died. The side effect of the virus was very big. Only death could return them to their previous form.

Furthermore, there was another danger to these Beastfolk.

The low-level Beastfolks had a scary virus. If the Beastfolk wounded you, there would be a 10% chance of getting infected. By then, the person would be forced into a test of Fortitude. If failed, after a period of fever and pain, it was possible to become a Beastfolk on the night of a full moon.

During the transformation, there would be another test of Constitution. If failed, it would result in the person going mad or dying. The virus of the Beastfolk was usually carried on low level Beastfolks.

What they had was the most primitive virus. If they had offspring, such as LuLu, which was very rare, then the animal virus would be combined with the host’s genes. LuLu’s body was still in human form. At present, she had no signs of transformation, so it was very likely that her father or mother was a pure human. (Note 1: On the variation Beastfolk and the variation after reproduction, Chapter 6.)

(Note 2: On the quarantine and cross breed reproduction of Beastfolk, Chapter 3, Mixed blood Wolffolk research report)

Naturally, Soran was not afraid of the virus.

Whether it was the Beastfolk virus or the Undead virus, it was impossible for Soran to fail the test of Fortitude or Constitution. Unless Soran was infected with the virus in the state of near-death, he could basically ignore them.

“Come out.”

Soran opened the cage beside and said to the Grey Dwarf inside the cage, “Where do you come from? Are you familiar with the area?”


When Soran opened the cage, the Bugbear suddenly rushed out and ran out of the swamp without saying a word; It thought it could escape from Soran’s hands. There was a cold light that greeted it. Soran directly cut off the Bugbear’s head with a sword, and the gushing blood splashed onto the Grey Dwarf. The Grey Dwarf trembled, then stammered, “Your excellency!… please don’t kill me! ”

“I’ll tell you everything I know!… Please don’t kill me!… I’ll bring you anywhere you want!”

Gentle steps were heard.

The little Lolita crept up from the outside, saw the body on the ground, clapped her hands, and walked over, pouting her lips and saying, “Soran! I’m bored! The environment here is so disgusting! How about we go out first? ”

As a Brass Dragon that lived in the desert, she obviously hated the swamp environment.


Soran nodded softly, took back his curved sword, looked at the Grey Dwarf in front of him with cold eyes, and said in a deep voice, “Lead the way! There should be a road to Glex town nearby. Take us there first. ”

The Grey Dwarf went ahead immediately.

Soran followed at the back while the little Lolita still walked with joy; she only hated the environment here.

About a 1000 meters away from Soran, a woman stood in the dark, her eyes shining slightly as if they contained some mysterious power. There seemed to be an invisible energy field around her body. Anything close to her, even the wind, was blocked. She looked at Soran’s position, and her vision seemed to pass through space and directly locked onto Soran’s figure.

The sound of heavy footsteps sounded. Behind the slender woman, there appeared a huge man. He was carrying a heavy battle ax in his hand. His muscles seemed to contain infinite power. He was a Barbarian who was above legendary.

He spoke in an ancient language. A language that was used thousands of years ago and had 36 characters.

This name was special.

Translated to the common language, the veiled woman was called, ‘Die’.

The barbarian walked up and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Hee Hee.”

A burst of light laughter sounded, and the woman turned around and looked at the Barbarian. She raised the corner of her mouth, and she said lightly, “I found a good Rogue by accident. A very interesting little guy! And he is accompanied by a Brass Dragon that is in human form. Such a combination is quite rare! ”

The Barbarian raised his eyebrows and said, “There’s no need for more trouble!”

“We didn’t come out of the Sigil to play this time! This is the first official action of the Godslayer. Our bait has attracted the target, and the Queen of Spiders had turned its attention to the bait. ”

“You should know the results if we fail to defeat this terrible existence!”

The Queen of Spiders! The most powerful existence in the Underdark! The queen of the drows! Dominator of hell! She possesses a terrifying amount of divinity!

Die became serious. She looked away from Soran and said, “I know what to do! It’s just that I have never seen some guy like this: dark, cruel, emotionless, but he also had light in him–even a sense of sacrifice!”

“Something impressive!”

The woman laughed a little frivolously, then slowly spread out her palm, and said in a cold voice, “Turn-Based strategy simulation activated! Activate [Arcane Chess] scanning mode!… ”

A pure glow of energy appeared.

Following which, a shapeless energy spread out into all directions.

“Psionics energy field expanded!”

“Soul scan activated!… Scanning an area of 100 meters!…”

“Tower Spirit 7 accepts control of the Arcane Chess system!”

“Begin synchronization of terrain!… Battle terrain construction!… Scanning points in the air!…”

“Activating Psionics resonance!… Established Psionics communication!… Half-plane locked on!… Teleportation simulation constructed!…”

“Construct activated!…”

“Arcane Energy Armor (3) ready!… Tower Spirit 6 accepts control of Teleportation sites!…”

“Execute God Slaying!”

“Target – Queen of Spiders [Lolth]!”