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Spider Forest.

Soran walked in front while the lively little Lolita walked behind him.

In fact, Soran hadn’t figured out why, after listening to the fake, low grade, ultra egoistic, dragon story would have a sudden fantasy and wanted to go on an adventure with him.

Dragons were a bunch of lazy creatures right?

In Soran’s memory, most dragon’s slept through most of their days. Previously, he had also seen some good dragons. Although they would deal with other intelligent creatures, he had never heard that a dragon would come along to an adventure. The little Lolita must have short-circuited. She said firmly that she wanted to adventure with him to see something interesting. And also said that if Soran disagreed, she would not give him the Elemental Stone, but eat it. (Note: she really took a bite of the stone.)

It was said in previous chapters. Brass Dragons could consume anything, and digest practically everything.

Without doubt! After the little Lolita had consumed the Elemental Stone, she would have digested the stone.

In the end,


Soran, who was looking ahead, stopped suddenly. He turned around and made a gesture to the little Lolita, who was humming and dancing behind him, “There’s someone in front!” he said in a deep voice, “Don’t make a sound! ”

After entering the realm of legends, all of Soran’s abilities had been greatly improved. Since the little Lolita was going to take a risk with him, he planned to take the last Elemental Stone. In this way, Gloria would not have to leave. Now that Soran was not in the outer islands, he could only rest easy when Gloria was in Mordor. This little Lolita was definitely a legendary figure, so it wouldn’t be difficult for them to get the last Elemental Stone [Wind]. (Maybe he could use her power to defeat the last four Elemental Elders.)


Hearing this, the little Lolita immediately calmed down, crept close to Soran, climbed onto his back, and leaned up to his ear, and said, “Who? Is there anyone around? I don’t sense anyone?”

Soren turned and glared at her, but when he saw little Lolita’s smiling face, he said softly, “It should be the elves. There’s a patrol team nearby! They all seem pretty capable! ”

The Spider Forest was close to the elven nation.

Soran came here all the way from the desert, naturally not for sightseeing. In fact, anyone who was a little smarter could guess where he was going.

That’s right!

The Underdark!

Many of the spiders here were the offspring of the Spider Queen Lolth’s pet. For a long time, the fight between the surface elves and the underground drows had never stopped. The Spider Forest was the front line of the fight and a channel connecting the Underdark to the surface. The last Elemental Stone was in the Underdark. Soran knew where the stone was because he used to be very active here in the past.

“Are we going underground?”

The little Lolita laid on Soran’s back, her beautiful big eyes showing great excitement. She then said excitedly, “I haven’t been to the underground! Is there anything fun below? ”

The Underdark was not somewhere fun!

Soran grabbed little Lolita from his back and said in a deep voice, “Be quiet. We’ll find a way to dive in and not get involved in the war between the surface elves and the drows. ”

The Spider Forest was dense.

The two figures sneaked closer. Although little Lolita was a giant dragon, her sneaking ability was surprisingly good when she was in human form. Soran was still familiar with this place. In those days, the Spider Forest was a training ground for a team of adventurers with a profession level of 5-10. There were many highly poisonous spiders here, all of which were the offspring left by Lolth’s pet. The speed of their reproduction had been a headache for many nearby races. (poisonous spider, phase spider, fire spider, etc.

There was a small road that led to the Underdark region. Soran planned to bring this Lolita dragon down and check if the rumors were true.

Blood. Fresh blood was everywhere.

With sounds of dripping blood, a severely wounded Barbarian laid on the ground. His breathing was weak.

The terrifying wounds were all over his body, many of which looked like claw marks. Even with the high Constitution of the Barbarian, he was approaching the edge of dying.


A peal of strange and gloomy laughter rang out, and the Vampiric Demigod in a dark red noble robe slowly appeared. He watched the corpse of a beautiful woman at his feet, raised his feet, and trampled the corpses head to mush then said, “You trash want to unite to defeat me? What an arrogant bunch! ”

“Today I’ll let you know what’s the difference between a mortal and god!”

“I am god!”

A terrifying aura spread out.

All the blood on the ground moved like living creatures. The Barbarian kneeling on the ground trembled. Facing the approaching Vampiric Demigod, he suddenly said, “No!… Don’t kill me!… I’ve never thought of competing with you for the power of Fear!… Don’t kill me!… I can tell you where the first son of Fear is! ”

The first son of Fear?

The vampire Rhinehart stopped and asked, “Where?”

He had been looking for this person for a long time.

Unfortunately, he had found nothing, as though this person had vanished.


The Barbarian was full of fear, and his voice trembled, “The Beheader Soran! He is the first son of Fear!… You should have heard of him the pirate king of the south coast!… If it wasn’t for the power of Fear, he couldn’t have unified the south coast so quickly! ”

Pirate king?

The Beheader Soran?!

The Vampiric demigod let out a smile and said, “So it’s him! Gathering that feeble power among mortals! It seems I have overestimated him!…”

After saying that, his blood-red eyes looked toward the Barbarian.

“No!… Don’t kill me please!… Ah!…”

The body of the Barbarian fell down slowly. The Vampiric demigod looked around coldly and said, “Deal with the mess. Don’t leave any traces behind. Those Paladins are really annoying recently!”

Damn Paladins.

They are like cockroaches!

Are they not afraid of dying?

Other vampire servants appeared and soon began to clean up the nearby blood. The Vampiric Demigod looked up to the direction of the sea and murmured, “The south coast, huh? The temple of Riches has been very hostile to me! But I must get rid of him as soon as possible! ”

“Soran! He shouldn’t be very hard to deal with, right?”


The dim figure of the Hellpoemer appeared behind the Vampiric Demigod. He frowned and looked at the blood on the ground and said slowly: “Rhinehart! We’ll deal with the other son of fear later! ”

“Some important news had come up.”

When the Vampiric Demigod turned around, he looked at the Hellpoemer with a smile and opened his arms to hug him; the Hellpoemer backed away.

It was a kind of depraved and evil creature. Since the Hellpoemer knew more about the vampires, he was quite repelled to get close to Rhinehart.

The Hellpoemer tossed a scroll over and said, “The god of rogues and half-elves had appeared!”

“They are in the Underdark region.”

“Someone had seen him perform some divinity; this is a great opportunity for us!”


A little excitement appeared on the face of the Vampiric Demigod, and a morbid red color appeared on the handsome face. “A Saint? Finally, the blood of a god! ”