The unprecedented power gradually integrated into Soran’s body. He stood still while his figure seemed to become hazy; the shadow around him seemed to be enveloping him while space seemed to be a little distorted. The power of shadow permeated the space, and the distorted shadow rushed toward Soran’s body like a tide, making his whole body seem isolated in another space. He seemed to be just a shadow; in fact, his real body had already gone to another world instead of the material plane.

Then everything disappeared, and Soran became normal again.

A row of data appeared:

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now 7.”

“Received 32 [DEX 26+ (INT 22-10)*0.5] Skill Points, HP increased by 14 [Profession HP 8+ (CON 22-10)*0.5].”

“Acquired free attribute point.”

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now 8.”

“You acquired one ability point.”

“Advanced into legendary!”

“You acquired one additional ability point.”

“The profession Rogue is now 15; you’ve automatically gained the ability [Shadow Manipulation]!”

“The profession Shadow Dancer is now 7. You’ve automatically gained the ability [Mental Flexibility]!”

“Breaking through the critical point.”

“Ability [Danger Sense] upgraded to ability [Danger Sense Proficiency]!”

“Ability [Reflex Evasion] upgraded to ability [Reflex Evasion Proficiency]!”

I have finally entered into the realm of legends.

Soran slowly opened his eyes, looked at the huge spider corpse in front of him, and then turned around and looked behind him.

The little Lolita sat on a rock with her head askew and looked at him. She seemed a little surprised. Seeing Soran turn around and look at her. She couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Congratulations!”

“It seems that you have advanced into the realm of legends! But it seems very hard for humans to enter the realm of legend. For us, we just have to eat and sleep. ”

Dragons were too different from humans. Only dragons could sleep and become legendary.

Soran was close to the limit after he gained the Slaughter EXP.

After he killed the poisonous spider in front of him, he finally got enough Slaughter EXP to advance into the realm of legend. That was why he advanced into it without much hesitation.

“You’ve gained part of the information of the legendary ability [Shadow Realm].”

“You’ve gained part of the information of the legendary ability [Shadowstep].”

Advancing into the realm of legend doesn’t mean being able to master legendary abilities directly. Many legendary abilities required time and training. However, Soran had an obvious advantage when he entered the realm of legend; that was, the ability points he obtained could be directly used to improve his legendary abilities. This was the reason why he had endured until now. From now on, every ability point would become extremely valuable because the ability point obtained after entering the realm of legend could directly strengthen legendary abilities. (Note: the ability points gained by the Wizard profession could not be used to level up the Rogue’s abilities.)

He had got the second information regarding the ability [Shadow Realm].

Soran only needed one more information regarding the [Shadow Realm], and he could master the ability immediately.

At the moment of Soran’s breakthrough in the realm of legend, the combat ability of the Rogue had been comprehensively improved. However, because he had multi-professioned in Wizard, some of the legendary ability of the Rogue could not be mastered. (Note: This was also the reason why there were only two pieces of information regarding the ability [Shadow Realm].)

The power rise after entering the realm of legend was shocking.

Other than getting new abilities, the old abilities also became stronger.

Shadow Leap [100 meters] – Shadow Leap [200 meters].

Shadow Jump [Once] – Shadow Jump [Twice].

Danger Sense – Danger Sense Proficiency.

Reflex Evasion – Reflex Evasion Proficiency.

Soran had been accumulating evasive abilities for a long time. After countless battles, two of his evasion abilities had been upgraded.

“Danger Sense Proficiency [Supernatural ability]: from now on, you have amazing intuitive prediction ability for any attack launched against you. It’s hard for other Rogues to sneak up on you. Unless the Rogue was above your level 4, you will easily detect them and be immune to their sneak attacks. ” [Note: This ability is useful against sneak attacks of any profession! ]

Danger Sense Proficiency.

With this ability, Soran would be immune to most sneak attacks of enemies.

Only legendary Rogues with a profession level of 25 or above could sneak up to Soran. As for other professions, it was basically impossible to sneak up to Soran. (Note: This ability is often used to replace the ability Sixth Sense.)

“Reflex Evasion Proficiency. [Special ability]: from now on, your reflex ability will become more refined. You can make a difficult reflex judgment for any attack against you. As long as you pass the test, the damage you receive will be greatly reduced, including AOE spell attacks; you would be able to rely on the amazing reflex ability to avoid most of the damage. ” [Note: maximum damage taken after dodging the range of the spell is half. ]

Reflex Evasion Proficiency.

This was the bread and butter ability of Rogues. It prevented spellcaster AOE spells from killing them immediately.

After mastering this ability, all AOE spells could be dodged. With Soran’s current basic attributes, it was not difficult to avoid the core area of any attack. From now on, no matter whether it was Fireball or Ice Storm, the damage Soran received would be lessened.

Furthermore, with these two abilities, the chances of physical attacks hitting Soran would be very low!

Speaking of evasion abilities.

Soran’s current abilities that contributed to evasion were: Mobile Movement, Dodge Roll, Reflex Evasion Proficiency, and Danger Sense Proficiency.

A total of 4 evasion abilities!

Finally, there was the Rogue gifted ability [Mental Flexibility].

“Mental Flexibility [Supernatural ability]: from now on, if you are affected by magic effects of Charm, Confusion, and illusions. You will get an additional chance to pass the test. Even if you fail in your first save, you will not be affected by the effect of magic, because your flexible mind has generated supernatural mental energy that allowed you to make a second save. If you fail the second time, you won’t be immune to the effects of the spells. ”

Soran, who had innate advantages in these kinds of spells, would basically be immune to the attack of this kind of spell. Even legendary Wizards may not be able to Charm or confuse him.

From now on, Soran was basically immune to the ‘Charm’ spells and ‘Confusion’ spells.


“Almost there.”

Soran looked at his data page and said to himself, “My evasion abilities were stacked to the limit. Anything above would be legendary abilities. I won’t have to worry about being controlled by others now.”

Two ability points.

As for the two ability points he gained after entering the realm of legend, Soran was a little hesitant.

Legendary abilities.

Most legendary abilities had preconditions, including basic attributes, mastery of prerequisite skills, mastery of basic abilities, etc. In order to obtain the skill [Legendary Dual-wielding], it was necessary to obtain the previous ability Dual-wielding. Soran had just advanced into the realm of legend, and he did not have some of the prerequisite abilities yet, so he had limited legendary abilities.

For this reason, the first legendary ability he got was not his own, but a Fighters ability [Epic Toughen]!

Because he focused so much on survival, his Constitution was not low.

The legendary abilities he could obtain were the following:

“Epic Toughen [Legendary ability]: your physique has advanced to a realm beyond mortals. From now on, you can further strengthen your body and make yourself half as strong as a dragon. Your vitality will be greatly improved. Most attacks will not lead to a test of death. This ability can be improved up to 10 times, and each time you increase it, you can increase 30 points of HP. ” [Note: prerequisite of 20 Constitution, Toughen, maximum additional 300 HP. ]

A top tier meat shield ability.

It could raise his HP to the level of Saints or gods. But, Soran had no real need for this legendary ability.

“Legendary Evasion [Legendary ability]: your Evasion ability had been transformed into an instinct. Even if you do not see the enemy, your body would instinctively avoid the enemy’s damage. From now on, you would be able to dodge the physical attack of any enemy. This ability can trigger at most once per minute. This is a passive ability. ” [Note: prerequisite of 25 Dexterity, Mobile Movement, Reflex Evasion, Danger Sense, Dodge Roll. ]

Legendary Evasion.

From now on, it would not be so easy for any physical attack to hit Soran. The evasion ability of a legendary Rogue was superior to most professions.

Regarding this legendary ability, someone actually tested it before–a

Legendary Evasion stacked with another evasion ability.

Then there was the last activated legendary ability.

“Epic Prowess [Legendary ability]: from now on, your combat skill has reached its peak, and fighting has become an instinct for you. You will gain 1 additional legendary bonus for any attack identification. The instinct to fight makes it easier for you to fight at your peak strength. This ability is a prerequisite for other legendary abilities. ” [Note: no prerequisite required. ]

The only legendary ability that did not require anything.

But it was the prerequisite for the ability [Expose Weakness]. To master the legendary ability [Expose Weakness], he had to first master the ability [Epic Prowess].

There were many kinds of legendary abilities.

Because Soran had leaned toward survival, he only activated part of the legendary abilities.

There was no doubt about choosing the ability [Legendary Evasion]. Soran was also eying the ability [Expose Weakness], and so his two choices were determined.

Legendary Evasion and Epic Prowess!