“This is my house! What do you think?”

The little Lolita was very lively and a little bit chatty. That’s probably how Brass Dragons were. They were a bunch of very talkative dragons. The Chaotic camp was totally different from the Lawful camp, so often there would be jokes like these; this lovely little Lolita, who was just fighting Soran a few moments back was now chattering away. It was as though the two had been friends who have known each other for a while. This made Soran feel a bit weird.

The little Lolita brought Soran into her den, which was a huge cave.

Brass Dragons liked dry and warm environments. The whole cave was close to the nearby volcano. Occasionally, they could eat some of that magma.

Brass Dragon’s could eat whatever.

There was no treasure in the dragon cave, which reminded the small dimensional gap she opened. This little Lolita seemed to have a good level of spellcasting, which meant that it was highly likely she had a dimensional space where she stores things.

This was some high-grade magic!

All the half-planes were grown from these small dimensional gaps.

“Why don’t you talk?”

“It seems you’re pretty powerful! You must have gone through a lot, huh? Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“Do you know how to tell stories?”

“I like to listen to human stories, but why do the Dragons always get defeated by humans in the end? You, humans, are so weak. You could die with a pat on the back! The heroes in those stories are weak too!”


“Your curved sword seems powerful! Is it some treasure? Let me see.”

“You’re so boring!”

Why won’t you talk! Do you have anything good on you?”

“Hey, hey, hey!”

“Talk! Talk! You’re not a mute!”

The little Lolita kept chattering all the way, but Soran didn’t answer her. He only nodded or shook his head occasionally.


The little Lolita sat on a stone bed after she arrived then asked, “Hey! You! What’s your name?”

Soran replied, “Soran.”

“Soran, huh?” the little Lolita tidied up her hair and said, “Strange name. My name is SiSi.”


This obviously was not her real name.

Dragons all had long names, especially with her status, her name would be extra long.


The little Lolita stood up, smiled, and said, “You can also call me Alice. But I prefer SiSi.”


A very common name. Probably millions of people had that name.

The little Lolita stared at Soran with her beautiful golden eyes. Her pupils seemed to be changing colors; sometimes, they looked pale gold, sometimes they looked brass in color. The little Lolita looked at Soran with an eager expression, eyes wide, and begged, “Tell me some good stories? I haven’t heard a story in a long time! ”

“Why don’t you tell me about your adventures.”

Soran looked at her reluctantly and said slowly, “That Elemental Stone is very important to me. How would you give it to me?”

The little Lolita’s eyes looked around.

The red stone appeared in her hand, she gently tossed it and said seriously, “tell me a story first. If the story is very interesting, I will consider whether I would give it to you.”

“Hey! I’m a dragon, okay!”

“If you want something from me, shouldn’t you pay the price?”

Soran let out a sigh.

After some consideration, he replied, “Fine. I’ll tell you a story then.”

Telling stories.

Vivian also liked to listen to stories when she was a child. It’s not hard for Soran, but it’s not easy to come up with a story that a dragon would be interested in. He could only make it up now and see if she would be satisfied with it.

After some thinking.

A thought came into Soran’s mind. He quickly conceived a story that had a dragon as the leading role. Recently, his eloquence has improved a lot. He thought through the story in his mind and soon came up with a story that seemed old-fashioned but should be very attractive to the little Lolita. He even thought about the framework of the story. The characters in the story were basically dragons, and the last villain was the evil and sinister ‘Catastrophic Dragon.’

(Note 1: Catastrophic Dragon was a kind of dragon that loved the fallen, betray, and rot. Its cruel manipulation skills also made its reputation more widely known. These dragons often conspire with immortal creatures, sometimes allies, sometimes their masters, weaving a conspiracy network of deception.)

(Note 2: Cajole, Cheat)

Raging Sand Island.

The mid-air battle had alerted many. However, this level of spellcaster level was beyond that of the ordinary pirate.

Gloria’s figure was suspended in the air. Nearly half of the Tarot Cards around her had become dim. Her white fingertips still held the dark golden ‘Queen,’ but she didn’t seem to want to use it at all. Gloria’s long silver white hair was flying with the wind, and she was not injured at all. On the contrary, the red dragon Duchess was seriously injured, but she didn’t seem to care about the injuries at all.

“Finish her.”

The fallen witch stood in a shadow and looked at the Duchess. “She’s nothing but an image.”


A level 8 spell.

The spell creates an image that had part of the spellcaster’s powers—an improved version of the spell Astral Projection.

The Duchess did not come here as her real self. It seemed that she learned a lot after the battle.


An amazing flash of lightning fell from the sky. Since Gloria had reached the realm of legends, even some low or medium grade spells were powerful.

“Hehe! That’s all for tonight.”

The Duchess seemed to have given up completely. She looked at Gloria and said playfully, “this is just the beginning! I will come back for you! ”

In an instant, her body vanished under the flash of lightning, leaving nothing behind.

Gloria watched the body of the Duchess Disappear, then slowly landed on the ground and whispered, “This woman is not easy to deal with! She won’t give up so easily. ”

The fallen witch nodded and went back to her own room.

Gloria looked at her mother as she went. She raised her eyebrow as she felt something was strange with her mother.

As soon as the fallen witch entered the room, she activated a Magic Barrier. Then she took off her cloak and revealed her gorgeous face. There was a strange blush on her face; her breath seemed to be a little short; her full chest was slightly undulating as if she was trying to endure something. After a while, she seemed to be unable to resist it. She raised her white fingers and brushed over her chest. Then she let out a moan.

As if there was an electric shock!

The blush on her face became more and more obvious, and her body trembled slightly. She slowly put down her hands and murmured, “It’s the time!”

“I must perform the forbidden ritual to please the Queen of Succubus.”

“Or else, the imprint she left on me will give me more agony!…”

The fallen witch hesitantly took out a black silk whip, and then she slowly took off her clothes, revealing her delicate, tall, and slender body. She gently clenched her teeth and waved the whip toward her white and delicate back. With a crisp sound, a clear red mark appeared immediately.


The fallen witch let out a groan that was painful yet pleasurable and slowly waved the black whip again.

A price must be paid after easily obtaining power!

Abyss demons would never be a bunch that was easy to deal with.