Abyss Domination

Chapter 421 - Dragon Nation

Magic resistance.

This was hard to attain.

Among all the known professions, the monk had the highest magic resistance. A legendary Monk had an amazing magic resistance; they could stand in the same place and let a spellcaster below level 15 use all their spells. As long as the profession level of all the spellcasters were lower than 15, it was impossible to threaten a legendary monk. In front of a legendary Monk’s abnormal magic resistance, many spells wouldn’t even make a dent, and the effects of elemental damages would be ignored.

This was an ability that was more powerful than all the other elemental resistance and was also resistant to all spell effects.

In certain aspects, this was why the monk could have a ‘Perfect Self.’

Soran was not at all resistant to magic.

Most Rogues had no magic resistance. Elemental resistance could be obtained through training, but magic resistance was often innate. The magic resistance of Monks was accumulated through their daily practice. Others who wanted to obtain magic resistance could only rely on legendary equipment or advance to the realm beyond mortals.

As Saints!

Any spell below level 3 basically could threaten a Saint.

Dragons were one of the creatures that were born with magic resistance.

The Dragons also had a very high resistance to magic. In many cases, they would be immune to low-level spells, and some high-level spells.

There was only one way to deal with them.

The metamagic ability [Spell Penetration]; if that does not work, then it would have to be the legendary metamagic ability [Legendary Spell Penetration].

In case none of these are available, the person would have to try and lower the dragon’s magic resistance.

Unfortunately, Soran couldn’t do any of those.

In fact, what puzzled him was the fact that this little girl was able to resist his spells in human form. In his memory, once a Dragon changes into another creature, its spell resistances would disappear because this transformation meant temporarily transforming themselves into humans, who were born without spell resistance.

“Hee hee!”

The little Lolita waved her white hands indifferently and said with a smile, “What? This spell doesn’t threaten me at all! Do you have any more powerful spells? Try another one! ”

Soran’s pupils got small.

In the next moment, he retreated back and swiftly cast spells.

“Bull’s Strength [Maximize Spell]!”

“Cat’s Grace [Maximize Spell]!”

“Melf’s Minute Meteors [Maximize Spell]!”

The legendary curved sword disappeared in the palm of Soran’s hand, and then two dazzling flames appeared. Soran’s figure fell on the altar’s stone pillar, and his combat power was greatly improved by multiple buffs.

The dazzling fires leaped on Soran’s palm.

The little Lolita’s eyes finally changed. She looked at the flames in Soran’s palm with a little panic on her expression. Then she put out her little tongue and licked her lips. Her expression seemed to be a little excited and said, “Ah! That’s a bit overboard! ”

“I didn’t think you would know this spell! Pah! What are you trying to do? Kill a dragon? You have the heart to kill such a cutie like me?”

Obviously, her words showed weakness, but the expression on her face was still had that carefree and arrogant look.


The little Lolita burst out laughing excitedly. Her figure was floating in the air strangely. A sinister smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and she challenged, “Come on! Weak human! Even if you use this kind of magic, you can’t defeat me!”

“I’m the princess of the Brass Dragon nation, after all!”

Brass Dragon nation.

Dragon island!?

Soran seemed to have noticed something, but he didn’t have much time to think at all. The little Lolita in front of him suddenly disappeared. When she reappeared, she was already over Soran.

“Dragon’s Breath!”

The scene that completely subverted Soran’s experience happened. The Brass Dragon in front of him was able to use the power of a dragon even when she was in human form. The little girl took a deep breath; then when she blew, a terrible flame came down from the sky!

This small little girl had spat out a flame that was as powerful as a red dragon, covering Soran instantly.

“Shadow Leap!”

“Evade Sight!”

Soran’s figure landed on the altar and blended into the shadow.


The little Lolita stopped spitting fire. She tilted her head and looked at the bottom. She raised her hand to touch her long blonde hair and said excitedly, “Are you hiding? I’m very good at playing hide and seek! ”

“Where are you?”

“Let me see! Where are you hiding!…”

A strange shadow appeared.

Soran’s figure appeared in the shadow of a rock on the top of the mountain. He leaped up in a flash, and the flames on his palm flew toward the little Lolita.


A loud bang was heard.

The Melf’s Minute Meteor had a terrifying penetrative effect. It broke through the protective shield of the girl and exploded in front of her.

A small figure flew back.

However, she soon stabilized her figure, but the beautiful princess dress was a little tattered.

There were also char marks.

Soran’s spell had broken her magic resistance.


Something strange happened.

The little Lolita’s injuries and charred skin recovered swiftly. Her skin became white again as though nothing had happened.

“Damn it!”

Soran’s expression changed, and he disappeared once more, “She also retained the dragons regenerative ability!”

What monster is this?

Even after she was in a human form, she still retained most of her dragon abilities, even her regenerative ability.


This must be some legendary morphing spell!


The little girl covered her lovely face and seemed to be crying, but there was no tear in her eyes. Instead, there was a kind of competitive look on her face. She acted to cry for a bit and said, “You tore my favorite skirt! This is the only skirt I have!… ”

“I’m mad!…”

“Now, I am going to be serious!…”


The air around the girl became chaotic.

“Dragon Wings!”

A pair of giant dragon wings emerged behind the little girl. It was clear that her body was still human, but a pair of giant Brass Dragon wings appeared behind her; she looked similar to the red dragon duchess. However, the little Lolita’s Dragon wings were bigger, more threatening, and more oppressive.


With a huge flap of her wings, a terrible gale swept out, and sand blew up. Soran’s figure was exposed in the sandstorm. Even though he was still invisible, there was no way to hide the general outline.

“Got you!”

The little Lolita’s eyes were a little excited, and her delicate body rushed down with the huge dragon wings. She said, “I’m playing for real now! Don’t die on me now! ”

“Wing Attack!”

A burst of power was seen.

The huge dragon wings swept down with unparalleled strength. The most threatening move of a pure-blood giant dragon was that the damage caused by the flapping of the Dragon Wings!